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Hello From Maryland

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Beautiful and welcome! I used to have Goldies and while I really miss them, I don't miss their waste! :classic_laugh: Some of my most beautiful ones were pulled from the "feeder" tank. 

That's a beautiful tank too. How many gallons is it and what are the marks on the side of the tank?


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Thank you! These GF are from my little pond that I had in my backyard. I had to get rid of the pond so the fish came inside. Two of them are feeder fish. All I had was a 10 gal, with 5 3-4 inch GF I was doing 80% water changes every 6 days. For Christmas and my birthday, which is right after I got gift cards for an aquarium. That's a 55 gal. Now I can go 2 weeks and am only changing 50 %. I'm trying to slowly turn it into a planted tank. I put the marks on the side to get an idea of how many gallons of water I'm changing. It's a dry eraser marker so it will come right off. Thank you for the welcome message!!!

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