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  1. She is still hanging in there. No visual body changes but she definitely perks up during and after the daft bath. My fingers are crossed
  2. Awesome, I do have an Aquarium Co Op specimen container. Thank you both / all
  3. @Colui have a 3 gallon hospital tank. I put her in it with epsom salt for 15 minutes, (((then do a 100% water change)))? or do I need another container? Could I do the bath part in a fish only Lowe’s bucket? Sorry for all the questions
  4. Water presenters are normal. No ammonia or nitrites. Nitrates under 20. KH 80 and GH 75. It’s a new tank and I’m using a sponge and filter floss from my goldfish tank. She will swim for awhile if I move the plants away
  5. Hello everyone. I’ve had my golden white cloud mountain minnows for about a year. I just moved them from a ten gallon to a 29 gallon. I have one female with a huge belly. She is just floating on some water sprite at the top. She move if I nudge her but that’s all. Egg bound? If so, can I do anything. I’m not very good with diseases and infections yet.
  6. Thank you for the info. I have had problems with them floating up also. One of my goldfish dug one up and swallowed it. He was burping out the contents for 20 minutes. I was worried for awhile. That was 6 months ago so I guess no harm was done.
  7. I am going to be setting up a new 29gal, planted, community tank. I was wondering if you can add root tabs to the bottom of the tank, before the substrate? Will they be too deep? Can you put in too many root tabs? Or can I load up? Thank you
  8. I will have to try it. I do notice smaller decorations moved around. So it is normal. Thanks
  9. Hello All, I have 1 Rubber Lip Plecco in a 10 gallon with a dozen White Clouds. I’ve had him for about 3 months. He hangs out underneath my sponge filter. The only time I see him is when I clean the sponge. Is this normal? He is small, does he/will he need a bigger tank?
  10. Thank you. It's a heavily planted tank. I was going to pull out the plants and gravel vac the heck out of it. Instead, I will cut back on feeding and see what happens. Thanks a bunch.
  11. Thank you! There are soooo many and they are as big as the fry in the tank 😆
  12. So I feed once a day. Less or every other day? I did post a picture. They don't move much. They kind of wiggle. I can't make out a head at all.
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