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  1. No one sells Hydra watch this video and it will give you hits how they arrive in your tank naturally
  2. Get a Blue Groumie there the only thing that kills hydra and that what it looks like to me the groumi wont kill the snail but will eat the hydra
  3. get yourself a blue dwarf groumi it looks like hydra and the only thing that i know of that will kill hydra are the blue dwarf groumies
  4. their hithikers and will kill your fish
  5. looks like a dragonfly nyph get rid of it
  6. can anyone out there help me ? i have tons of unfert. nerite snail eggs on the glass of my 20 Long fresh water tank iv tryed scrubing them off and cant remove them whats the best way to get them off my glass there also on my wood and other deco
  7. water temp is stable and the ambient temp is rising my question is do i really need the thermometer in the tank or not if as days goes by the ambient temp going up and our house temp goes up with air cond.
  8. 103 and going up today here in Glendale Arizona so iam removing my heater or leaving it in tank and unpluging it I hope this is the right choice ?
  9. my dwarf gourami is starting to do the same thing lots of glass surfing I hope with all that I got in my 20 long it can handle another gourami so far I have three black tetras two corries assassin smails pond snails 2 large nerite snails and plants
  10. i have two nerite snails, assassins ? , two female and one male black neons , and one male Gold Barb lots of Rezone plants
  11. found tons of water fleas in my tank is there anything about them that i need to worry about
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