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Me and my tanks


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I’m Del, living in Belgium (apologize for my English), 32 years old. I started keeping fish about 3 years ago. For now I have 2 display tanks (125 gallon and a 30 gallon) and a quartine tank. For the future, I’m planning a big 250 gallon tank and an outdoor pond project. I’m really looking forward to share experiences and learn! 

My 30 gallon is stocked with: 3 blue dwarfgouramis, 2 chocolate gouramis, 15 ember tetras, 2 Gudgeon peacocks, a small  pleco (forget the specific L number), an African dwarf frog, 3 otocinclus and a colony cherry shrimp      . 

My 125 gallon is stocked with: 10 angelfish, 15 black neon, 15 rummynose tetras, 4 fire neons, bristelnose, panaque nigrolineatus, green phantom pleco, female appistogramma aggasizzi double red (lost the male) and 13 corydoras sterbai. 


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Thanks! The vallisneria is just a bit more than one year old. This is a picture from august 2020. 

Back then, the valsineria was planted on the right in some plastic containers. Now it is just planted in the sand. It grows fast and I have to remove new plants from time to time. 

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The tank is a Jewel Rio 125, it came including the lights. So I’m not shure. But they are very bright, and also caused me quite some problems with algae. Solved (reduced the algae to acceptable quantities) by adding more plants and duckweed. 

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On 9/12/2021 at 2:32 PM, Colu said:

Welcome to the forum beautiful tanks I have juwel Rio 240 and lido 200 they really good quality tanks

Do you have the same lights as in the pics? They look as good as some of the high end ADA or UNS lights. 

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Welcome! I love your scape in the 30!

Quick side story about your name Del: 

Myself and 14 other friends were at a bar drinking and eating once. The manager came up to our table and said if we could guess his name, he'd comp our entire bill; and his name has three letters - 20 guesses. 

Sadly, we didn't figure it out...and his name was Del. But it was fun, nonetheless. 

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