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  1. Welcome to the forum and back to the hobby!
  2. Here's a picture my wife took months ago with more color, less derp...
  3. My favorites so far are the emperor tetras, although when my congos get full size and color up it might be close... When the light hits the big boys, the purple above that black stripe really comes out. Displaying for the females, the yellow on the edges of their fins are electric. They kind of point their heads down at an angle and flare up almost like a betta (without the gill thing). Couldn't get this guy to hold still, and the camera put the kaibosh on any romance he had going... So here's the king of that tank with major derp face.
  4. Guppies... I always seem to have some fry.. a few of those little buggers in there seem to keep the BB going good. I always have some in my qt tank.
  5. You could try flake food, crush it up. They'll get it as it slowly sinks. If they are barely past the fry stage, you could try co-ops easy fry. I use that for my chili rasboras off and on since they are so small. Make sure to remove any uneaten pellets on bottom of tank.
  6. Wow, very cool journal! Great work you are doing for this fish!
  7. Thanks for the list @Odd Duck! Grats on the pygmies @Sandra the fish rookie!
  8. Welcome to the forum, nice tank and looks like you got a great start on plants!
  9. Awesome pictures and nice fish! Bet you guys had a good time.
  10. Tank is really looking good, Nice layout.
  11. I'd go with 20 long. The bigger footprint is nice, gives them more room to explore, and gives you more room to add hardscape and plants.
  12. My guppies are all from a buy 3 - get one free thing at petco years ago. I got lucky, these guys are bullet proof. The LFS here in Boise (that I take my extras to) will only take home grown guppies, because he has so many issues with them from his wholesaler. I just bought a pair of Platium males from Petsmart last week. First guppies I've bough since I started back up in this hobby, and got those initial ones from Petco. They are in quarantine now, we'll see how it goes. The dangers of having a quarantine tank just sitting there, waiting...
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