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How many times a day should you feed fish


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Most of my fish are 1 inch  (4 black skirt tetras), 2 silver flying fox, 1 golden ram, and 1 3 inch pleco) how many times a day would you feed them?

My Angel fish are about 3 inches tall how many times a day do you recommend feeding them?

I feed both flakes and brine shrimp.

I have been feeding 3 times a day.

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I personally feed once a day. However lots feed twice a day, and some even once every other day.

Fish can go a long while without any food from its owner, as there is lots of microscopic food in an aquarium that fish find very tasty.

I am a heavy feeder so with me twice a day or more would probably be overfeeding. 

3 times a day is fine too! If your fish aren't fat, keep them on that feeding scehdule!

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I have growing Dicus so 2 to three times a day depending on how aggressively and completely they ate the meal before.  For a smaller community tank, once a day is fine.  Just what they can eat in a couple of minutes.  Keep an eye on how much your vacuuming up each week during your clean up.  Also Ammonia levels will tell if your over feeding. 

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I feed once per day, six days per week.

Fish don't eat every day in the wild, so they can take it. Like most folks, I tend to feed more than they really need, so by the time the fasting day comes around they don't really need to eat. But they will always act like they are hungry. They will always act like they are starving.

But I think the bottom line is that you can feed as much as you like until it causes problems. High nitrates let me know that I needed a fasting day.

If you feed 3 times a day and your water parameters are perfect and your water is clear, more power to you. Too much feeding causes high nitrates and can cause a high level of bacteria (not good bacteria) in the water column, which puts pressure on the immune systems of the fish. If I fed 3 times per day I would be in trouble, but maybe I feed a lot more per feeding.

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It depends on your goal and your fish. If you're raising fry, then multiple feedings a day with food readily available will get you the largest fish the fastest. Commerical breeders will often feed their fry six or more times per day. Some never stop feeding. They start at one end of the facility and by the time they reach the other end they go back and start all over again.

If you want your fish to reach their maximum size, then multiple feedings a day is ideal. (Assuming your filtration can handle the waste.) By and large fish grow their whole life, but their most rapid growth takes place in the first few months to a year then growth slows down. If you restrict food while they're young, they never reach their full potential.

If your goal is to have a beautiful tank with minimal algae and your filtration is just barely adequate, then feeding less is better. Some fish are gorgers (often predatory fish) and will eat a lot at once then eat nothing for several days before gorging again. Gulper catfish are a prime example. They'll eat a fish nearly as big as they are, but then will take a while to digest it so they don't eat again for a few days. 

There is no "Feed your fish exactly this much at this interval" rule. You just do what works for your goals and your fish. Mine get two heavy feedings a day and they're good with it. 

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