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  1. I just started using a siesta on my light about a week or so ago. I was having constant green hair algae growth on my Amazon swords. I tried manually removing it with a toothbrush for a couple of weeks. That worked but it came right back in just a few days. I finally decided it was time to try the siesta deal. It only took a couple days before I noticed a difference. Now after a week or so the algae on my Swords on only a small amount and the algae on my filter is going away. Time will tell but at the moment it seems to be doing the trick.
  2. Depends on which model you got. I have the 306T, no wifi or bluetooth. Sets up in minutess.
  3. Yeah if it were me and I wanted to try it, I wouldn't leave it in there very long.
  4. I have seen videos of shrimp eating them. Also a few fish but they didn't seem as interested as the shrimp. Give it a try.
  5. Looks a lot like a Serpae Tetra. Hard to tell from that angle.
  6. I have all sorts of flakes and pellets. My go to is Tetra flakes. No matter what they love it. They like the Xtreme krill flakes but not as much as just plain ole Tetra flakes.
  7. You will be fine. That said I don't run anything in my filter that needs to be replaced. Just sponges that can be rinsed and used again.
  8. I turn off my filter while feeding. Works for me.
  9. I just want to add, I usually rinse my media in tank water. That said it is fairly obvious that most folks are not watching the video. Jason provides scientific research showing that a quick rinse in tap water kills a very small percentage of the bacteria. You have to really get after it to kill a majority of the bacteria.
  10. Interesting video by Jason at prime time aquatics. I am not trying to change any minds, I just don't believe all the myths out there.
  11. Added two Bolivian Rams to the tank today. They settled in pretty quickly and don't seem to be bothered by the Rasboras and they don't seem to even notice the shrimp. That said my Harlequin Rasbora pack has earned the name "Pack of Hyenas". These guys are all around the Rams when they are trying to eat. If one of the Rams drops a food pellet for a second, one of the Harlequins swoops in like a fighter jet and is gone with the pellet. The chunk of food is way to big for them to swallow so they swim off and hide till they can get it down. If anyone has any advice on how to make sure my Rams are getting enough to eat I am all ears.
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