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  1. Strange how dormant genes just pop up when they get ready.
  2. If they turn out to be a problem I have sharp scissors.
  3. Plants in the tank so far. 3 Amazon Swords. About 20ish S repens. 4 Bacopa caroliniana. 2 Green Crytocoryne Wendti. ! Red Crytocoryne Wendti. 1 Bronze Crytocoryne. 1 Red Flame Sword. 1 Red Melon Sword. 1 Tiger Lotus bulb. Also the Frogbit mentioned in the first post. Also at the moment there is no heater. The tank stays at 77-78 degrees. I keep it a bit warm in the house.
  4. It's been awhile since I had a tank set up so I decided a few months ago that it was time to jump back in. Tank is a 20 gallon that I set up the first week of July. This was after months of reading and studying on the internet. I have had fair luck in the past but I wanted to be better at it. As stated tank is a 20g. Filtration is a Seachem Tidal 55 HOB and a slow moving under gravel with one lift tube. About 3 inches gravel over the UGF. Lighting is a Fluval Aquasky. I'm not a big fan of trying to rush things but this time I did use some ammonia starter. Used Fritz Fishless fuel. Followed the directions and dosed it up to 2 PPM ammonia. About a week later I started ghost feeding the tank so it would have a steady supply of waste. It wasn't much. A week or so after I set it up i planted most of the plants on the right side. About a week later I planted the left side. Of course along with the plants came at least one snail. I figured that was coming. No problem. I have been checking water every other day. About a week or so ago the ammonia went away and I started showing a bit of nitrite. Nice, I see progress here. I tested on Friday and it looked like nitrites were going down but was hard to tell. So this morning I check again and ammonia still at 0, and good news, nitrites are also a zero. Nitrates showing about 20-25 ppm. Nitrates did get up to around 40 ppm the other day, likely due to me getting heavy handed with the ferts. I did a small water change to bring it back down. Backed off the ferts also. The last plants I added were the frogbit. At first I let it just go where it wanted but last night it got stuck in a corner without much light. That's when I made a small fence to keep it under the lights. I don't know how much light frogbit requires but if someone wants to chime in on that feel free to do so. Any way it looks like the tank is coming along nicely. I'm going to give it another few days to a week, do a partial water change and add a few fish. Now lets see if I can add a picture without making a fool of myself.
  5. I agree. I see so many videos saying tds should be x number. I really don't see where any tds reading tells me much of anything. So I have 280 tds? That doesn't come close to telling me anything other than I have somethings in my water.
  6. They say 48 hours but if it were me I would double that just to make sure. That's a lot of water. Take your time. Good luck with it.
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