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  1. Thanks very much Cory if you ever decide to ship internationally you’ll certainly have my custom and I believe you have strong following here in Ireland and the uk
  2. Oh yes I am getting oxygen bubbles from plants if this is what you mean by pearling tank is around 50 gallons I’ve only started using Co2 for last 20 days so maybe I need more time to get it excstky right
  3. Wow 🤩 I’m a bit star struck that you have replied I’m a massive fan of the Channel and your business yes they are dissolving thanks for response I’ve learnt so much from your YouTube channel so thanks 🙏 very much enjoy rest of your day or night what ever time it is there Kelvin
  4. Hi guys any Co2 help please Please see photos this is a nano diffuser regardless of bubble count it will only come out of one area of ceramic disk not sure if this is correct or not drop checker is not changing from dark green I’ve tried kh solution tap water tank water last week I did think it had become slightly lighter green not 100% sure mind as new to Co2 not sure 🤔 I think I’m seeing new growth and healthy plants maybe 🤔 oh I running in around 3bps any help greatly appreciate
  5. I also feed once a day in the morning but some days will put in a small bit in the evening but also have some ottos which seem to be very nocturnal so I’d feed them at night separately
  6. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This is my first attempt at a planted aquarium or aquascape
  7. Hi guys can anyone confirm the identity of the striped fish in picture not the gourami
  8. Well I’ve not got your experience but I like 3d backgrounds
  9. Hi all hope photos are ok can anyone confirm these are definitely amano shrimp was sold by a chain store now I do trust them but other footage I’ve seen of these shrimp look a bit different to me
  10. Hi all I bought two amano shrimp yesterday from my local store they looked smaller in shop but on arrival home there look huge I’ve got a 50 gallon with small fish like tetras cherry barbs ottos and a pair of rams will my fish be safe I’ve read stories of these attacking fish is this true help please
  11. But I’ve also used liquid carbon since the beginning and was told that gets rid of black beard so maybe that’s why I’ve not seen it
  12. I’ve not seen any Blackbeard yet green hair algae seems my only problem I’ve just started using a product algaeexit by easy life and that is having a positive effect and my lighting is on around 8am as I like to see and feed my fish before work then the light in room gets very bright around 1pm so i have lights on a timer which go off around 1pm and come back on in the evening for another 3hrs this is method i read about online and is what I’ve been trying for over a month now thanks for the interest and comments on tank
  13. Would never of thought of sticking the cubes to glass wow can’t wait for the morning feed now thanks 🙏
  14. Hi all quite often when I’ve watched videos of aquarium co-op they put a type of food that looks like it’s stuck to the glass please what type of food is this I’ve certainly not seen anything like it fish stores here in Ireland ????
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