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  1. The red algae to me looks like GSA or young Blackbeard that has been attacked by the excel. It will turn red like that after a spot treatment with H peroxide or Excel. Just a guess though.
  2. I'm thinking about adding a single amano to this tank. Not much in the way of algae yet so I do plan on supplementing it's diet. The Betta is still young and so I don't know how it will react to the amano but I do have other tanks that I can put him in if they get too feisty with each other. It's a 10 gal tank with plenty of hiding spots for MR. Amano. Thoughts and experiences?
  3. Just got done setting this up. I'm thinking monti carlo from the bottom making a path up into the middle or I could go with dwarf hairgrass or moss for the more highlander look. Anyhoo, how would you guys proceed. It's a 10 gal that's not gonna run CO2. Fluvial nano light and fluval stratum on top of small river stone.
  4. I've been running one on my 33 gallon hexagon tank with a T5 bulb in combination. I ended up having to dial down the power on the fluval 3.0 nano because of some algae growth. The T5 bulb burnt out about 4 months ago and I just bumped the nano up to 100% and I haven't seen much difference in growth or tank health. That's 22 inches of water with sand substrate and the Val's are loving it. Shes a powerful little bugger so I'd suspect you would be running it at 30-40% power on a 10 gallon.
  5. Get yourself a Nerite snail. They love green spot algae.
  6. Seachem flourish says to after being open for three month and easy green does not. Opinions?
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