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Found 3 results

  1. Hey fellow fish nerms, Glad to finally join up here, there's not much of a scene here in Ireland for the hobby sadly. Thankfully we have the internet these days so I can at least enjoy the hobby virtually with all the people on it. I have a pretty insatiable appetite for knowledge in the hobby so looking forward to sharing and learning a lot with everyone! At first I was all about the fish but I got myself fascinated by inverts, particularly snails and have ended up a bit of a super nerd on them. I've also been really taken by the aquascaping scene lately and I'm already planning out all the ideas I want to build. I know you all want to see cool pics so here are some of my main tank. Tried to scape something before I knew how to scape something so it's a constant WIP as I slowly improve it. You can see my spixi snails and a bunch of neos living happily in there. The snails certainly like to make life hard by uprooting my plants for me. Guess they're just trying to help by giving me more planting practice! Oh and I'm also the guy behind AquaHome! (https://www.aquahome.app/) When I started off in the hobby, I tried to look for an app to help me with the hobby but honestly, none of the current ones were satisfactory to me. So I ended up building it, a companion app for the hobby to help people manage and learn about everything. We're constantly improving it so if you're interested do check it out!
  2. Hello from cork Ireland re entered hobby recently this is my planted tank which is around 3 months old plants growing ok fish are great but green hair algae a real battle I’ve reduced light added algae eating ottos etc etc now is improving after each water change weekly or sometimes twice but still returns any other advice of course welcome
  3. Hi everyone 🙂 I’m Alan from Ireland. Really enjoy my fish, currently have 8 fish tanks, Discus, Mbunas, Kribs. I’m trying to breed Runmies at the moment and trying to stop my Kribs breeding!! Thinking about getting an outdoor pond next, cash permitting! Look forward to getting to know a few people here and talking fish 🙂
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