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  1. Even with these charts I am still not 100% sure, but then who would be? I'll take a guess and call it that.
  2. I have 8 Discus and know the strain name of Two ( I think.) I am hoping you fine folks would be able to help name the others? Large Yellow is a Yellow melon and the Solid blue one is a Blue Diamond I believe. The rest are , well, I don't know. The small yellowish one is an albino something. Three are brand new and not quite plumped up like the ones I have had for 4ish months.
  3. Seems my German Rams and 'schooling' with my bleeding hearts. Is this normal?
  4. Prime neutralizes ammonia. This is great for immediate need to remove ammonia however it starves your BB. Hampering your filters ability to grow your BB colony to the needed levels. If you can keep doing water changes dont use Prime or any other water conditioner that detoxifies ammonia. Use one that ONLY de-chlorinates. To boost BB Stability and Zyme 7 are both good. I use Evolution Aqua Pure Pond. I know it says pond but it works for aquariums. Generally givin to you when you buy Biohome media. They are slow release. So, water changes for short term control. Nothing to detoxify ammonia unless truly needed. Believe me, sometimes you do. If you can not do the water changes and still want a chemical assistance in bringing ammonia down use something like Fluval Ammonia Remover, Chemical Filter Media for Freshwater Aquariums. Place it in your filer AFTER your bio media. This way your bio media gets all it can eat and the left overs are handled by the ammonia remover. Once the BB has grown you can remove the crutch of the ammonia remover. And add BB and let it grow.
  5. That is what I was getting at. A LOT of fish stores recommend products like Seachem Prime and Fritz complete but state nothing about the effect it is going to have on your bio-media. Both of these take the Beneficial Bacteria's food away. I was never warned of this by anyone, I had the feeling it was slowing the development but I did not realize to what extent. There are plenty of products that simple remove the chlorine and chloramine with out the added benefit of ammonia and nitrate detoxification. I'm not knocking these products, they do what they say they do and do it well. My only statement is no one discloses the negative impact of using these. I have switched to API Stress+ , this does ONLY chlorine and chloramine, well plus a little aloe for good measure.
  6. I was watching the Pond Guru, creator of BioHome Bio Media , on YouTube going over a canister media setup. In the video he mentioned something that I had questioned to myself but never raised the question to others. Does using water conditioner that also treats for ammonia and nitrogen effect live bacteria. Why , yes it does! WHAT? Every time I change my water I use a de-chlorinator / heavy metal removal product that ALSO detoxifies ammonia and nitrogen. As I do 3 - 4 water changes a week of close to 50% each change I was using this product each time. So much so I bought it by 2 liter bottles! But as this is altering the free ammonia for you the beneficial bacteria basically starve to death. This causes you to HAVE to use a second product that contains the beneficial bacteria you starved to death with the first product. So I have switched to a de-chlorinator that does NOT mess with the ammonia and nitrogen. This will help the bacteria colony survive and grow strong allowing for better reaction to changes. I will still help the colony with the bacteria booster as needed and / or add a ammonia removal product such as Ammonia Remover Inserts at the END of the filter cycle allowing the ammonia to pass over and feed your bio-media before chemically removing it. Once the colony is built up you can remove the extra product.
  7. OK, jokes on me. That we just some of the white fuzz from the tank being new. Bio media is from an established tank. But the fuzz bloom you get is on its ending stages and ninja bushed up against it. Two minutes later after I looked at him it was all gone. Just a parent being a worry wort. but the question on UV light still stands.
  8. Seems my female discus named Ninja, who is my egg layer in the tank has a bit of bacteria. Which treatment should I use to clear this up quickly. Temp is at 86. All water parameters are fine. I change water every other day minimum. Sometimes every day just to keep it clean. I have a UV light floating in my sump. I should run that more perhaps. I just worry about it damaging the beneficial bacteria. But Meds, I am using Seachem Paraguard.
  9. I have my 150 gallon, with a sump. I also have two large sponge filters in the back corners of the tank AND run an air stone under the bio media in the sump to aerate the bio media. I have the returns pointed to the back middle and down a bit. |» «| I do this to create heavy water flow in the back edge of the tank so waste does not build up in an area that is hard to clean. That with the sponge filters in the back corner help keep the back area cleaner. I made sure by paying close attention on how much I pick up when I vacuum the back area. Its a Discus tank so they don't like a lot of water flow. Should I have a Wave Maker for the big middle area of the water surface area which is calm? All fish are fine right now but I plan on adding more, a few of them bigger ones.
  10. My Discus love foraging for food. Picking at the gravel looking for that one piece that got away during feeding time. They Love eating the Hikari Algae wafers I put in for the plecos. They also love the Hikari Carnivore pellets. I have one Discus that trys to claim the area of the tank I drop them into as hers and eat them all herself. She is third on the pecking order so it doesn't always work. Question is do they make a Carnivor wafer? Something larger that will occupy them a little longer?
  11. I think I am going for a planted Tetra Tank. A couple of Honey Graumi and maybe a couple of apistos as well. But lots and lots of different Tetras.
  12. I have a 150 Gallon community tank with Rainbows, Angles, Tetras and of course Discus. I have a couple that decided to pair off and breed. They picked a branch on the centerpiece spider wood in the tank and laid eggs. However, as of yet, none have hatched. They are on their 4th of 5th batch. Question is, what should I do? I really did not plan on becoming a breeder of discus. It would require at least two more tanks, one for breeding and one to raise the fry in. But I worry about the parents constantly laying eggs and nothing ever coming of it for them. I want them happy but will being separated from the school and placed into a stark white small tank to breed be better? Also, more tank mates are planned soon. So there is that as well.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Python-Brass-Adapter-for-Aquarium/dp/B000255NX2/ref=sr_1_27?crid=2PN23KCNS70MR&dchild=1&keywords=python+aquarium+vacuum&qid=1631197514&sprefix=python+%2Caps%2C207&sr=8-27
  14. The fish and plants and even the wood and decorations have been moved from this 60 gallon to my 150. Leaving this ready for new plants, new fish, new wood and/or décor. I'm having trouble deciding. See the tank is TALL, it is bowed front and back so you get 7 inches front to back at the end and 14 inches in the middle. I am running a Fluval 407 Canister and a large sponge filter. I have thought guppies, but that is a lot a height. Plus we view this mostly from way across the room. I thought gourami tank. I don't want to repeat my 150 tank so Rainbow, Angle and Dicus are out. I feel Chchlids would out grow this tank plus need wave makers. I like full looking tanks, I am not a fan of tanks where you have to get right up to them to see the fish, and hunt and peck to find where they all are. Also like community. Like I said able to see fish from across the room, lots of activity. So, as you folks are very good at this hobby. Please school me with ideas.
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