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NERM Week Festivities Thread!


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Happy Nerm Week, Everyone!

This week marks the 1st anniversary of this amazing forum we all call “home.” Happy Anniversary, CARE forum!

In this thread, I’ll be posting the daily NERM week festivities. You can also find the threads by searching for the “NERM week 2021” tag.

Everyone’s invited, whether you joined the forum a year ago, or you just joined today! 

For a full schedule of events, go here:

Happening now!

Do you know a lot about a particular topic, or do you feel inspired to write about something fishy? Write it up and post it in our Forum Member Articles thread! We’re celebrating our collective knowledge and creating a little library of resources for future NERMs. Editing help is available if you’d like it! Your article will get special status if you elect for it to be reviewed. 🤩

Cast your vote in round three of the Meme Contest! See @Betsy’s comment below for the link.

If you like tacos as much as @Cory, you should sign up for the taco eating contest! There’s even a trophy!

What would a CARE forum celebration be without a place to say Thank You? Here you can post a video thank-you note to any forum members you would like to thank. You don’t have to show your face, but we think it will be nice to at least hear your voice.

Planning Ahead:

These events are coming up later in the week: On NERM day (July 14, the exact forum anniversary), we’ll be heading to our Local Fish Stores wearing Aquarium Co-op swag. Don’t have any swag? Maybe this is a good excuse to order some!

We’re holding Fish and Tank Photo Contests! You can find the rules and categories here. Get out those cameras and scrape the algae off that glass!

We’ll also be feeding our fish their own tacos on NERM day. Make sure you have the necessary supplies for making fish-friendly tacos!

We love this forum, and we can’t believe it’s been here a year! Let’s make this week a party!!!

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Meme contest update
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Voting for the final round of the Meme Contest is CLOSED!!!  Thank you all for your participation so far, it's going to be a great week! 😆👍

Check out the WINNERS below!!

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And, here they are!  


Congrats to @MAC, @MickS77, @TheDukeAnumber1, and @Kevin green!  PM me your mailing address if you're interested in a modest Nerm Week Sticker prize! 😜👍

@Cory I have a new appreciation for the difficulty of meme commentary - it's not easy...as evidenced by my pitiful jokes, haha!


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Happy Tuesday, fellow nerms!

If you’re here because Cory mentioned NERM week in the live stream on Sunday, welcome!! Search for “nerm week 2021” to find all the festive posts. 😊

What’s Happening Today:

Photo contest submissions are still open, as well as the thank-you videos and Forum Member Articles. See above comments for links.

@TheDukeAnumber1 has thrown down the gauntlet in the taco eating contest, eating 12 tacos in one sitting!

Tomorrow is NERM day itself—the forum’s one year anniversary!

Plan ahead so you can visit your LFS or make your fish a tasty taco (or both)!

Be sure to wear Aquarium Co-op swag when you visit your LFS, and take a picture! 📸

If you want to make your fish a taco, learn from my mistakes first:


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If it’s not yet noon in your time zone, there’s still time to post a photo for the fish photo contests!!

And if it’s already noon, you can start voting!!

Other events still happening include Story Time with @Daniel, forum thank-you videos, and the much-anticipated taco-eating contest! Scroll up for links.

If you can, visit your LFS today wearing some co-op merch! We’ll have a thread up soon where you can post your selfie. 😊

And don’t leave your fish out of the festivities! Make them their own taco and take a video of their feast!


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It’s Thursday! And that means it’s the last day to submit your entry in the taco eating contest! Do you think you can eat more than 12 tacos in one sitting?

We have two more days to vote in the photo contests. Lots of beautiful fish and tanks to choose from! Use the “nerm week 2021” tag to find them all.

The Forum Member Articles thread is still open for submissions. @Fish Folk just wrote a beautiful piece about how he got into the hobby.

Don’t forget to create a thank-you video and post it here! We are ALL thankful for this forum—that’s why we’re celebrating!—and this is a great way to express that thanks. 😊

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You all have less then 24 hours to vote for your favorite submission in the Photo Competitions!!!

The winners of each competition will receive a digital certificate that can be printed and hung in your fish room!

You can vote for your submissions by reacting to the posts in the following competitions:



Please note that all competitions are no longer receiving submissions! Only voting for right now!

Winners are announced tommorrow at noon! 

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🎉 Thanks for a great Nerm Week, everyone!!! 🎉

I hope you enjoyed celebrating the forum’s first anniversary with us!

A big thank you to everyone who organized or helped organize an event. You’re the best!

Congratulations to all our contest winners, including @DannyBWell who won the taco-eating contest with 18 tacos in one sitting. Much respect. 💪

And what a better way to end the week than by listening to the first of Aquarium Co-op’s club speakers!

A few activities are still ongoing!

  1. We have decided to let people continue to post or submit for review Forum Member Articles. Check out the great articles already written:
  2. @Streetwise is still willing and excited to help anyone who would like to improve their signature. He knows all the tricks!
  3. It’s never too late to say thank-you! If you’d like to make a video or just write a post thanking a few forum members, head here:

Happy Anniversary, CARE forum! We are so glad you exist, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

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