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  1. Certainly the YoYo Loach! I had exact same problem, and the snails were EVERYWHERE! A week later, 90% of all snails gone! I highly recommend YoYo Loach, and make sure to research about them before buying them! They like to be in schools btw! I did a care guide about them, actually! Let me know if you'd like to see it! 😉
  2. Could somehow be a sort of worm or even POSSIBLY a snail? It's hard to see! Good luck! Hope it isn't anything bad!!! 😉
  3. Yeah, sand is a great choice! They love it! Just make sure the sand isn't too fine, or else it'll drain out the live plants. But good luck with going on the journey of Khuli Loaching! haha!
  4. Hello @Rikostan glad to see another participant on this forum! Hope you have a fantastic day, mate! All the best! 😉
  5. Welcome to the forum, sir! Glad to see you here! Hope you have a fantastic day!!! 🙂
  6. Welcome to the forum, matee! This is an awesome forum to grow your passion in the fishkeeping hobby, and you're always welcome to tell us anything! 😉
  7. I LOVE them! So pretty! And the idea of moss as a ball is awesome! I need to get more now lol!
  8. Getting some Amano shrimp should solve it, but if you have cichlids in there, that might not be possible. maybe try an experiment and get some Siamese Algae Eaters. They eat bba.
  9. Probably if you keep your frogs well fed and have lots of hiding places and plants for the shrimp, you should be fine! But I'm no expert with African Dwarf Frogs. I recommend tankmate-wise female or a male betta, guppies, harlequin rasboras, rummynose tetra, guppies, honey gouramies, or ram Cichlids (i tried keeping them together and they did fine). Also Neon or Cardinal Tetras will work, too! 😉
  10. It will look amazing Cory! You are THE BEST at this sort of stuff and all your setups look wonderful every time! Keep up the amazing work, Cory!!! 😉 👍 PS: been binging your vids lately lol
  11. It looks awesome, mate! Love the idea! I might try this out one day! Thanks for sharing!!! 😉👍
  12. G'day fish community! I just wanted to introduce myself to this wonderful community! Thanks for having me here! I am a 12-year-old kid named Lazarus who LOVES fish so much! I have a 20L shrimp tank, a 20L swordtail/platy fry growout tank, a 60L outside tank, a 90L in my living room, an 80L community tank, and a mini, mini pond! So 6 setups in total, and am always busy! I even have a youtube channel, too, that I started in December and has reached over 1,000 subs (currently sitting on 1.27K)! This is a great community I mUST say! Have a fabulous evening/day guys! And I will be more than happy to help any of you out! Cheers, Lazarus! :)
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