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Found 7 results

  1. Have you ever had any corys spawn in an outdoor tank? I have bronze corys that regularly spawn in a heavily planted community tank. Last year I put them out for the summer, expecting I would get many corys when it came time to take them out. I never saw any sign of spawning, and there were no small corys. I put them back in the 40-gallon with the other fish, and they started spawning again. In the past, everything I have placed outdoors has multiplied. They were in a heavily planted 300-gallon stock tank.
  2. So here is a brief account of what I did, when, and where. In the conservatory with the wrench... I live in Colorado Springs and one of my first fish acquisitions, before I fell down the "nerm hole", was 6 common/comet goldfish. I quickly realized they would need more space and I had been planning on making a small pond so this project commenced as Pond #2 (it was the second "pond" test). I purchased a 70 gal HDX storage tote and buried it half (or more) into the ground. I wrapped the unburied portion in emergency thermal blanket then filled in dirt around that. In the springs we get a lot of sun and melt off, the ground also doesn't freeze for too long or deep (relative to other areas). The thought was to use the ground to help trap thermal energy and the foil around the upper portion to potentially reflect any escaping heat (at that level) back into the water. I placed a smaller tote inside of it and used a power head to pump water into the bottom, through a bulkhead, and out the top through holes. I first constructed it in the fall and the gold fish spent their winter inside. The first winter top was a piece of double sided greenhouse placed upon it. At our coldest, around January or February, I found it was considerably frozen through on top but I was fairly certain it had not frozen completely. The goldfish were transported into the "pond" in the spring and when fall hit I constructed my second top using PVC and clear shower curtains. The A-frame structure was "double walled" in the hops that an air buffer would help better insulate. The top became covered in snow (hence the A-frame design) but I didn't get any ice until late January or early February. The Ice was quite thin and when I put in a pond de-icer (the smallest one I could find which was still relatively large) it actually warmed the water slightly and de-iced the entire surface. (better photo to follow) In the end I only had the de-icer in for a few weeks and the goldfish seem quite content. I am planning on building a larger pond this summer, using pond material, and will likely be recreating a similar (albeit nicer) top for the next winter. Hopefully this helps those in similar climates or helps to spark your imaginations. PS. The piece of wood in the corner is incase any critters fall in and need a place to crawl out.
  3. So with tubbing season starting I'm looking for new containers for fish and took a look tractor supply store for new tubs and I see they have RUBBER feed pans not plastic and I'm wondering how fish safe these rubber pans are? If anyone has any experience or knowledge please share. Thank you.
  4. Hey! Question 1 I can't have a fish room inside, as we're renting and don't have permission for anything but nano tanks. I'm planning on getting a tub to breed something like madaka ricefish in. I've been reading The Tub Pond Handbook by Ted Coletti - he doesn't really recommend airstones or sponge filters, but I think I'd feel better with that. I don't have any outside plugs, and would have to run an extension cord in order to have an airpump, is air worth it to jury-rig something? Someone posted how they macgyvered a solar panel to a USB pump, but the more I ponder on that I'm not sure I can do it since I'm planning on my tubs getting only morning sun. Question 2 I'm really interested in breeding plecos - I think they're a super fun fish, but I don't know if they can breed in tubs outside. All the videos I've seen are inside tanks, so I'm not sure conditions outside are for this species. Recommendations? Any general recommendations for breeding fish in tubs is appreciated. I've re-watched a lot of videos by Ryo Watanabe and anytime Cory and Dean mention tubs in their videos. I live in Utah, we're getting record drought and beating heat records already, so if there are tips to stay water-wise, I'd appreciate it.
  5. Like a few other folks, we lost fish with the crazy climate the last few weeks. Starting with three guppy tubs, we lost all in one, and many adults in the other two. Being sulky... I just left off feeding, and have not looked much into them til today. In the Firecracker Guppy tub, I found a thriving batch of young. Many appear to be female — though they’re probably too young to properly sex. Then I checked out the “mutt guppy” tub. I caught a few meh-looking males, but found no females. So... I decided to boost genetics in both by moving out a bunch of Firecracker Guppies from our downstairs little colony. I tried to be clever and catch them barehanded while holding the phone. Nope. Nets are genius, it turns out... I’m adding them to both tubs. The Mutts can blast genetics out any which way - I find it fun to see by the end of the summer. Of course, the rest go to the FCG tub. Hoping to get some great options for selective breeding by September.
  6. I did a simmilar post about outdoor tubbing not to long ago. But in this thread I want to know exactly what your thinking of. What plants, fish, dry goods, do you use a filter?.
  7. I have recently been experiencing some highs and lows of fishkeeping, and I want to document my efforts at breeding Ginga Rubra guppies. I bought them online cheap, and now I see them selling for quite a bit online! More importantly, I love these little buggers! The first part of the roller coaster was finding that my community tank was really thriving- massive cherry shrimp colony, the guppies had bred without much effort from me, and everyone was happy. I decided to get a little fancy and feed better foods, start really taking care of the plants, etc. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake that I am still recovering from. Apparently liquid CO2 kills things (I plead ignorance,) and feeding different food for the guppies left my inverts suffering. My corys started acting hungry and my bamboo shrimp weren't filtering. Nearly the entire cherry colony was wiped out- nearly! Now we get to the good. Turns out some cherry shrimp hitchhikers had made it into my quarantine tank on the hornwort, and bred too! Now I am afraid to put the new, fresh out of quarantine fish in the community tank because the guppies are breeding. What if I mess it up?! But thats the fun of it, right? I decided to "back up" my guppy colony by placing a handful of fry in a few other established tanks and an outdoor tub. A few magenta mystery snails are into the tub too. Is it a little late in the season for tubbing? Sure, but whats the worst that can happen? It's hot here in Northern California and I think we've got a lot more time. You never know until you try! I will use this thread to document my success or failures with my efforts at breeding and trying new things. Current tanks: 60 gal Community tank: ginga rubra guppies (lots of fry!), Beckford's pencilfish, bronze corydoras (aeneus), assassin snails, cherry shrimp (population recovering), 2 bamboo shrimp (also recovering), orange fin "kyathit" danios (recently added after 4wks quarantine) 10gal Magenta mystery snail tank: very overstocked, need to sell some before adding guppy fry Shrimp quarantine tank 5gal: blue dream neo shrimp, 3 tiny mystery snails, 5 guppy fry Fish quarantine tank approx 5gal: recently vacated and filled with 5 guppy fry 29gal outdoor tub: 10 guppy fry, 3 mystery snails, lots of hornwort. Currently has sponge filter and airstone disk. This is the one I am most interested in following, and I plan to add cherry shrimp to see how they do, but only once my population recovers.
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