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  1. Totally normal. Mine had this for weeks; it is growing fine and I never wiped it off or anything. Definitely has the look of a fungus though, I totally understand why you were concerned (I was too.)
  2. Same! I flipping love platys, but my stocking levels are way too high right now (growing out some fish to sell.) Platys are surprisingly underrepresented in breeding programs, it would seem. Like, breeding fancy guppies is very popular, but I am not familiar with any platy breeders. Perhaps we will join together and be the first and foremost specialists?! Lol But really, I wonder if breeders feel like platys aren't "challenging " enough?
  3. I got some medaka ricefish in September and they started breeding like crazy after just a few weeks. By my estimation, the oldest fry I have right now are about 3-4 months, and I am anxious to sell them to my LFS. However, they are only about 0.75", which seems a little on the small side for selling. I have been feeding a variety of high protein foods such as live baby brine, frozen brine shrimp, Xtreme krill flakes, and rotating in a smattering of Xtreme nano and bug bites for variety (I have a fish food problem lol) Mainly I am wondering if others find this to be a normal growth rate or if there is something I could do to (safely) ramp things up? I know that guppies can appear "chesty" if you push it too much, and I wasn't sure if I might see a similar issue here. I see that a few stray fry in my heated tanks (80*F) are bigger than in my fry growout (69*F). Do you guys think I should add a heater? Could overcrowding be an issue? (I am happy with the water quality, but it is quite overcrowded... I'd rather not admit to a number 😅) Just looking for some input from others. Thanks!
  4. @Wes L., I agree with @JettsPapa- I had always heard that the neos prefer hard water while the caridinias prefer soft water. My water parameters are approximately as follows for the neo tank: pH 7.3, TDS 473, GH 12, KH 6. Ammonia, nitrite are zero, nitrate at 20ppm. Again, the reds did fine and the blues did not, so... 🤷‍♀️ So far I have at least 4, so we'll see how it goes. I dont have space right now, but in the future I would like to just set up a big 20gal long with a matten filter.
  5. This is a super interesting graphic! Thank you for sharing!
  6. This was my guess as well. Since the reds are more common, I'm guessing they required less selective breeding (when starting from wild type) than the blues or other colors. As far as water parameters, I have purchased from local breeders and checked their water parameters (as well as asked them) and they are pretty darn close to mine. So not sure what the issue is. And "failure to thrive" is EXACTLY the correct term- like, they're hanging in there, but not for too long. If my current try fails, I'll be taking a break on them for a while. Sometimes that's the best way to go about it.
  7. I have been keeping red cherry shrimp (as in, neocaridinia which are RED,) and have had some success in about 3 different setups. I really like the blue dream neo's, and for some reason I always fail with them! I have even tried removing the reds from their setup and putting the blues in there, but they die off after several weeks. I have tried purchasing from my LFS, from local breeders (twice!) and I'm currently on my fourth try with these buggers (thank goodness the LFS gives me trade in credit for my snails and fish!) I always drip acclimate over hours, ensure temperatures are the same, etc. They don't die right off the bat so I don't think its an acclimation issue, as I've had no problem doing the same process with the reds. Has anyone else found certain neo colors to be more sensitive? I'll get the hang of it eventually, just wondering if others have the same experience or if I'm unlucky or not setting myself up for success.
  8. Wondering if anyone out there has a tip for sexing ricefish. Obviously if I see one carrying eggs, we have a female. Several sources online refer to males having "bigger" anal fins, but the issue with that is you need to have both sexes in order to compare... and if I knew that I had both sexes, I would not need to know! Haha Does anyone know a better way to sex them, especially ones that do not rely on comparisons with the opposite sex?
  9. That was probably the best choice; it seemed like a foregone conclusion. Really weird- it doesn't seem genetic, since it did spread from one fish to another, but I don't think you could have done anything else. Here's hoping you don't see it anymore.
  10. Er... forgive me but it's not obvious to me. 😂 (Demonstrates my ignorance on cories.) I would definitely treat with an antibiotic like maracyn, as stated above. He's not looking real good, and an open wound is an invitation for infection. Help his body get a head start by treating with the antibiotics. I was going to recommend salt too but you have implied that it is not a good option. I would definitely put in a quarantine tank; you don't want tankmates to prey on his weakness, plus its cheaper to treat a small tank if you use meds. I wonder how he got stuck? Maybe one of his barbels got caught?
  11. Agreed. I did a whole post about this a little while ago; there's so much variation in determining what color those strips are. Interestingly, the Tatra strips actually have an app that will automatically read the color, but... how accurate is that, with variations Iighting? It's a constant struggle.
  12. I've had issues with the nitrate test accuracy, but its usually a higher reading than the true value. Did you wait long enough for the ferts to be distributed throughout the tank. I would not expect a reading of zero.
  13. I recommend sticking with first hand experiences; I agree that it seems like it would hurt the plant, but I have glued the rhizome without issues on multiple plants (anubias and Java fern.) I mean, you wouldn't want to slather the entire rhizome with glue or go crazy, but just a dab works fine.
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