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  1. Wow that is really cool! I wonder what started them growing in your tank? Did you add anything recently, or maybe water parameters just met the right conditions at some point? Very interesting.
  2. I recently discovered that there is an aquatic vet in my area, Dr. Jessie Sanders. She has some really interesting articles on her website, including stuff like "Your goldfish isn't constipated" and "what's with the magic green peas?" Both super interesting, and it calls into question "common" aquarium knowledge (which turns out to be fallacious.) I would love to hear her talk, either on the podcast or in the online club. Here's her article about peas: https://cafishvet.com/fish-care/feeding-goldfish-peas/ I must admit, after reading a few of her articles, I'm a bit of a fangirl. Haha
  3. I have successfully used a similar product (or maybe it's the same from a different Chinese manufacturer...) I use an old iphone4S usually- it takes good enough pictures and I won't be too sad if I lose it (I can't trade it in for money anywhere now, it's too old.) I haven't used it long term but I have to think it would be ok. As someone mentioned previously, adding a desiccant packet might be helpful in a long term setup. Looked a little off with the light coming in, but overall I could see what was going on and I thought it was cool. One bonus is that keeping the camera underwater will help keep the camera cool, rather than being in the sun constantly. (Ricefish, guppies, cherry shrimp, platys)
  4. I'd suspect that's true but I don't want to give you the impression that I've done it before with those other species. I bet it can be done. I suspect TDS is less important than clean water and good overall husbandry.
  5. I also have very high TDS (around 350ppm) and I have had no issue with cories. I suspect the other fish could also be acclimated to that TDS, especially the betta, but I can't say so from experience. PH of 9.5 is so high! That's really interesting. I'm surprised your local water supplier allows it to be that high.
  6. Is this a terrestrial moss? I would be worried that moss from land areas would not be able to survive underwater. It would start to rot and mess with your tank parameters. If it's just the bark, you could sanitize it by boiling.
  7. I also recommend removing the rubber band and weight. Separate the stems and plant them each individually; they are each their own plant (or they will be once they grow.) There's no real benefit to keeping them bunched together. I tried that with some crypt lutea and it just held back their growth- once I separated them, they took off! I'm sure it would be similar for scarlet temple. I speak from experience with stem plants in general. I have some AR right now but I'm still figuring out how to key in and really make it grow. But I did separate them before planting.
  8. I've heard more than one person report negative reviews of Nicrew lights, but I've had mine for more than a year with no problems. In fact, I bought 3 more a few a months ago, still going strong. Just my experience though. If you are thinking of which one to buy, I'd have to recommend Fluval as a long term investment. Fluval brand has always done very well for me. Nicrew would be better for someone who really wants to do planted tanks but doesn't have the money at the moment to invest in a higher quality light. (Perhaps planning for an upgrade later.) If you already have both, I think I'd recommend the Fluval. My understanding is that the Fluval is UL certified, which can be important for insurance related issues; Nicrew is not. (To my understanding.)
  9. You can always prune it back to keep it at a reasonable size. I think it would work, but it might not leave too much space for other plants (it will shade out other plants.)
  10. @GardenStateGoldfish Thank you for the advice! Tater is much better now, and I have been feeding Repashy more so than the pellets for the very reasons you mention. I did have an unexpected side effect from the salt though. I was checking on Tater today and saw that she had some unusual black coloration on certain areas (see pics.) Along the edge of her upper caudal fin, on her back right at the spine, and on her side. Of course I was concerned, even though she is now acting normally, so I checked water parameters. Lo and behold, I think the very high salt concentration killed off my intriguing bacteria! Nitrite levels were alarming at 5ppm and nitrate- which I've been battling since before this whole issue- was even higher than usual at least 50ppm, maybe higher (its tough to discern the colors at that point.) I suspect she is now getting stressed- but not completely sick- from these poor water parameters. I did a 50% water change and added enough salt to bring it back to 300g per 20gal. (600g originally -> 50% regular water change yesterday means it was at 300g -> another 50% water change today due to the water quality would put it at 150g. I added 150g so that I am not decreasing the salt concentration too quickly.) I also put in a cycled sponge filter from another tank. The salt concentration might still be too high and kill off the bacteria, but I have many other backup filters I can use and my hope is that they will help at least a little before dying off. By no means a scientifically based assumption, but my best guess. All the pet stores are closed today, but I will also add a lot of the quick start bacteria once I get my hands on a bottle... or two. I have to say that I have really been enjoying this challenge. I mean, I definitely wish my fish hadn't suffered, but solving these continuing puzzles is very satisfying. (And my sister is tired of hearing all my fish talk, so I must run to the NERMS, who might actually find it interesting.) *Please forgive the quality of the images. I had just finished the water change and transferring the sponge filter in there, AND I was dissolving the salt, so everything looks a mess. Not to mention that Tater didn't feel like cooperating. 🙄 (But OMG I love this fish so much. 😍) I read online that the black could be areas where she is healing. I think that's a possibility.
  11. Just wanted to update on this thread in case anyone one looks for advice in the future. I spoke to a fancy goldfish breeder in my area (local aquarium club for the win!) and he advised a high concentration of salt (600g per 20gal, which is over a pound,) as well as furan. I had a lot of trouble finding furan, but I did have salt at my disposal, so I increased the concentration from the level one treatment advised on the Co-op page of 1Tbs per 3 gal to the concentration the goldfish breeder suggested. It seems to have worked! Things were very shaky for the first two nights- I really thought I was going to lose her- but on the third day she looked much better and is eating again! I would never have known to use such a high concentration of salt. We are on day 5 of the high salt concentration today and I plan to do a 30-50% water change tomorrow, consistent with the instructions on the Co-op page. All symptoms seem to have subsided- no more weird poo (in fact, there is very, uh, ROBUST poo,) no floaters near the face, she just has one tiny little blemish on her cheek that is not getting worse, and it might just be wen coloration. I will of course keep a sharp eye on it, and if things start to go poorly for some reason, I'll come back and update this thread. Whew! I REALLY thought I was going to lose her. A big win for aquarium salt! The employees at my local pet store were super supportive too (they were concerned when I bought 6 lbs of aquarium salt!) I'll have to go back and update them. Hopefully we can get some more people with goldfish experience on here. This fish has been a big challenge (in a good way) and I would love to see more people keeping them. Wait a sec... have I become... a GOLDFISH person?! 😂 I'll take it.
  12. Cory is a boss and answered my question on the livestream- thank you. Will start treatment with aquarium salt but I'm still nervous!
  13. Uh oh, looks like there is some fungus on the side of her head. (See video.) I'm thinking treat with Ich-X with attention to any signs of bacterial infection?
  14. Hi all, I'm having more challenges with my ranchu goldfish, Tater. *Background: Tater is actually the second ranchu I brought home. The first one seemed to be sick because it was floating weird (it was actually just being a ranchu and floating vertically) so I began treatment with a little bit of salt and erythromycin, not even a full dose. The poor thing died overnight, less than 12hrs home from the store. All the store fish were fine, so I suspect it was my treatment that stressed the fish to death. So with that experience, I am very hesitant to treat with salt or meds until I know that it will help. Ranchus are new to me and boy, does the goldfish world have us regular aquarists fooled! These are by no means easy fish! I am still getting used to this fish's normal behavior- it is so different from an average fish. *Current issue: I left on vacation for about 5 days, using an autofeeder to feed Saki Hikari fancy goldfish sinking pellets 3x daily, small amounts each time. (I have been struggling with finding consistent feeding info online as far as quantity and frequency.) Since I got home, Tater just seems kind of "blah." Less active but I wouldn't necessarily describe her as lethargic. Just lacking her usual perkiness. She'll stay floating vertically, head down, quite a bit. This is normal for her to some extent but not for this amount of time. More concerning is that she does not seem to be eating. She had some really weird looking poo yesterday, almost as if her body was still trying to produce poo but kind of ran out of stuff. I suppose you could describe it as stringy, which I know is a red flag for parasites, but all other poo has been standard. There's just much less of it. *Parameters: 73*F, TDS 553 ppm, pH 8.0, 0ppm nitrite, 0ppm ammonia, 300+ hardness, All of this is normal for my water. However, nitrates were at 40-50ppm. I checked nitrates with 3 different tests to confirm this (Co-op strips, Tetra strips, Master test kit,) and all of them were in agreement. I did a water change about 4 hours ago and dosed Prime, so I am not sure if this is a falsely high reading. *Tank details: Have had the fish for a little over one month. 20gal long, Aquaclear 70 HOB filter, airstone, rock decor and plants (hornwort, duckweed, java fern, anubias, crinum calimastratum.) She used to gobble up the duckweed (it made me laugh because her poo would then be basically just duckweed. Haha.) But now she isn't touching it. I do not fertilize this tank. There is a bold, rugged little platy that has been surviving in there too, along with a couple of rogue cherry shrimp (Mad respect for them; they must be hiding in the rocks to escape the goldie.) Weekly 50%-ish water changes. (No ammonia or nitrite so I would guess the cycle is not being hurt.) Feeding Saki Hikari fancy goldfish sinking pellets, duckweed, and Repashy Gold. Bare bottom tank, no new additions (neither fish nor plants.) My suspicion: I have two theories, and would love to hear from someone with ranchu experience because these little buggers make me confused. Are you sick, or just a weird fish? I suspect 1) Constipation and/or 2) temp too high while I was away. Maybe I was feeding too much with the autofeeder and she's constipated. I have been trying to fix this by feeding only Repashy (seems to have a high plant content) and I have blanched spinach in there for her as well, taking care to rotate it out before it starts to decay. I don't think she realizes it's food yet. And there's always duckweed. She nibbled on the Repashy a tiny bit but not like she usually does. As for temp, its ok now, but I realized the thermostat was on Eco Mode. I just checked those settings and I was letting my apartment get up to 82*F!!! 🔥😵🔥 I hadn't realized that the Nest thermostat would automatically detect when you are gone and switch to Eco. (Usually my husband is also home so it never turns on Eco mode, but he was also out of town with me.) It's hot here in Northern California and I suspect it did indeed get that hot in the apartment, but I don't know what the water temperature got up to. So... not sure if anyone thinks something else might be going on. And before anyone says "feed them peas" I'd like to know if anyone has actually done that and seen results. 🤔 It seems like one of those things we all tell each other but no one has necessarily tried. But anyway, I suspect spinach would be just as good. Hoping that a little time will help, although I know that can be risky. Standard floating position. Kind of worrying. Has no balance problem and can easily swim down. Not tilting left or right, therefore I do not suspect a swim bladder issue, but not 100% ruled out. Bare bottom tank setup. Airstone is hiding behind the rocks. Video shows her just looking kind of slow, sad, and "blah." I'd love to pretend that she just missed me but I know that's not it.
  15. I was very excited to see my goodeid tank after work. It is an aquarium strain of Chalapichthys pardalis, originating from Lake Chalapa in Mexico. You could clearly see the dominant male displaying to various females. I was able to get a pretty good video and wanted to share it here. You can also see one of the other males trying to sneak in at various points, but the dominant male is having none of it and chases him away pronto! I just thought this was so interesting and entertaining. You can REALLY see it at about 16s. I'm not sure if the male succeeded at breeding, since he kept being forced to chase away other males. I suspect he did at some point. If I wanted to ensure success, I would separate out a male and female so they could continue undisturbed, but I want to see if this will work without much interference from me. Additional details: Room temperature (70.6*F) There appear to be 2 males, 3 females, and 2 juveniles. Juvies were not involved in any of the breeding behavior- they were ignored and they ignored what was going on around them. 20gal long, planted, fluorite substrate, no CO2 injection Species only tank aside from some mystery snails Rotate food between Xtreme Spirulina flake and Xtreme Nano. I'll also throw in a tiny bit of Xtreme Krill flakes one in a while, but my understanding is that these fish are largely vegetarian leaning so I stick mostly with Spirulina and Nano. Fluval U1 internal filter as well as a sponge filter. Seems to be ok despite the internet info saying they do not like flow. I think the U1 doesn't have much oomph. Bonus: Plant pearling!
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