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  1. update: thanks for the help everyone! I am glad I reached out before changing my whole setup. I am putting Ranchu Goldfish on my “someday” list. When we get a bigger house with space for a larger tank ☺️😅 Hey there! My daughter and I fell in love with the adorable ranchu goldfish. They are so cute! I’ve done lots of research and I’m thinking about converting my 36 gallon tank to hold two of them. The problem is that I know that they require lots of work with water changes and extra filtration, especially with smaller tanks. My question is- before I invest $100+ for a couple 3” ones- is 36 gallons too small?? Will it be a headache?? If it wouldn’t be a good fit- what are some friendly fish that have fun personalities?? No livebearers please. After the headache of dealing with hundreds of baby guppies, I don’t want to go that route again. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Hi all, I'm having more challenges with my ranchu goldfish, Tater. *Background: Tater is actually the second ranchu I brought home. The first one seemed to be sick because it was floating weird (it was actually just being a ranchu and floating vertically) so I began treatment with a little bit of salt and erythromycin, not even a full dose. The poor thing died overnight, less than 12hrs home from the store. All the store fish were fine, so I suspect it was my treatment that stressed the fish to death. So with that experience, I am very hesitant to treat with salt or meds until I know that it will help. Ranchus are new to me and boy, does the goldfish world have us regular aquarists fooled! These are by no means easy fish! I am still getting used to this fish's normal behavior- it is so different from an average fish. *Current issue: I left on vacation for about 5 days, using an autofeeder to feed Saki Hikari fancy goldfish sinking pellets 3x daily, small amounts each time. (I have been struggling with finding consistent feeding info online as far as quantity and frequency.) Since I got home, Tater just seems kind of "blah." Less active but I wouldn't necessarily describe her as lethargic. Just lacking her usual perkiness. She'll stay floating vertically, head down, quite a bit. This is normal for her to some extent but not for this amount of time. More concerning is that she does not seem to be eating. She had some really weird looking poo yesterday, almost as if her body was still trying to produce poo but kind of ran out of stuff. I suppose you could describe it as stringy, which I know is a red flag for parasites, but all other poo has been standard. There's just much less of it. *Parameters: 73*F, TDS 553 ppm, pH 8.0, 0ppm nitrite, 0ppm ammonia, 300+ hardness, All of this is normal for my water. However, nitrates were at 40-50ppm. I checked nitrates with 3 different tests to confirm this (Co-op strips, Tetra strips, Master test kit,) and all of them were in agreement. I did a water change about 4 hours ago and dosed Prime, so I am not sure if this is a falsely high reading. *Tank details: Have had the fish for a little over one month. 20gal long, Aquaclear 70 HOB filter, airstone, rock decor and plants (hornwort, duckweed, java fern, anubias, crinum calimastratum.) She used to gobble up the duckweed (it made me laugh because her poo would then be basically just duckweed. Haha.) But now she isn't touching it. I do not fertilize this tank. There is a bold, rugged little platy that has been surviving in there too, along with a couple of rogue cherry shrimp (Mad respect for them; they must be hiding in the rocks to escape the goldie.) Weekly 50%-ish water changes. (No ammonia or nitrite so I would guess the cycle is not being hurt.) Feeding Saki Hikari fancy goldfish sinking pellets, duckweed, and Repashy Gold. Bare bottom tank, no new additions (neither fish nor plants.) My suspicion: I have two theories, and would love to hear from someone with ranchu experience because these little buggers make me confused. Are you sick, or just a weird fish? I suspect 1) Constipation and/or 2) temp too high while I was away. Maybe I was feeding too much with the autofeeder and she's constipated. I have been trying to fix this by feeding only Repashy (seems to have a high plant content) and I have blanched spinach in there for her as well, taking care to rotate it out before it starts to decay. I don't think she realizes it's food yet. And there's always duckweed. She nibbled on the Repashy a tiny bit but not like she usually does. As for temp, its ok now, but I realized the thermostat was on Eco Mode. I just checked those settings and I was letting my apartment get up to 82*F!!! 🔥😵🔥 I hadn't realized that the Nest thermostat would automatically detect when you are gone and switch to Eco. (Usually my husband is also home so it never turns on Eco mode, but he was also out of town with me.) It's hot here in Northern California and I suspect it did indeed get that hot in the apartment, but I don't know what the water temperature got up to. So... not sure if anyone thinks something else might be going on. And before anyone says "feed them peas" I'd like to know if anyone has actually done that and seen results. 🤔 It seems like one of those things we all tell each other but no one has necessarily tried. But anyway, I suspect spinach would be just as good. Hoping that a little time will help, although I know that can be risky. Standard floating position. Kind of worrying. Has no balance problem and can easily swim down. Not tilting left or right, therefore I do not suspect a swim bladder issue, but not 100% ruled out. Bare bottom tank setup. Airstone is hiding behind the rocks. Video shows her just looking kind of slow, sad, and "blah." I'd love to pretend that she just missed me but I know that's not it.
  3. I brought 8 ranchus 3 months ago my guess was 3 or 4 had ammonia burns. I was going skip quarantine just put them in 75 gallon since that’s the only thing in the tank. 1 set on bottom died. After few days with perfect water parameters 0 nitrate nitrites ammonia heavily planted. So another started sit on bottom moved to 15 gallon fluval salted they perked up. Then did the trio treatment 7 days 2 sit bottom and died I’m thinking ammonia burns and meds bad combo. But every time misted like treat them with trio. Sooo after 7 day quarantine one more started sit and died. So I just added them to 55 gallon had empty heavily planted and last one I have with red gills swiming very active and doing better. Black back ground is month old other is today think it’s ok paracleanse? I was told 3 weeks after trio dose paracleanse and it’s time. Only problems sitting on bottom and red gills that I had and of course dieing lost 4 out of 8. I’m 44 been keeping fish off and own my entire life never had ammonia burns problem to simple keep perfect water parameters there always perfect I use stick but check them against solutions. I
  4. Just brought 7 ranchu pet store the day they received them. Have 3 problems with them atm. I haven’t kept fish in 6 years due to lots babies so I’m learning again. I have prob half cup crushed coral in one canister for calcium. 9volt uv running when my lights are on. Also have plant light off Amazon 80$ and 2 bright leds meant grow weed so awesome for plants. tank 7 ranchu, 15 see threw shrimp? 50 cent each, 20 pest snails and 2 Siamese algae eaters. 1. 3 ranchu have a red gills on one side I attach picture.(I’m guessing ammonia burn to bet store) 2. idk when I do a water change I have extreme pearling on plants. I have water parameters below before and after water change. 3. I have one ranch looks fine either he sits on bottom or hovers at top 2 inches below water. White stringy poop not aggressive eating like others.(if I had guess I’d say bloated give peas?) I have 75 gallon about 3-5 inch eco black substrate. I have ozmacote at bottom of it. I have about 30 plants idk what they are came with aquarium. This setup is about month old I seeded it and it have 2, 100 gallon marineland canisters with 3 trays bio media and 1 tray corse sponge each. also I have yeast co2 change every Friday. And no oxygen bubblers on tank I’ve never used them fish never show sign that need oxygen. I have a lot water movement. Atm all I have feed hakari sinking wafers l, xtreme aquatic flake and green beans. I ordered hikari fancy gold pellets. Feeding twice a day what can eat 3 mins flakes wafers atm going give peas Tomorrow. this mournings water pH 8.0 Nitrates 30 Hardness 300 Nitrite .5 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 200 Water Temperature 73 70% water change hour ago pH 7.8 Nitrates 10 Hardness 75 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 150 Water Temperature 75
  5. Good Afternoon, Yesterday we while at our LFS we were browsing and came across the very fish that my teen had mentioned wanting a few months ago. Ranchu Goldfish This is Boba Pearl. Our latest addition, s/he is currently new fish quarantining and is awaiting the cycling and completion of his/her new home. We are new to this species. So, any advice, facts and experiences you can share are greatly appreciated. Specifically, we are setting up the tank this weekend, and were thinking of a planted and layering with fluval plant and shrimp stratum lava soil and river rock / pebbles on top. Constructive critisism welcome. Thanks guys and gals. We are super excited about our new baby!
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