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  1. In another video awhile back I think I remember you saying, Cory, that if you had more room you'd rather have another 800G than having anything bigger. That's starting to look like a viable option!
  2. Oh wow, what an upgrade. This is going to be an amazing ride.
  3. I did! My old place was overrun with angelfish so don't think I didn't slow down and admire those when they first showed up. But I need to not have angelfish for at least another ten years.
  4. I was just at the Raleigh shop myself last night looking to acquire a school of Corydoras for the 65G. They only had a few albinos and a couple of singles of other species.
  5. There were primitive plastics in the 1930's certainly in common use. I mean, I still use a 1920's Parker fountain pen made from the stuff. By the 1930's I think Bakelite was pretty much everywhere. Some of my older aquarium books that I no longer have but that I devoured as a kid would talk about catching and culturing live foods. Daphnia were well-known, and captured from the local pond. Mosquito larvae was also very readily available. This sounds like a really cool project. I'm looking forward to following along.
  6. No. I mean, I think a lot of aquarists thought that back in the 1970's, but science has prevailed since then. Specific conditions will indicate specific treatments. And even then, the answer might be different if you have any invertebrates that you want to keep... or if you have any scaleless fish.
  7. Rinsed out 50lbs of sand for the 65 gallon blackwater tank (photos after the water clears?)
  8. There are three shops that I like going to regularly: Fish Room Cary - It's a bit of a drive but they have better freshwater fish and the staff has been really nice. Fish Room Raleigh - They have nano freshwater fish section and better saltwater selection. Fintastic Cary - Also a bit of a drive, but the very best saltwater selection in the Raleigh area.
  9. They breed like their non-frankensteined counterparts. But the genes are patented so allegedly you can't sell/trade/gift any of the fish that come from the effort. Monsanto has well-established case law in this space with regards to seeds in agriculture space so I'm betting that's what they're counting on to protect their invention. Though TBH I'm really hoping for some patent law modernization to prevent gene sequences from being patentable.
  10. Wait for it... if they are branching out to other species, how long before they do this to oscars?
  11. Jeremy, if you live in a house (as opposed to an apartment), have you considered adding rain barrels to your downspouts? Collected rainwater will likely be all you need for most fish who prefer more neutral water. And it can be easily amended for softness & lower pH.
  12. I've always been uncomfortable with pet shops that seem to have too many large cichlid species, arrowanas, bichirs, etc. In reality very few people can house these fish appropriately, and it seems like a firm commitment to supporting bad aquarists. But absolute shame on pet shops who carry iridescent sharks, red tail catfish, pacus, true tank busters that should never be available in a neighborhood retail pet shop. I really feel that one should have to go to the trouble and expense of supporting a specialty boutique for these kinds of fish. In the saltwater section, I feel bad when I see seahorses or mandarins (and related dragonets). They look great in the pet shop, and may even pick at a little food. But they will die on a near-term timeline unless the aquarist is culturing nutritious live foods.
  13. When I was young, I had a couple of 55 gallon tanks. They were the biggest tanks carried by the LFS so I thought I was onto something awesome. But it turns out they are a really impractical tank size and I always regretted having them. Surface area to Volume ratio matters. Depth (front to back) matters. I love the footprint of a 40 gallon breeder or 65 gallon (same as 40 breeder, but taller).
  14. I just last week switched from an Eheim Classic 2215 to a Fluval FX4 on a 65 gallon tank. I feel like the 2215 would better fit a 20-30 gallon tank. It doesn't flow much water at all. The actual turnover has it effectively maxing out at 30 gallons, I think. The media capacity on it is huge, but it doesn't use any kind of baskets. So you might consider putting bio media inside of a sock. I'd probably suggest ditching the bio media that comes with it and using instead a sock full of pumice stone. If you're going to maintain it regularly, I'd suggest using floss instead of sponges to keep the water cleaner. That said... there are some things I really don't like about them: The metal tabs used to keep the lid closed are very hard for me to pull open with my big man fingers. I always have to get my wife or daughter to help with those (or use pliers). They feel like they are cheap and could break at any time. You have to prime them yourself. This can be messy. The above two problems can incline one to procrastinate on regular maintenance. For a 20 gallon tank, in retrospect, it's just really hard to beat a sponge filter with a small air pump.
  15. To-do today: rinse out some more play sand for the 65G.

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