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  1. @Tiffers27 I would switch the two. They don’t make a ton of flow, your low flow fish should be fine. There will still be plenty of space in the tank with low water movement. But you can try it briefly and switch back if they appear stressed.
  2. @Tiffers27 Are you using the holes output piece or the other one? The holes output thing really didn’t put out enough water. Try swapping those. The sponge looks clean enough to let water through easily.
  3. @Tiffers27 that’s my guess. Do you have anything blocking the outlet? You could also pull out the outlet covers that shape the water and see if it pours out faster with a larger hole. What I do is put some sponge cut to fit over top of the outlets and change them when the water level gets high.
  4. @Tiffers27 my guess is that you’ve overfilled the media rack and the water has nowhere else to go. Or it is full of waste.
  5. @anewbie oh, I see. Okay! It’s pretty new. About five months old or so - designed for discus. I have two that have been in there for about two weeks, so I ordered up four more. Very excited to see what happens. I’ll put one up this week.
  6. @Streetwiseoh, I gotcha! I don’t take many pictures of my tanks, unfortunately. I’ll see what I can do when I have a little more free time.
  7. @Streetwise I’d be happy to give you some more info. What all would you like to see?
  8. Hey guys! Just wanted to toss in my two cents. I have two of these 110s on my 75, and I think they’re probably the best HOB filters I’ve ever used. Regarding the “protein skimmer” it’s definitely just a surface skimmer, I completely agree. It is helpful in catching duckweed and some excess food if I go a little crazy. Regarding the tops leaking, I personally don’t use the tops at all and have terrestrial plants in there to help with nutrient export. And man, it’s fantastic for that. I clean the sponge and use the front compartment for filter pads. I buy the large pads from the coop and just cut them to size - they work great. I have a photo of my whole tank, but I’d be happy to share more in-depth photos of the filter itself if y’all want some! Be well!
  9. Hey Friends! I'm working on a presentation for my Ichthyology class about Cichlids, and I can't really find any photos of Cichlids in their natural habitat in SA or CA. I found some good ones from the reef lakes in Africa, but everything on the new world cichlids is from an aquarium perspective. If you have some, and wouldn't mind me sharing to a class of about 5, I would really appreciate it! Thanks and happy fishkeeping!
  10. Yeah, that’s what I have in every tank now. I just threw out my last junker heater off Amazon and finally got my last tank on the eheim. Ranging from 150-50 W. But my frustration with them lies in the fact that they’re all calibrated differently - at least that’s been my experience. Much less plug and play than others, maybe because they have that extra calibration layer. the reason I actually posted this in the first place is because I just replaced that junker with an Eheim (it was over heating - surprise) and the Eheim was dramatically under heating out of the box, so I had to play with it for a couple days. In that ‘replacement’ situation, it’s not as user friendly, I find. You can’t go to the store to buy one and replace it putting the settings in the same place, even if you’re replacing another Eheim.
  11. Hey Irene! I don’t think I’ve used a fluval heater, but I generally have stayed away from them after a few bad experiences with some of their other stuff. But, maybe I’ll have to give it a shot! I’ll take a peek and see if I can find that video, too. Thanks! Not a video - the article you linked! Haha whoops! Thanks!
  12. Hope to hear more about this! I haven’t done a ton of work with the fluval, but I have had bad experience with their products in the past. Do you think you’ll be making a video on heaters again in the near future?
  13. I've tried a few different heaters, and all of them seem to have issues with inconsistencies, failure, etc... I typically use eheim now, but as they're getting more difficult to get, I was wondering what others find to be the best heater around. Thanks!
  14. Sure! Anything in particular you’d like to hear more about? I worked in about 23 parks across the Southeast region, which is 7 states, although it changes a lot haha. Mostly dealing with herbicides, some saw work, and typically ailanthus altissima, ligustrum spp., and some other common ones. Happy to go into whatever detail you’re interested in!
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