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Found 23 results

  1. Feeding BBS every night to the fishroom was starting to get laborious using a pipette. The first thing I did to cut time was to stopping rinsing BBS after hatching and I've seen no difference in my tanks, never going back to rinsing haha. I wanted something that was one handed operation and didn't drip on the floor. I could use a small pitcher but I wanted more control and be able to feed quicker than pouring. I settled on trying these no-drip, bottom dispensing, squeeze bottles. I think these are what Subway uses for their dressing as well. I've been using them for a couple weeks now. I'm pretty happy with the performance. I fill the bottle directly from my Ziss Hatchery. I can open a lid with one hand, squeeze a good shot of BBS with the bottle and move right to the next tank. Cleaning is easy, I simply fill it with tap water, give it a good shake, squeeze some clean water through the tip and dump out the rest.
  2. Do you have a sump? Considering getting one? DIY or manufactured? Questions about how they work? Looking for inspiration? I wanted to create this thread for people to share and learn about sump filtration. Ask questions, comments, concerns. If you have one, post some photos and what equipment you're running. If you've made your own sumps, share what worked and what didn't. Sumps are infinitely customizable for the ultimate hot rodded filter. You might never go back to canister filters after you have one.
  3. so it occurred to me I haven't thought about what I need to do to setup for a 20g quarantine tank, heater? filter? sponge or Hob? etc. and what meds I should have on hand? if there's something I haven't asked please advise
  4. Hello everybody I’m sure I’m new to this subject sure plenty of you have something similar already but if you don’t maybe I can spark the idea I feel all fancy bought me a heat gun for the tanks to check temps and such what ALL GIZMOS do you all have on the cheeper end
  5. Today one of my floating plant corrals failed. I suspect sabotage.
  6. My wife thinks my online spending habits have gotten crazy since quarantine but i don't buy things unless i or my pets need them.
  7. Hello, I think I just dove a little deep into this hobby. I have a 5g kit tank with one betta fish, but have bought a used 54g corner tank with designs on having a community tank. I'm especially wondering what lighting to get and how to mount it, and also wouldn't mind some recommendations for filters. I'm sort of confused on lighting since it was all taken care of in a kit before and the corner isn't a normal shape. Edited to add: Freshwater, and I am hoping to have lots of plants (medium-heavily planted?)
  8. I just setup a few these and I couldn't be happier. Very intuitive to use and create schedules. One schedule to turn ON and another to turn OFF. Simple. Also I wanted to share that it will fit in a 4-gang outlet which I was unsure of. I'm using one to control my CO2 solenoid and the others for lights
  9. I'm in the process of setting up a fish room and was wondering at what point is it time to use a linear piston pump instead of individual air pumps. I will be starting with 8 tanks and a pond. I plan on eventually having around 15 tanks and will be running sponge filters in all of them. What do you guys recommend? Thanks!
  10. I have a 65 gal hex freshwater aquarium that I am trying to switch over to live plants. I am trying to get jungle Val to grow and need to replace the bulbs on t8 18 inch florescent hood light. Can someone recommend bulbs that would work the best in this setting. The lighting just isn't strong enough to get to the bottom of the tank. The hood has 3 t8 18 inch bulbs. Any recommendations?
  11. I made this for siphoning out my ten gallon tanks on my fish rack. I wanted something smaller to poke around the tank and clean with. I made it with: Brass fitting: 3/4 female garden hose x 3/4 female npt adapter, with a washer, very important. White fitting: 3/4 threaded x 3/4 slip pvc fitting I used a spare undergravel filter lift tube for a siphon tube. I cut a 45° angle at the end to better siphon off the bottom. I used a little Teflon tape on the threads. I siliconed the tube into the adapter because it's not a tight fit but it's water tight. If you don't have a spare tube a 3/4 pvc pipe would work. A little silicone in the slip connection would probably make it water tight without using pvc glue.
  12. I've tried a few different heaters, and all of them seem to have issues with inconsistencies, failure, etc... I typically use eheim now, but as they're getting more difficult to get, I was wondering what others find to be the best heater around. Thanks!
  13. I was thinking about how to do large fish rooms and was thinking using a large air compressor with a tank (Like this) to aerate the tanks would work. I can't find anything in a 5 min google search, and all the fishroom/farm tours that I have watched either use the water from the water change system to aerate the aquariums through drip towers or venturis except a discus farm using sponge filters in addition to venturis. I think that having one central air supply with regulators and running airline would be easier to manage than having a bunch of air pumps, but I'm not sure if there is some factor with air compressors + air tank that causes them not to be used. Thanks
  14. So I've been seeing a lot of shrimp people specifically using matten filters. I'm trying to get to the bottom of how a matten is better than a normal sponge. The only possible way I can see any improvement is surface area. Has anyone used both? If so did it rock ur world with how much difference it made? Has your shrimps lives became much more complete and fullfilled?
  15. Hey all, I am looking into getting an RO/DI water filter for my aquariums. I am wondering if i need to mount it on the wall, or at all? Or can I just use it sitting on the countertop? Thanks!
  16. My two year old took the remote to my 24/7 planted light! It has not appeared and I am wonder possible solutions... can I buy a remote? Should I abandon ship and get a new light? Any help appreciated!
  17. I made this for getting baby brine shrimp right down to where my Kribensis fry are instead of reaching into the tank with a pipette. Pretty straight forward build. A piece of rigid airline tubing cut to desired length. A length of flexible airline tubing. The syringe is a childrens medicine doser from Rite-aid. When feeding BBS I barely draw up the syringe so the BBS stay in rigid tube for easier cleaning. Side note: the syringe by itself, without the tubing, is handy for dosing liquid aquarium meds because it has mechanical stops at measured increments, 2.5, 5, 7.5, and 10ml.
  18. Sharing this tip in case you plan on keeping White Clouds in a tank with a mattenfilter. I kept finding them behind the filter foam and discovered they were swimming down the lift tubes. I think it's their natural behavior to swim against the current. I folded up a small piece of 1/8 inch clear plastic mesh netting and zip-tied it around the opening. Could be a life saver too if you run an airstone in your tube as it might trap the fish. Problem solved 👍
  19. I want to get some Corys out of my deep planted tank. Theres no way I'll ever get them with a net. I thought of a traditional minnow trap but wanted something easier. A one dollar flavored water from Dollar Tree is my solution. I think these are better than other 2 liters bottles because they're cheaper so the plastic is thinner and easier to cut. I cut the neck of the bottle off, inverted it, stuck it inside, and used a soldering iron to make a bunch of holes about half way up the bottle. I didn't put any holes on the bottom so that when you lift the trap out, there will still be water in the trap for the fish.
  20. I'm looking to get an automatic feeder and curious what kind you're using? How many different ones have you tried? What worked and what didn't? I would probably put Xtreme Nano food in it.
  21. Do you use any gadgets for your aquarium? Something unconventional but that you've found makes a job easier or quicker? I originally got this magnetic stirrer for mixing up Seachem Equilibrium so it dissipates quicker when poured into the tank. I also found it makes checking some water parameters easier too. Instead of opening, closing, shaking a test tube for measuring Gh, I simply set it at slow spin and add drops until the color changes.
  22. If you have a spare Aquaclear 70/110 intake tube it works great to slow down the water flow when refilling your tank so you don't kick up gravel, plants, detritus etc 👍
  23. I'm thinking of using gloss black Krylon Fusion to paint the intake tubes of an Aquaclear 110 for my next tank build. Has anyone ever done that or something similar? How did the paint hold up, did it flake off, any effects on water/fish etc?
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