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  1. I'm into blacksmithing but havent gotten into it too much as I'm still setting up a blacksmith shop with my dad rn, I also really enjoy my job as a painter, I mean it is a job but i still kinda view it as a sorta hobby, and then i also am really into video games and collecting them. Those are really the three main hobbies besides fishkeeping, but I also love music and playing the guitar and piano, enjoy skateboarding, enjoy occasionally making lego creations like spaceships, and a lot of other smaller things that theres too many to list. Oh it should also be noted that I also like land inverts, and currently have isopods and slugs and had a mantis but it recently died, I also want a jumping spider. Anyways I enjoy too many things and I'm just glad my dad let's me indulge in them, granted hes definitely into the blacksmithing a lot and I'm paying for everything, I mean we're going 50/50 on the blacksmith shop, but hes even willing to let me turn part of the basement into a fish room once I get the money.
  2. Omg this was the coolest thing, so I was watching my guppy fry and just observing their behaviors when i saw this snail fall down from the surface of the water while holding onto an air balloon, and then I saw it trying to pull in the air bubble and it got me curious so I sat there for 20 minutes just watching this snail struggle to upright itself while holding onto this air bubble, then another snail comes and walks over the snail and steals its air bubble, and somehow makes a balloon out of it and the air buble was just floating there right above him. I took two pics from different angles to prove it wasnt on the terrace cottage or anything it was like the coolest thing ever tho even tho it's not that cool, it was.
  3. And they said you couldnt have a tank set up next to a window without a manor algae explosion and to that I say ha. But honestly tho even tho it's not the prettiest tank I love this tank with how the sun shines thru the water and also the water is super clear, and all the plants are super happy and growing and have oxygen bubbles on their leaves, they arent really releasing them that I've seen tho, also this aquarium has been set up for 3 weeks now, which is also why theres a million small ramshorn but I like them 


  4. Get yourself a nice medium sized bottle like the big brisk tea, drink it if you want or just pour it out and then cut around the circle and invert the top, you might have to cut off the top bc it wont be a big enough hole for them to get thru, also take a piece of airline tubing and very carefully cut it to size and cut a line down the middle so you can attach it to the surrounding so your fishing cut themselves on the opening, then bait the trap, also you might wanna use something to secure inverted top. Now after typing this I realise this is confusing so I'm gonna go make one and post a picture of it here, also if I dont post it within like an hour react or comment to remind me lol
  5. Yeah what's up with that? Anybody found a fix for that? I mean surely we can make a lid that doesnt leak while we shake it for a minute
  6. Its not pretty ik😂 but it fits the theme lol, and really makes me wonder what else I could use legos for in this hobby
  7. Everyday I look at my aquariums I'm reminded about how much I love them so much and I'm so fascinated by all the little things that pop up and this mini little eco system I have in my own home that I get to observe every day. I personally just love going up and sitting and watching for a half hour and just seeing the fish do their thing searching for food and chasing after one another, and I love whenever I see new fry or I'm like look! That val made a baby or that anubias has a new leaf or dangit the duckweed has taken over (btw #brotherhoodofduckweed) but its just all those smaller things that makes it for me and seeing how this ecosystem I have evolved, and it led me to want to see what others enjoy about this hobby, so now I extend the question to all of you. What do you enjoy most about this hobby?
  8. Yo that's so cool you got different colors, I really want a few hydra to keep for myself bc I'm weird lol, I also want leeches and planaria but that's besides the point haha. But I wonder if you tried taking some of just one type of color variant and putting it in an aquarium on it's own and feeding it from time to time when you make your rounds, if it multiplies will it make the exact same color or will it spit out different colors? Bc if its it's own species it should spit out just that one color but if they're the same species just color morphs then by this point after having been in the same tank it should have the genetics of multiple colors and spit out 2 or more colors. That's just my thoughts on finding out tho
  9. So she wasnt always like this and I was wondering if maybe it was bc she was egg bound or something else? In the process of currently testing water parameters just to make sure and will report back in like 15 minutes
  10. Get a few plants you like, like val for example, and maybe a stem plant or some anubias, and get like one or two plants of each one you want, then let them fill out the tank, and same thing with the live stock, get like 10 cherry shrimp and 3 or 6 guppies and let them fill out the whole thing, that's the cheapest, or probably not even then bc theres probably cheaper ones like you could probably do white clouds for cheaper
  11. Well I'd save the bloodworms for the puffers, and also on the aquarist podcast, the guy was breeding spotted puffers and he said the best food for snails to make them breed was unsalted cut canned green beans Also since your main objective is to just grow a whole bunch of algae I'd even increase the photo period to like 14 or 16 hours, plus add fertilizer occasionally
  12. I mean calcium is definitely important to have in your water, especially if you have plants, but even for your fish too, especially if you're breeding them. But if you dont have enough calcium in the water I'm pretty sure, not 100%, that that could lead to things like hole in the head, now not saying if you dont that it 100% leads to that, and also I'm not even sure the accuracy of that, but I do know that at least a little calcium and other trace elements in the water column are important for fish
  13. Moss, all mosses lol, I want to have like every aquatic moss known to the aquarium trade😂 Altho I'm currently definitely eyeballing fissidens nobilis
  14. Primarily for identification of all types of plants, but I’m also currently specifically looking for mosses
  15. You can go to the caresforfish.com website and see a list of endangered fish for the aquarium, some of them are like wow that’s really pretty and others are like well yeah I can see why that’s endangered and no ones working on it lol
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