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  1. Anyone gotten this filter yet and any reviews? I just saw it at petsmart today and it intrigues me especially with the so called protein skimmer on it altho I don’t necessarily see how that’d work with my limited knowledge on protein skimmers. Just curious about it.
  2. It moves like a worm and that’s about all I can tell you sorry
  3. Just got four 40 breeders bc petco has their 50% off sale. Looking forward to filling these guys up and already got plans for all of them, just the process of getting lights and filters and stuff now. Gonna put Multis in one and do saltwater in another, guppies in one and the last one I’m not entirely sure.
  4. Alright new goal, one of the nerms needs to break the world record this upcoming week lol
  5. Man 1 hour is super long tho, I feel like it should be shortened up to like 15 or 20 minutes, like I’m sure if someone really wanted to and took this super seriously they could probably eat 50 tacos in one hour, if not more, idk how much the human stomach can hold
  6. Yeah I don’t think I necessarily want to keep the frogs out, they wouldn’t be able to eat adults or juveniles even, probably could eat fry but so will the juvenile white clouds, I’ve decided I’m gonna put them in and see if the fry can survive
  7. Yeah lol that’s what I mean, can the white clouds breed in the presence of the tadpoles not actually with them haha
  8. Was going to put my white clouds in a pond I got outside when I noticed a whole bunch of tadpoles in it, I’ve got some nice moss growth in this pond and its got green water so it’ll be really great, but was wondering if the white clouds would be able to breed with the tadpoles or not, this is a smaller frog species I’ve seen before that only get about an inch long as adults so the tadpoles don’t have huge mouths or anything
  9. So, I think there is some link to being financially charged, but I think the main thing with ugf is that if it ever stops or you need or want to take it out at some point you gotta tear apart your whole tank, plus as the hobby has moved towards planted tanks under gravel filters are even harder to tear your aquarium apart and also all the roots decrease the effectiveness of the filter
  10. I’m sorry I’m really excited if this is and it doesn’t look like the usual leaf and idk this just is awesome if it is bc I also just got my first ever shrimplets born and my head is exploding
  11. You might be able to take like a super fine pantyhose and put that around a net, bc I was trying to use it for something else where I wanted the water to flow thru but I found it didnt really do that great at it, however I'm sure itd serve your purpose great, it just would probably be a little difficult to maneuver around the water to catch the puffers
  12. So my shrimp has a line down it's back and I've had them for only a few weeks now and I was curious as to whether this stripe down their back was from stress or just their color pattern
  13. I've been subscribed to aquarium coop for a while now, at least a year and a half and I've ordered from them a few times but still the last order I just made was packaged and ready in less than an hour from making the order and it just blew me away how fast it was, like i know that's what they've been working on a lot while not sacrificing customer satisfaction but still lol
  14. I was watching a journey to the micro cosmos video the other day and they were saying how daphnia have the ability to create hemoglobin, which is the same thing that gives our blood its red color. So it's very possible that they just have an increased production of hemoglobin. I cant remember what exactly causes them to make hemoglobin but I'll find the video and link it here. If you go to 5:20 it starts talking about hemoglobin in daphnia. To paraphrase tho essentially when time gets rough and the daphnia are living in waters low in oxygen, they start producing hemoglobin to be able to uptake more oxygen, and the hemoglobin gives them this oranges reddish hue. They only do this when needed tho bc it makes them more visible to predators.
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