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Found 17 results

  1. This is my first attempt at a SW tank. I am adding all sorts of life forms from Puget Sound, Washington State. The humble beginnings: Currently aiming for a stable 55F environment and waiting for the dust to settle. Had a molting from one of the amphipods. Well, I thought mystery snails were the only ones with more of a penchant for relocation, until I just saw the clam decided to try a new spot in the tank (and out of view, of course). I know he is there because I can see him from the top, but the little stinker has made it impossible for me to get a side view. I guess they all want to redecorate at some point. The snails and amphipods have pretty much decimated the green tuft seaweed. Littorina scutulata and several amphipods and copepods. Algae: Sarcodiotheca gaudichaudii, Cladophora columbiana, Prionitis lanceolata, Fucus gardneri, Alaria marginata. The tank today: I am also documenting this in YT so I can remember what things looked like once a transition has taken place. Please bear in mind that I do have a goofy sense of humour, so some of the videos are kind of wacky.
  2. Gonna try a river set up, not really going full biotope but definitely want to create a river scene. Still in the beginning stages of planning and researching. I’ll need to figure out a flow rate that is comfortable for the stocking I have/ will select. Also I want it to be adjustable to mimic different times of slow to faster currents. For hides, flow blocks, and grouping areas I will use straight-ish 2-3 inches round limbs with large river stones. May also go with a tree trunk type log and large river stones. Or ? This will be in a 55G and my first thought for flow is, 2 intakes with aquarium coop sponge pre filters at one end. Connect that with PVC to 2 aquarium coop power heads. Each power head would be on its own power source. Then use 2 micro pumps all at other end. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I want to plant some val and maybe other plants but definitely a lot of val. The stocking I have already chosen is rainbow shiners and some hillstream loaches. Shiners arrived today 😁 they will stay in QT until this is ready.
  3. I’m gonna be setting up a new style of tank (for me) and it got me thinking about the different styles of aquascaping. Over 30 years most of the time I would buy whatever decorations at the box stores I liked and try to mesh it together. Then I steered towards natural rock and driftwood only tanks, keeping mostly African cichlids it worked best. Now over last year I’m heavily into planted tanks. So what’s your favorite aquascaping style? 1) box store decor = fake plants, fake logs, shipwrecks, castles, ect… 2) natural stone/ wood = real stone or wood only 3) lightly/ moderate planted = some plants some decor fake or natural 4) heavily planted = very heavy plants real wood/ stone all styles included 5) biotope = specific natural environment to mimic or recreate an exact location 6) themed = non aquatic decorations to create a special environment or feel that has little to no natural decor (like they do on the show Tanked a lot) 7) other = other pics if possible! This thread is meant to inspire others to try different styles and go outside their comfort zones. I never thought I would do a themed tank but I really wanted to try something way different than anything I’ve done in the past.
  4. Hey Friends! I'm working on a presentation for my Ichthyology class about Cichlids, and I can't really find any photos of Cichlids in their natural habitat in SA or CA. I found some good ones from the reef lakes in Africa, but everything on the new world cichlids is from an aquarium perspective. If you have some, and wouldn't mind me sharing to a class of about 5, I would really appreciate it! Thanks and happy fishkeeping!
  5. So, after my little Channel cat experience, I have been thinking (already a bad sign) about making a river tank. Does anyone have any experience/advice on this type of setup? I am not going to try a biotope because I am interested in Rio Motatán in Venezuela, and fishes in that river are either endangered or vulnerable. But this river is a great mix of white water, quieter pools, flooding, and dangerous cresting during rainy season. A great excuse to try the powerheads that @Streetwise pointed out to me for the PSB. Lots of rocks, some vegetation, mainly thick roots. I am thinking a shallower water line along a 10' wall (will be making the tank). I will post the design once I have something coherent. Canister filter for filtration since there is no room for a sump (sorry @OnlyGenusCaps). Possibly loaches and catfish. Too early to tell. Any insights? TIA
  6. I have started growing my Red Mangrove seedlings and after only a couple days I have new leaf spikes. They are growing in refugium live sand from Two Little Fishies and Fiji pink aragonite sand to about 6" depth. Once they get a little taller I will give them 10" depth. I also have bought seawater from a fish store's sumps. I specifically asked if I could get some gross fishy water to give the roots some nitrates and other nutrients. Current SG is at about 1.018. Aquarium specs 60 gallon fill: -Acrylic 1/4" thickness -18"x24"x48" -10" tall brown acrylic planter sheet (this will be used to give the mangrove more depth and hopefully keep fish from digging in anoxic sand/mud) -Weld-on 4 -3 chamber 20 gallon sump (freshwater/saltwater/brackish) -submersible heater cable -SG will vary from 1.005-1.015 Fish Depending on availability: -Figure 8 puffer-Tetraodon biocellatus (ideally a bonded pair) - Zebra blenny- Omobranchus zebra or 6 bumblebee goby-Brachygobias sp. -2-3 Freshwater Demoiselle- Neopomacentrus taeniurus -6 Diamond killifish- Adinia xenica -6-12 wild-type molly-Poecilia sphenops -Purple spaghetti eel-Moringua raitaborua (species ranked as vulnerable, may omit) Plants/macro algae -Red mangrove -Chaeto algae -Vallisneria -Moneywort This biotope will attempt to look like a mangrove estuary, while replicating natural tidal shifts and river discharge. The aquarium style is a peninsula style designed to be viewed from all angles. With almost all of these fish needing territories I will incorporate live rock and faux coral heads throughout the aquarium to break up the line of site and give lots and lots of caves. The sand in the main display will be 6" deep with heater cable running through it to establish convection. I will utilize black worms and some marine worms such as Nereididae to not only be food but aerate the sand. I will have to buy some of these fish online which I have never done in the aquarium trade. Is there a company that does a good job with fish health? Also if anyone has any suggestions/opinions I would love to here them I am still in planning stages while I wait for the mangroves to grow out a bit more.
  7. Okay, so a little background, because why not. I was resetting up my 55 gallon aquarium to be a community planted tank which I had a very clear vision for that mostly consisted of guppies. My wife who had never really shown interest actually seemed into it this time. She surprised me one day by calling me up out of the blue and asked if she could add a Betta to the tank. I tell her to ask the LPS she was at what they thought, but I didn't see why not. So she comes home with a single male Congo Tetra they talked her into paying $20 for. I'm pretty livid about this but okay, it is what it is. Except ONE Congo? Nope that just won't work sure this one was mature so a higher price tag, whatever. I hop in my car and head to the closest big box. Congo Tetras $5 a piece, buy four get one free. Perfect. Fast forward a bit, needless to say my guppies can't colony breed because the fry are getting gobbled up. My wife in the meantime has fallen in love with Cichlids, specifically Mbuna and Buffalohead. Wait Buffalohead... A diabolical plan begins to form in my head. Why don't we set up a Congo themed tank?! It's genius! So here's where you fine #FishFam come in. I'm looking for stocking ideas. Plants, inverts, and fish. Specifically something like Congo versions of Corydoras. Are there Corys in the Congo? So me other type of small catfish to help with clean-up? It's a 40 breeder, pH 7.6, running 2 sponge filters and a Tidal 55. Light is a Hygger Advanced Full Spectrum LED 36"-42". Stock is currently 5 mature Congo Tetras and 5 juvenile Steatocranus Casuarius (Buffalohead Cichlids). There are two Crinum Calamistratum and an Anubias on driftwood. I'd like add a Red Tiger Lotus and some Val (maybe Leopard Val).
  8. Hello guys, I've been 'a fan of the show' for many years but somehow I hadn't heard of these forums until just now. I decided this was a nice time to join since I started a new setup a few weeks ago. I already uphold a diary on a Dutch aquarium forums but the crowd there is rather limited. I am hoping to interest and possibly even inspire some people with my latest build, a custom built aquarium with the following dimensions: 100cm length, 40cm width and 32cm visible water column depth. This system was designed with one goal in mind: to replicate a laminar flow river stream environment as closely as possible. Strictly speaking it is not a biotope because the plants and livestock have not been selected to match any biotope, but the aquarium style and build I think justify the 'biotope' label. In short: the water flows from right to left, sweeping over the wood and across the rocks before being drawn into the left hand grid and circulated back through the right hand grid. In order to achieve this, a plain tank was built with 100cm length, 40cm width and 40cm depth dimensions. A false bottom measuring 78cm in length was then installed, elevating the scape-able area by approx. 8cm and thus leaving room beneath. This room is utilized to circulate water in order to achieve the desired laminar flow, and is closed off (to keep fish out) by custom designed and 3D-printed grids in each corner. The pump responsible for the water movement is an Aqua Medic Smart Flow 7.1, capping out at 10.500 liters per hour (roughly 75 times tank water volume an hour) but currently running at 35% power. Further tech used involves an Oase Biomaster 600 (thermo) which has considerable power but serves for biological filtration purposes only, a Chihiros WRGB II light in 90cm length, a basic pressurized CO2 kit and a surface skimmer. I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts on this build. Kind regards from across the Big Pond, Mafkees
  9. hey guys, i'm planning to do a 30-40 gallon long amazon biotope kind of aquarium and wanted some help with stocking ideas... i plan on having it heavily planted, possibly with some passive CO2 injection (Using Fluval 20g passive CO2 system, basically bicycle CO2 cartridges into an upside down cup) i plan on having 4-6 bolivian rams, 10-12 rummy nose tetras, a bristle nose pleco, and for a center piece, i'm thinking an Electric Blue Acara? i was also thinking of doing a decent school of oto's to help with algae when it gets there, but A.) i'll have a pleco and B.) i'm worried the acara would slowly eat them. any other ideas for a centerpice fish or other clean up crew? I also wanted some help with plant choice? i know swords are out bc of the pleco... any other good background plants that wont get destroyed? i do plant on some dwarf sag carpet, anubias, crypts, etc... also wanted to know if there are any readily available aquatic plants that come from the amazon, to make it as natural as possible. thank guys!
  10. Im going to be starting a 20 gal long Peruvian tank. I was thinking pencilfish and some corys. Any other ideas would be great!
  11. So, I recently bought a 6 gallon cube, and I'm liking the idea of turning it into a small biome for a single betta to love and thrive. I know Java ferns are native to Asia, but what other plants would be ideal for me to put in. The tank is not that big, but I'd like to heavily plant it for the little guy. My plan is to use a Co-op sponge filter for filtration, planted tank substrate, a preset heater, and a planted tank light. What plants other than Java ferns would fit the Asian theme?
  12. Hello everyone! thank you In advance for your posts! I have recently changed out my substrate to sand and am wanting to create an Amazon tank! Any suggestions on hardscape wood? I’m back and forth between Ghostwood or Malaysian drift wood
  13. I was researching on setting up my next tank as a biotope tank (in reality, it will be likely be just a pea puffer tank with plants from Indian subcontinent) and came across this interesting website: https://biotopeaquariumproject.com There are some great pictures of biotopes and biotope aquariums. Most of the information seems to be in the paid membership area however. I also noticed that Aquarium Coop is one of the sponsors.
  14. Hey everyone, I am going to do a North American biotope in a 20 gallon for a school. Does any body know of any fish that look like the fish below (I can't keep trout 😞) that stays about 2-3 inches, and is captive bred? Thanks
  15. Hello everyone, I'm looking to set up a 75g swordtail biotope, does anyone have any pictures I can look at, or know of any resources I can view? I've looked long and far but can't seem to find anything. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place.
  16. Hi everyone! I am planning to aquascape a 5 gallon, 10 gallon, 25 gallon, 35 gallon, 75 gallon, and a 175 gallon. Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations? These tanks would have non plant disturbing fish. I have plenty of ideas but I want to hear yours first.Thanks in advance!
  17. I am so excited to be here. about a year ago I lept back into the aquarium hobby with both feet. As a kid I won a goldfish at the fair... and she lived for 12+ years in my 10 gal tank. At the time my mom thought I was neglecting Goldie, but now that I've learned more about the hobby, I'm betting I did JUST FINE. Sometimes procrastination is a good thing. Anyhoo, I was given a betta last summer when a friend from work moved onto another job. Instead of keeping it on my desk like she did, I brought it home for my daughter. Since she's a teenager, and into anything social justice related, the one gal tank was a NO GO. LOL. So, he quickly moved on up to a 20 Long. Within 6 weeks or so we had two 20 gal tanks, a 10gal, plus the one gal for fry brought home from petsmart... as well as a new to me 10gal for my desk at work. LOL. Anyway.. I'll take some pics of the tanks in the comments below. 🙂 they are a work in progress. tee hee. My big aquarium dream? Setting up a minimum of a 55gal, and making it an amazon biotope. specifically for the Violet Corydoras.. It'll be a Jamari River clearwater (floodwater- clearwater) setup... and I'm hoping to have it be a breeding project too.. so I'm trying to figure out the best species for it. Luckily I found a great Journal article (http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/1676-0611-bn-2019-0803) with details of other fish in the areas, as well as collection locations.. My goal is to try to be as faithful as possible, to the biotope, but within my aquarium size & budget, and what is currently available for fish. If you've created a similar biotope, or have visited the area I'd love any insights you might have for me! 🥰 I created pinterest board: https://pin.it/36rJixl if you'd like to follow my planning process.
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