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Found 12 results

  1. We keep and breed mostly small tropical fish. But when we first came across the Electric Blue Acaras in our LFS, we got a "fish crush" and determined to get some . . . and try to get them to make more! We bought 4x moderately small, and fortunately a pair formed. Here are our breeding journals prepared for our fish club BAP. The Andinoacara pulcher is a sweet, colorful, mostly peaceful mid-sized cichlid.
  2. Hello everyone, yet another relapsed aquarium hobbiest here. Cory is probably the one that convinced me to get back into it, so thanks to him I think?! To be honest, what drove me away from the hobby was this right here: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a pressure-regulated 5-lb bottle of liquid CO2 and associated raw fertilizers (there was no EZ Green back then). At the time, high tech tanks were all the rage. Takashi Amano had shown everyone what was possible, and we all wanted to be the next ADA aquascaper. Don't get me wrong, a "high-tech" tank can be a thing of beauty at times, and entertaining. My first tank, a 30 gallon. This was the "plant a bunch of stuff and see what happens" tank. Turns out everything grew, and grew very quickly! Second tank, a 40 gallon "breeder". This was the "I don't want two tanks full of insanely fast-growing stem plants" tank. Unfortunately, when things go badly with a high-tech tank, they go badly fast. The slightest imbalance can result in algae explosions. The tanks require constant trimming and maintenance to the point where it feels like a job instead of a hobby. I got rid of my aquariums when we moved and just did not have the heart to start up again at the new house for many years. And then along came Cory and Aquarium Co-op and their addictive YouTube videos... This time I am focusing on keeping the maintenance as low as possible, and the headaches as well. No more pressurized CO2, no more high lights, etc. This time I want to focus on the ecosystem and the fish. I do not have tank pictures yet, but soon I hope to have some nice ones! Without all that CO2 injection it's going to be slow and steady this time around. A couple of my favorites fishies from past and present below. Apistogramma agassizi male Pearl Gourami male Neolamprologus multifasciatus female
  3. Hi everyone. My name is Grace and I am 18 years old. I have been keeping fish for about 4 years on and off but I have gotten more serious about the hobby within the last 2 years. As of now, I have two tanks, a 29 gallon and a 10 gallon. Pictures and stocking lists are below. My 29 is in my room and it is my primary source of happiness right now. It was set up about 2 years ago as a 5 gallon betta tank, then it morphed into a 20 long, and then finally a 29. My 10 gallon is on my desk and it is a shrimp + kuhli loach tank. The tank was originally supposed to be a dwarf hairgrass growing tank but I couldn't help but put some livestock in. I have much more to say but I don't want to overwhelm yall with too much writing. 🙂 29 Gallon: neon tetras otocinclus catfish false jullii corydora amano shrimp nerite snail mystery snail 10 gallon: black kuhli loaches neocaridina shrimp amano shrimp nerite snail plants (both tanks): dwarf hairgrass red dwarf aquarium lily suswassertang narrow leaf java fern anubias - too many varieties to count amazon sword salvinia minima frogbit pothos - just the roots marimo moss balls Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze
  4. Hello from Virginia I'm new to planted aquariums and also new to this forum. Not sure what I'm doing.
  5. Hey Y'all. I had a few betas prior to this but after reading Co-op I realized I've been keeping them in a way too small tank. So for my daughters Christmas present I wanted to do it right! I got a 5 gal tank (Top Fin Retreat tank) with filter and added a heater. I've been spot checking the heater and its been staying between 79-81. I got a Plakat Beta (as they look a bit like Koi and she initially wanted a goldfish) and a blue mystery snail. I set up the tank about a week before. I got the snail and Fish on Thursday from a local small fish store (I think they breed them?). The snail seems to be doing well, but the Beta is REALLY low energy. He doesn't seem to want to eat either, and just wants to hang out by the Heater. There does seem to be a bit of film on the top of the water. I'd really like to be able to give my daughter a live fish in a week (and honestly Im really excited about having a fish again). Ps. Currently only have faux plants because at some point we will be moving back to NYC and I figure moving a planted aquarium will be much harder. But once we get there Im looking forward to starting a planted aquarium.
  6. Hello! Young aquarist here. Been plugging away at BAP for a couple years with my fish club PVAS (Potomac Valley Aquarium Society). Also have been sharing videos about various fish-keeping projects on my small YouTube channel (Fish Folk). My Dad and I built a little fish room in the basement . . . tank multiplication syndrome is real! Anyway, running about 20 tanks now, and always working on breeding projects. Here's a few photos of various fish we enjoy keeping.
  7. Hello from northern Virginia! I have recently returned to the hobby after over a 20 year absence. I kept fish throughout the 90s after dreaming of keeping an entire aquatic ecosystem in an aquarium. I never was able to realize that dream and stopped keeping fish when I left for school. I looking into reef keeping in the 2000s, but did decided not to set up a reef due to the time investment needed. After finding the Co-op's videos and other resources I became convinced that I could realize my original dream to have a complete ecosystem in an aquarium. I returned to the hobby last October by purchasing an entire system from someone getting out of the hobby and have grown from there. Since then I have had my first successes keeping aquatic plants and then breeding fish thanks to the Coop, LFSs, and many others. I only have a couple of tanks setup in a combined kitchen and office. This is the current setup in an L with a 65 gal tank on the top left, a 38 gal tank on the bottom right, and a 10 gal QT tank out of the picture. The 65 gallon display tank setup March 2020: I really enjoy the jungle tank look with microhabitats all over this tank. It is almost dark under the dense cover despite running a Fluval 3.0 at 100% and Nicrew lights. Fish: mainly breeding colony (B) Guppies, Tetras, breeding colony (B) Corys, and breeding Plecos Plants: Marimo Moss Balls, Java Moss, Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Lilly or Green Tiger Lotus sp., Red Dwarf Aquarium Lilly, Jungle Vallisneria, Broad Leaf Sag, Crypt Red Wendtii, Elodea, Golden Lloydiella, and Water Sprite The 38 gallon display/children's tank setup October 2020: This tank is setup at my knee height so that the children can feed the fish and look down on the tank without getting on a chair or ladder. The goal is to recreate an approachable full ecosystem in this tank. Fish: breeding colony (A) Guppies, breeding colony (A) Paleatus Corys, and Pleco growouts Plants: Marimo Moss Balls, Java Moss, Java Fern, Jungle Vallisneria, Broad Leaf Sag, Crypt Red Wendtii, Elodea, Golden Lloydiella, Water Sprite, Scarlet Temple, and Green Myrio Inverts: Mystery Snails, Rabbit Snails, Bladder Snails, and Cherry Shrimp (test run) I am convinced that this is an amazing time to be an aquarium hobbyist with all of the available information and one of the best times to keep live plants now that LED lights have high output and durability. I look forward to continuing the journey - along with setting up another tank to lower the stocking levels these two 🤣. -Matt
  8. Hi all...I've been following Cory and Aquarium Co-op for several months along with some of his friends... well lurking mostly... I finally became a member and apparently that opens a whole new world of likeminded fish lovers. I thought I could only find those by frequenting my favorite local fish store. I live in southeast Virginia; I settled here after my ex-husbands career landed us here and I fell in love with the area so I bough my own home (military brat, then wife... it's new to me to put down roots). I currently own 6 tanks, 5 at home and a Betta tank in my office. I'm about to be back down to 5 though. I purchased my new 75 gallon to replace my 36 gallon bow front tank (anyone local interested in purchasing said cycled tank, filter, top, stand and the basic light that came with it?). It was my first tank and I have discovered I HATE how it looks, and having to find fish in there when you have astigmatism is a huge pain. I'm almost completely done cycling the large tank...likely tomorrow when I test again. I currently have 3 turquoise rainbowfish, a zebra loach, a clown loach, a small school of pygmy cory's, 4 emerald cory's, two golden algae eaters and one obnoxious minnow (I'll have to tell you his/her story one day) along with some nerite and assassin snails and multiple amano shrimp for the 75 gallon. I plan on stocking two more female turquoise rainbowfish as soon as my store can get them. I have a twenty gallon in my room, it has a mustard/black male betta, a zebra loach, a golden algae eater, a nerite snail, a few assassin snails (they hitched a ride with some of the plants, like pest snails, but better) 7 ember tetras, 3 cardinal tetras (they were originally with my blue betta at work in my 6 gallon, but he's a jerk and likes to be alone with his mystery snail so I obliged), 2 ghost shrimp, and who knows how many cherry shrimp now (it started as 3... I know I count more than that, but they hide so well among the plants and rocks it's hard to say). My 10 gallon tank has 2 fancy guppies, 3 endler guppies, and one assassin snail. That one is really cool, I made it two levels...can't wait to show it off. The other two tanks, one is my son's and the other 10 is now my quarantine/hospital tank... it was housing my figure 8 puffer after its 20 gallon sprung a leak, until my 36 gallon was free for a larger brackish tank, but he became too stressed being moved around, even with being as careful as I could be with his adjustments and he passed 😪. I'm so glad to be here and to learn from all of you. It's kinda funny, the one guy that doesn't know me at my most frequented fish store is the one that helped me load the tank in my car and he said "welcome to an expensive hobby"... I'm an accountant, and I firmly believe there is a distinct difference in cost and worth. What I pay for my aquariums and other animals, pales in comparison to the joy I receive from caring for them. Of course... the owner quickly corrected him and let him know I was far deeper in the "hobby" than he assumed. PS... why is it that dwarf hairgrass is the one plant I have to have a love/hate relationship with!!! love the aesthetic...hate that any plant that outgrows it and blocks the light might kill it before it can spread... I wish I like other foreground plants as much. updated with pictures: the first is my 75 gallon, yes I mixed natural plants with pirate/mermaid themed decor... I love it, that’s what matters. I call my 3 rainbows my “hippos” (hungry hungry hippos to be exact). The second is my 10 gallon guppy tank, they’re even all showing off for camera. The third is my 20 gallon betta and tetra tank. Those are my “Piranhas” cause they go after their pellets like they’re famished always.
  9. Hello everyone, I’ve been into fish keeping for about 1 year. I have 5 tanks. A 75 gallon community tank which holds 4 3-spot gouramis, 2 plecos, 1 rainbow shark, 1 betta fish, a bunch of guppies, and a few cherry shrimp I see every now and then. I also have a 10 gallon betta sorority, 10 gallon mansion for my first male betta, 5 gallon cherry shrimp breeder, and a 30 gallon aquaponics tote with my cull guppies living in there. I actually got into fish keeping by getting into aquaponics; I had no interest in fish until I started my first aquaponics system. I am into heavily planted tanks and creating low maintenance environments for my fish.
  10. I'm Chris, a long time fish keeper here in Virginia! I'm currently keeping a few thousand gallons of cichlids, puffers, and dozens and dozens of tetra, rasbora, barb, and livebearer species. I really enjoy the biotope approach, and I am also a self-confessed "Mulm-Master!" (Inside joke on the Coop!) Nothing beats the look of hundreds of tiny fish in a huge natural tank!......except of course one huge fish in a huge natural tank! Thanks for Corey and the team for doing everything right. The COOP is a wonderful example of the best in people!
  11. Hello Everyone, I am very new to the hobby and love it so far. I started with two Plattys and learning about balancing the aquarium and proper maintenance I am starting to get the hang on it. I now have three platty's, and 6 fry, 2 Amano Shrimp, 2 dwarf frogs, and three snails. I have a 30 gallon tank going through it cycle to get ready to move them all into the bigger tank. so far this site and forum has been open on my laptop and phone for two weeks, so much info and love how helpful everyone is.
  12. Hello from Virginia! My name is Dylan. I've been a member off and on, but I've been watching Aquarium Co-op for 4 years or so. I used to live in Texas, and kept a lot of cichlids, but not that I'm in VA I'm having some trouble doing that super effectively, but I have bred GBRs recently. I have about 18 tanks running at the moment. Endlers, corys, angels, some gobys, gouramis, and a variety of tetras, and one betta and a few pea puffers my wife is in charge of. Lately I've had some trouble with some of the Black Venezuela corydoras, Corydoras schultzei var, getting some kind of bacterial infection. I have had a little trouble identifying it for sure, but I've been treating with pima and melafix, which seems to be helping. I'm gonna give it a few more days and if it's not gone try some antibiotics. I'm currently interning with the National Park service as an Invasive plant tech, but my term ends in August. I'm going back to school for a second degree, in biology, which I'm super excited about. I credit Cory, Dean, and the rest of the Co-op crew with sparking a love of the natural world, and I'm super thankful about that! And I'm really looking forward to participating in this new forum. Thanks! Hope everyone has a killer day!
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