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  1. What is the tank size most of you feel comfortable with for a bristlenose pleco? I have heard and read so many different opinions on the web I don’t know anymore.
  2. Really? At what water temps do you keep the otos? I live in Michigan so…
  3. Actually, without my glasses I get Bobby Flay at least once every other month. Yes I know Nerites are an option, will they clean it pretty well?
  4. Looking to get an algae eater for my cold water tank. It stays between 65-72 and has white clouds in it currently. I will clean myself but would like also a cleaning organism. Thanks!
  5. I bought 10 cardinal tetras and brought them home to quarantine. 5 died within the first 48 hours. The other 5 have been quarantined for 2 weeks now. They have shown no signs of illness. I am using salt in this quarantine. Should I quarantine them longer or are they probably going to be fine for main tank? Thanks everyone!
  6. You just put the ice cube in the tank?
  7. "With the lights out, it's less dangerousHere we are now, quarantine usI feel sluggish and contagiousHere we are now, quarantine us.......yeah A mbunaA mollyA mosquitoMy gourami ......yeah"
  8. That happens to me every time I order. It adds in the shipping after you click check out.
  9. The more excited fish hobbyists the better! Don’t be sorry for being proud of your passion. Glad you shared your youtube 👍
  10. The only one to get me today....good job haha
  11. These have been running for about 2 months while I have been working on planting and perfecting them. I am impressed with myself for these being my first try hahah
  12. She seems to think Cory and I are on a first name basis....I don't tell her that we have never met, spoken, communicated in any way haha.
  13. My girlfriend asking "did you ask Cory (aka the forum)?" every time I have a fish question.
  14. Thanks everyone! I picked it out right away. It must have come on my new plants 😞
  15. This one floating leaf with one root showed up in my tank....what is it???
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