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  1. Did the same with the nano pump. Works awesome. Never thought about it with other pumps. Easy way too get it above water level too
  2. @Ken awesome thanks Follow up question how much does it diminish the light?
  3. Does anyone know or have a video somewhere of Dean's setup for aquarium lids? Just watching recent video reminded me I really want to find out how he went about it... If they are glass/etc, how he did the hinge... Otherwise, what alternatives do y'all use besides the basic store bought, or polycarbonate twin wall?
  4. I've found they can have a hard time adjusting. Whenever I've gotten them usually out of a group of 8 one or two won't make it through qt. It can be the change is water parameters or not enough food or just stress of moving that take them. I do love my ottos though. Once established they seem to do well. Btw I have them in pH 8.4..
  5. I agree with wood underneath. Right now it's most economical to use the racks and wood on there rack for support
  6. For budget, black diamond blasting sand is awesome. It's what I use in my tanks and does very well. You want the 20/40 size, and rinse good first in a bucket.. some people don't rinse just depends on how quick got want to use your tank.
  7. I have the suddenly unknown and extra tanks I have somewhere or I have to move everyone out of my house in no time. Weird dreams. However at first I thought this question was if fish have nightmares...
  8. I agree with this double duty too as it's will provide biological surface for bb
  9. I mean yeah I'd like to help offset the cost of my addiction, er I mean hobby, but I enjoy this. Currently I have a breeding pair of angelfish, gardneri killifish, guppies (red Moscow and hb blue) a few groups of cories and plecos. After that I don't know it depends on what I like lol.
  10. Getting close to being done painting my breeding tanks (8 20 gallons, plus I have a 10 gallon for grow out, and a 29 gallon to replace a display tank). It's a lot of work. I used rustoleum satin black gloss enamel paint instead of plasti-dip. I have wrist issues, and the spray cans get hard for me to shake. I think this was probably easier in the end, In case anyone wonders, bottoms are painted as most of these (besides 29g) will be bare bottom and this makes it easier to see fish and keep it cozy for the fish. I painted the 29g bottom just because I was at it anyway, and if I want to use it for something else it will be set. The 20s will sit with the small side facing out. There will be two stacks of 20's, 4 on each stack/row. The row ends will have two sides painted on both sides, but the middle will just have one side painted since they will be next to each other.
  11. So I'm starting a new breeding project and adding 8 20 gallon tanks. They will all be bare bottom tanks - I love the idea of the easy planter in this situation, but already have a TON of plants I can use now, but they are planted in substrate, so they would need some way to be converted to the planter. Any recommendations out there? Should I look for the little baskets or is there maybe a little terracotta pot that might fit? Thanks!
  12. Worth a try - Not sure size of tank, but if its a small one get a really tiny one, you wouldn't need much probably.
  13. Yeah definitely get some more calcium in there. There are many "hacks" I've heard and tried with mixed success (crushed egg shells, tums, etc), but overall generally have less rings of death like that.
  14. I like to get it done in less than 20 minutes.. Remember, when getting shipped fish, that water isn't that great and ammonia will spike once opened (thanks to a quick change in pH as well that increases its toxicity). Also while in a separate container, unless you add an airstone, there's very little oxygen/co2 exchange. The only things I do longer than 20 mins is caridina shrimp, but even then I try to have their main water about half or more replaced within 30-60 mins or so. At that point, I'm just trying to stabilize the parameters to their new home.
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