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  1. Yeah.. thats the only thing I worry about is the size... there are more of these than I thought lol. I do have a 29 gallon I could pop in eventually.. might do somethign with that to give me more height for the different levels of the tank. Any thoughts on snails?
  2. I have a bunch of silvertip tetras I got from my mother in law. She originally had these in a 55g will a whole bunch of guppies and other odds and ends (she just buys things and doesnt check or consult). Anyhow, she claims they have killed all her guppies in the tank, and she was going to destroy them. Naturally I couldnt allow such a thing and got them now in a 20g long I have. There are 13 or 14 of them (little buggers move too fast and hard to count). Anyhow, any recommendations on what things I could add they wont murder since they have such a history? I know guppies are a no-no (even beyond her "experience"). I also would love to toss a snail or two in, or a BN pleco or something like. Love to hear some feedback.
  3. Is that the Aqueon cube? I'm trying to convince my son to add a couple more yet :). I like it. I dont see why one couldn't. Many people recommend 6 at a 20g long - However, based on my observation, probably could do 8. I see huge groups of them at the fish store (and no planted areas) so they really dont get a chance to claim a space. I've thought about my 40gallon I have just getting tons of them in to watch LOL.
  4. There's a 28 gallon biOrb if you want a "fishbowl" kinda style.
  5. I ordered one and it was that nice brown color you see.
  6. I've heard of people doing that, I'm not sure other than color the real point? Personally I like drinking rooibos tea 🙂
  7. I suspect OP is talking about more of a tracking app... one you can track your all your water tests and changes, etc. I've tried a few too, and always find them leaving much to be desired.
  8. Definitely can tell it clearing up! Keep at it and hopefully that cycle kicks in. I would take some media, plants, rock, or something out of your other tank rather than water. Water will have very little beneficial bacteria in it... Look forward to hearing more on your new tank!
  9. Mine are not always shoaling, but they will do multiple small groups and occasionally scatter separately. They still chase at each other on occasion/etc, but then there's times they will group up all together like that. Its not often, but it does happen. I'm not sure if 6 is a magical number other than the standard recommended shoaling number. I don't think fish can count, so 🙂
  10. I think OP is commenting that there are people that recommend 6 or more in a tank, but making a case where less would be doable (not disagreeing, I think they have some valid points).
  11. I've seen them in single, double and 6 setup. In the single setup, they do tend to get bored, but your idea of keeping them occupied would definitely help (like throwing in a ghost shrimp or two). Watching two together they just chase each other "off their lawns" all day. In my 20g long with 6, they shoal together on occasion other times, they will be in small groups. I find this same behavior with my ottos (in another tank). However, on occasion one chases another off, but that's the way it goes in life I guess as grumpy old men LOL.
  12. What kind did you get? You want the black bag medium grit 20/40 usually is the best I found. The fine stuff does what your seeing.
  13. So I bought a rack system from someone for 20 longs.. set it up today and put my 37 gallon angel tank and pea puffer tank up on the top. The pea puffers are in one of the new 20 longs, they were in a 20g tall before, so this is much better for them. Here's what I bought sitting in my garage before setup. Here was before (the 20 gallon below had guppies in it, and they were moved out and replaced with pea puffers, their guppy grass followed them lol). The little 5 gallon tanks are just culture tanks, one was for brine shrimp (I took it down) and the other I'm starting up scuds. The 10g has been moved to a different part of the office for now, that has red cherry shrimp in it. Where I put it works pretty well, I debated on moving them to a 20 long... we shall see. Tried to put the first part of the rack in, but wasn't going to work and able to close the door, meant time to move stuff around! Installed both racks and started securing them (to each other and the wall) Completed 37g and 20g. I do have a 29g I am kinda wishing I did instead of the 20 long now.. Maybe in the future. Oh yeah and these came with matten filters, so trying it out (along with the filter they had - got to make sure the matten filter gets well seeded).
  14. Thats pretty cool! Will need to keep that in mind for future!
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