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  1. I was watching a video the other day and @Cory used the word nerm so many times. I've heard him use it so much, but finally like, I got to figure out this word. Was getting ready to search, and then bam, this was here! LOL.
  2. Light is installed on the 75. Now time to clean up 🙂
  3. Slid in the 75 gallon today. A bit of touch up needed on trim, will have to wait to move biocube in the future.
  4. Yeah I was quite surprised. I didn't want to bother but at the end it does look nice.
  5. Oh most recent photo, I moved my biocube over to its destination and now you can see the full wall of this. It was in the midst of moving the biocube over. I will be getting another pic once the 75 is installed.
  6. So I've been working on this build for a while... I'm getting close to starting to finish the rack system, its installed in its location, just doing some touchups with stain/etc on some alterations I had to do... So I thought maybe I'll share my experience with y'all. As a background, I've never built anything even slightly close to this before. But recently I went head first and caught MTS, so I started needing more efficient ways to store tanks! First, here are my original plans: There are some changes on the tank sizes I decided to go with and placement. I built it with the intent I could always put a 75 in the middle and top if I wanted to. Decided 75 is going in the middle. Here's the lumber. Note the gas cans behind it. Many times I have debated through this project just to burn it down with the gas... LOL Rack built, turns out this is the easiest part of the whole thing.. Still hadn't cut the plywood shelves, but those are to come. Problem is for it to be in the living quarters of our home, my wife insisted it had to be stained. This is when things slowed WAY down. Sanded and prepped Poly time: Shelves are on Weight testing. Note the aquarium. That is a 75gallon that I'm going to use in the middle. You'll see pics in the future of a transformation of it. So now that it was finished.. brought it into the house. Planned on installing it in my office. I could not get it through the doors in my office. I just had no way to maneuver it. So I cut the top off and will reconnect using heavy duty stainless steel lag screws later. This was heart breaking to do. I worked so hard on this thing, to cut it, was like cutting my own child. But, it worked and I got it in. Now time to fix it up. First step in the "repair" And here is the side view with the lag screws Now with shelves So in the meantime, I completed the 75 gallon makeover So that brings us to today. Today I'm working on cutting out a small notch on the side of the rack as I apparently wasn't as long on the rack as I thought for the 75 gallon. I thought I would have enough room - somehow I thought it was 48-1/4" to the edges of the trim. Nope, 48-1/2". It fit, as I had EXACTLY 48-1/2" but it had to go in perfectly and it scrapes the sides. As I painted over the trim, I didn't want to ruin it, so I notched out about a 1/4" on the inside and am restraining it to fix it up the best I can.
  7. I've heard from a week to a month. I split the difference at 2 weeks. I did push it once at about a week and a half and didnt have an issue with guppies as well. Also if you can, slowly stock up (dont throw them all in at once). Then again, your doing guppies, they are a lot more tolerant...
  8. I think it really depends on size and need, stocking level/etc. I've done the sponges, the HOB, the canisters and even a sump. My personal preference is still sponge first, then HOB. Canisters and sumps do have their advantages, but they aren't always required. Just so you know I run all 4 types right now.
  9. Here's one of my favorite ramshorns I have (my largest) - there's another somewhere slightly smaller.
  10. Yeah, it took me time, but now that I'm there, I do appreciate them. They do have a better bio-load for sure than a small shrimp colony and combined keep a nice consistent setup.. And for me, they all are food for puffers HAHA. I actually have been enjoying having both ramshorn and bladder. I'm to the point I kinda want Malaysian trumpet (stir the substrate) and possibly some of the blue or red/pink ramshorns just to spice it up 🙂
  11. Love how your using tool chests as stands - brilliant storage option! And that piece of wood on top that red tool chests - amazing!
  12. As they get big enough, if you get some pics I'm sure people here can help ID them. I know lots of people consider these things "pests" (my wife hates them) but I absolutely love them. They also help keep my tanks spotless of algae. For bioload - barely anything noticeable - in fact, they are great for plants to create natural fertilizer/etc 🙂
  13. I actually take my python outside for the "draining" - this works for most of my tanks. For my tanks that are towards the ground, I have to use the regular method with the sink for syphon or I hook up a pump and drain outside. This way, I'm not wasting the extra water to syphon it out.
  14. @Kat_RigelI’ve thought Very similar. While my case is not that big of a barrier there are others I’m sure it is.
  15. I just tried this recently and mine are starting to do that as well.
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