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  1. Yeah fry would be worrisome. With the shrimp I didn't have issue with, most stay away. I had one tank a few got in but they get stuck on the top. I just remove them and off they went to do shrimpy things
  2. That's amazing actually lol. Btw I use ozmocote for root tabs. I figured it's that, or some plant leaving pods, or aliens...
  3. Just got mine! The order shipped beyond faster than it was supposed to, especially with the holiday. As commented it is 3 parts, the net with a tightening nut for the shaft, the shaft and the handle part. I could imagine if you really wanted you could get a longer shaft as mentioned, but playing around with the size, I feel its a good size for control. I should have ordered a small, I ordered Large, Medium and Nano. I figured the Medium would be a lot smaller, but it really is a small step down. I'll still enjoy the size though, I just should have ordered one of each. The Large would be great for my Oscars! The quality is pretty good, they feel just right, the net seems awesome. Will need to try them out, I have some guppies to separate this weekend, I'll try to post back my findings if I remember. My initial improvement idea would be to have something come along you can put in the hole for the handle - to loop so that I can hang them. I have a lot of command hooks I use to hang my nets from, but the type I have are pretty wide hooks, and wont fit the hole in the handle. I can easily come up with something, just would have been nice to have something with it. These are the nets sitting on 20 gallon talls. Also got my specimen container... will also be trying this out soon... Same thing, sitting on a 20g Tall.
  4. Well I made my order today for them, excited to try them out. My nets are not looking good, so time for a refresh. Also trying out the new specimen container that has been out for a bit now. Powerhead looks cool, not in need of one yet, but I definitely will have to check it out.
  5. Ya but exciting news can't wait to get my order going
  6. All I know is they look great and my nets are in bad shape. It's time for a refresh for the offish (office/fish room)
  7. May have to give this a whirl (hehe) next time. I have some of those for my Dremel
  8. This didn't scratch the glass? I would be nervous on the glass on the inside and accidently rip out the seal between the glass panes. I have a 75 to reseal and not looking forward to the time in labor.
  9. Yeah a table saw with a high tooth blade does really nice on the twin wall polycarbonate panels. I did the same type of cuts and made it easy. I used the little edging you can get around the sides and at the side with the handle. Gave it a nice look imo. Whole expensive for a sheet your spending a ton less than glass tops
  10. Yeah. I don't remember what video it was but they looked really nice
  11. Not really a tree but a giant leave plant. They are in a 75 now. This pic is so cute.
  12. So true lol. That's what I feel like watching for these lol.
  13. Do we know when these might become available? I have some supplies I want to order but have been holding off to get these. They looked so awesome.
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