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  1. Love my lamp eyes I got them from the store in Bonney lake. Incredibly shy initially hope they come around
  2. Update. Started a new job a month ago and life is a bit hectic. Not a lot of changes. Moved my golden white clouds up to the middle rack, bottom rack is a little too low to enjoy them. Really enjoy my zyss brine shrimp hatchery and so do my fish. Can’t wait to get into more live food cultures. My 3 females are slowly spitting out babies these girls are plump. Babies are developing and hiding in my pogostemon. Albino BN grow super fast. I’m excited but it’s pretty bread and butter but still new to me. They are about 2 weeks old. got a order from LRB! Just a pond pair of guppy’s, some pilo moss and some guppy grass. I stupidly got rid of my guppy grass a few months ago but looking forward to growing it out. Currently pogostemon is growing wild and I’m propagating it pretty fast for my 27 aquariums. Lucas sent a gold ball sized portion of pilo moss for what like 5 bucks. It’s rather nice and super clean moss. grabbed 17 new pleco babies out of my main tank.
  3. Made some mops today, first time I’ve attempted. Rather fun and I can’t wait to utilize!
  4. I was able to grab some albino bristlenose babies with yoke sack in tact out of my main display today. Generally they grow to good size in my aquarium until the other female lays a clutch and the babies get eaten by the male, or so I assume. I’m not sure if grabbing this small is good or bad but if I do nothing they will become food. 1 of my 10s has a bunch of diatom algae in it so I covered the top to dim the aquarium and moved them in. Wether I’m successful or not it’s a fun experiment. I don’t care to breed these BN but it’s fun to work on something for the time being.
  5. Update Started new job recently which has taken precedence over updating my thread. Few aquariums have inhabitants and is going relatively well so far. I believe I already updated this but one aquarium has a single male and three female guppy’s. I believe all three females are gravid but I’m not certain. I will have a better idea in a few days. They are super healthy but the male is kinda drab since I brought him home. I suspect it’s the pale aragonite substrate. I will play musical aquarium soon to test that theory. Got a box from Dan! 7 corydoras rabauti and 7 paleatus! Got a slight ammonia reading in rabauti and it’s smell. Just following up with small water changes, added some pogostemon and monitoring my feedings closely. Not too concerned. May throw some carbon in passively today. Still need to work out a better system for water changes. I intend on using utility pumps but currently I have to hook a second hose up to make it to the shop. I will likely drill for a port on the side of the shop to easily fill barrels in preparation for water change days. Secondly I will make a drain line low on the wall to easily drain into alley way. I will likely make a 2 inch hole.
  6. Got 2 new groups of corydoras in 3 days ago. Paleatus and rabauti. 7 of both, each group in its own 20 long. The rabauti came out active, rowdy and hungry basically straight out of the box, paleatus less active and seems to be minimally interested in food. both tanks have play sand, cycled sponge filter and a small square of moss. Is it normal for them to not be voracious eaters shortly after coming home? Water perimeters check out good. Should I not push food too hard? They seem to barely touch Xtreme bottom scratchers, ate some vibra bites and slowly ate frozen blood worms.
  7. Pogostemon grows crazy fast in my mineral deficient water. I dose PPS pro
  8. Paleatus was certainly on the radar. I do like panda and baebarus too
  9. Update Got to play in the fish room today a little. I was able to start cleaning some play sand, I know how exciting lol. I only cleaned enough to get a dusting of sand in 2 of my 20s and 1 ten gallon. Side note, I was able to view some Sterbais for the first time. I assume at 8 bucks each they were a common aquarium strain. Let me tell you they were gorgeous. Dark bodied with that little bit of orange on pectoral fins really popped. I don’t know if my room will be warm enough for them but it’s still on the radar. This planter is SPICY! Didn’t spend countless hours working on this room for non aquatic inhabitants! H E 🏒 🏒 NO! Lol
  10. Honestly I’ve kept the plant for a year now I’ve always just tossed it if some broke off. I had done a recent trimming and found to break aways with frilly roots up the stem. Excited to start growing that out for my 27 aquariums
  11. I got a couple pieces currently floating now, I will be interested to see how it turns outI got a couple pieces currently floating now, I will be interested to see how it turns out
  12. Great to know! I would prefer water sprite but why spend the money. I like guppy grass and hornwort also.
  13. They were on dark at LFS. I have them on aragonite. I’m willing to believe it’s the substrate but they are dumb guppies who seek WELL acclimated
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