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Found 13 results

  1. Couldn’t find any Aquarium Co-Op cars in forza horizon 4 so I made one, 1980 Fiat Abarth 131, let me know what you think.
  2. Hey everyone, I have had 2 dreams so far including last nights where I met Cory. In my dream I was at a petco and Cory was working there, and then when he came over to help me I recognized him. Since I plan to to visit the co-op in the middle of June I was wondering what are the times I am most likely to run into you at the store @Cory? Thank You so so so so much!!!
  3. If you could do me a favor. Post your top 5 videos we've ever made in a single post. I'd like to analyze the data in a hopes to make more content that pleases the most people. I realize it'll probably take you 10 minutes, however this would be the best chance you have for me to make more content you'll enjoy longer. I won't respond to each. Simply I'll tally up video votes and see if this data can tell us something. Thanks!
  4. Hi, so I was thinking a while ago and was wondering how far the "We'll ship a CARE Package anywhere" policy goes? Despite the fact of me not being an astronaut would Aquarium Coop launch a CARE Package on a rocket to the ISS (International Space Station) if someone had one? Or if it only applies to the planetary body that the majority of the human population is on would they ship to places like Antartica, or other remote areas? (The heat pack would have to be HUGE for those plants lol)
  5. Please take this as a friendly idea as I truly enjoy your site. I just put in a plant order and was applying some gift cards I was given. Due to the number of plants and varieties the list was so long that I could not see the link to add my gift cards with out zooming out to 35% view. I am not sure what the workaround would be other then adapting the code to be sure you can scroll down all the way on the page.
  6. This summer my family wants to do a road trip, because it is sort of the safest thing we can do in these times. We will be passing through Washington near the store! I am really excited, because I have listened to the podcasts and watched their youtube channel for years! I would listen to the podcasts while doing hours of weed wacking. LOL. Anyways I was wondering if there was anything else I should try and visit while I am there? Thanks everyone!
  7. In the Aquarium Co-Op email I received last night, it included a link to Cory's video that he made last month discussing the invasion of zebra mussels in marimo moss balls. I'd seen it before, but just yesterday, I watched another yootoobles creator advising a scorched earth approach (Bleach your tank, bleach the ball!). It scared the bejeebles out of me and made me feel irresponsible for allowing my recently purchased moss ball to exist. (I'd purchased one in January and was concerned it might have the evil critters in it.) So, I listened to Cory's video again. He advised to not put your tank water in the sewer, which I don't do, anyway, for two reasons. 1. Are my snails possibly unwanted in my state's waterways? 2. My tank water is awesome fertilizer for my plants and gardens. Why would I flush that resource down the drain??? So, I gave a sigh of relief and stopped the self-flagellation for which I excel. Thanks, Cory for this and for all you do for the hobby. It is refreshing in this day and age to see a business exercise good corporate citizenship and I will support your efforts because of it.
  8. Will aquarium co op have a sale for St Patrick's day?
  9. According to their tracking they informed USPS of my shipment even before I ordered!
  10. I prefer to keep my fish on the cooler side during transport. Turns out this is the perfect size. Coincidence?
  11. I contacted the Co-Op customer service with a question, and got a detailed response within an hour. Thank you!
  12. Let me start by saying you can't even message Cory or at least I cannot to let him know what's happened so I guess I just have to explain it here. After this it probably wouldn't even matter if this was deleted and I was kicked from The Forum. All I wanted was a plant to grow for my guppy fry. But I was not offered an option for replacement all I got was a refund so I guess I'll just have to look elsewhere. This was supposed to be my message to Cory but it will not let me message him Hello. I placed my first order with your company because I've been watching you for a few months on YouTube and you have some products that I would like to try. Well I ordered last Sunday on February 14th there was a delay in shipping due to the weather. Once I seen the delay I brought it to the attention of someone at aquarium Co-op website they insured me if there was a problem they would make it right. Well I just received the order and the plant was dead just as I suspected. My biggest problem is I did not want a refund I was never asked if I wanted a refund or replacement I guess it's just cheaper for you guys to refund my money. I guess I will just have to purchase my plants somewhere else because all I wanted was some plans so my guppies had somewhere to breed for the fry to go. I guess your company could not provide that service for me nor even try to make it right with me just to make it right with your company I appreciate your dedication to the Hobby I really do but I cannot be happy with purchasing from your company. The short of it I just wanted to let you know what had happened and I was not even given the option
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