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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone Got this cardinal tetra that's swimming very oddly. pH 7.2 Ammonia .22 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Kh 89.5 GH 125.3 Water temp 82 He's already in the new fish qt tank
  2. No3 @0 Now @0 Ph @ 6.5 Kh @40ppm GH @120ppm I got 20 cardinal tetra Sunday, treated with salt and seachem paraguard and metropoles . I have followed the directions using a 10 gallon tank quarantine tank they're sharing with 8 guppies bought from the same LFS about 8 have died. I'm going to use this as a learning experience. Do you guys have any idea what might be causing their deaths?
  3. I have a 17gal with 8 cardinal tetras and a pair of apistogramma. The tank has been setup for about 4 months and I have had my share of dead cardinal tetras.... started with 12 down to 8 and then 7 as of last night. The first 3 were dead the first week in the tank from my LFS and the last 2 have gotten sucked into the filter. Now my once peaceful school of 8 has become an aggressive group of 7 that are picking at each other over night since the 8th one died. Is this common in tetras? I know larger schools dissipate aggression but just because one is gone now they are all aggressive? wanted to hear more thoughts on this as I haven't dealt with this before. yes I have a sponge over my intake, they still get in sometimes not sure how.... and water parameters were better than usual ph-6.8 ammonia- 0ppm nitrite-0ppm nitrate-10ppm
  4. I have a planted ten gallon with a betta fish, and I've heard that cardinal tetras could make good tank mates for bettas. I've never kept a betta with other fish and I'm, just not sure if I should risk it. I'm also not sure if ten gallons is enough room for a happy school. Should I just get another tank? Any oppinions?
  5. Got a few new cardinal tetras to add to my school the other day; now there's at least 13 or so. They've been oddly shy all of a sudden since adding them and taking away the cherry barbs that were fighting in here before (I don't like aggression in my tanks, so as sad as I was to lose them, I took them back to the LFS to hopefully be happier in another tank). I thought getting a bigger school would make them even more comfortable but it somehow did the opposite. Now they hide all the time; I can barely even get anyone to come out and eat food. They will only approach food when I'm far away from the tank (by then of course it's basically on the substrate). I'm confused by this suddenly shy behavior. The only thing I can think of is the cherry barbs must have been serving as a dither for the cardinals. My hope has been to eventually get a pair of German Blue Rams in here. I wondered if getting the rams would likely help the cardinals, if they can serve as a sort of reverse-from-typical dither fish. Usually cardinals are suggested as a great dither fish for rams, but I'm wondering if it could potentially go the other way too. Thoughts? What I've done to try to help the cardinals so far is add some floating plants (salvinia), lower the light intensity down 5% on my fluval 3.0, and put a sponge intake on my hob to slow the flow rate. I'm thinking my next tactic is to try getting a dither fish. Have considered some pygmy corydoras. But I don't want to add too much really as the GBRs are my ultimate goal. (It's a 20 gallon so there's size limitations.) I'm super disappointed by how shy these guys are; they are stunning and my tank looks gorgeous with them in it but I can't enjoy them this way!
  6. I noticed that my Cardinal Tetras are all hanging out at the surface possibly gasping for air. I turned off my co2 immediately. This was going on for possibly an hour at most. Will they be alright? Update. I put an airstone in the tank immediately. Looks like everything is alright. They have moved back down in the water column and seem to be acting normally.
  7. I bought 10 cardinal tetras and brought them home to quarantine. 5 died within the first 48 hours. The other 5 have been quarantined for 2 weeks now. They have shown no signs of illness. I am using salt in this quarantine. Should I quarantine them longer or are they probably going to be fine for main tank? Thanks everyone!
  8. I apologize in advance for the long post. Purchased 200 Cardinal Tetras from a wholesaler through a LFS for my 180. So LFS picked them up from the airport, and I took them straight from them. Got them home, 2 bags which seemed like a lot for 200 fish and they were TIIINY. Opened the bag and tested the water. Ammonia was 0 the PH was 8.4 which was surprising. My PH is 7.4 so I was concerned that would be a shock for them. I put them all in a bucket and added 1 cup of water from my quarantine tanks ever 15 minutes, over about 45 minutes (I dont normally take that long but I was really worried about the ph difference) I tested the Ammonia every 5 minutes and it was always 0. Got them into my quarantine tank (with established filter and air, temp at 80 and 1 tbsp salt per 3 gallon as I can not get meds in Canada) they seemed to settle. Next morning 90% were dead. Checked the water parameters temp was 80 ph 7.4 ammonia nitrates nitrites all 0. What did I do wrong?? I did not feed them, was it PH shock? Im pretty choked. Ive been keeping fish for a long time, have a very established 180 (3 years old), heavily planted. Have never had any issues quarantining fish before. Bad batch maybe?
  9. I've had a loaner (ie likes to hide by himself) cardinal since day one when I picked up 11 about 5 weeks ago. I've since lost 4 (like gone presumed dead) and I took a closer look at my loaner today and it seems to be gasping. I'm not sure what to make of it. I have an airstone and the other cardinals, guppies, shrimp and otos are all happy and doing their thing. Could it be sick? what would the likely culprits be? He's a video of the gasping so that its clear what I'm describing parameters are nitrogen: 0/0/20ish gh 7 kh 4 ph 7.8 temp 24C
  10. I’ve always been told Cardinals are astronomically harder to keep than neons, the latter of which seeming to be the staple beginner fish to get. Is this true? If so, what exactly about them make them hard to keep? I wouldn’t consider myself a beginner, but not an expert by any means. Both species are gorgeous regardless but I was just wondering about what exactly it was that made the difference
  11. I've got 9 cardinals in a 15g tank. When they tend to spend their time in the more open areas of the tank except for one who hides behind my rock and java-fern in the bottom corner most of the time. Its color is fine and its not frantic acting so I assume its not stressed. Any idea why one of them is a loaner. I got them from ACO and I reading the shipment history, the group could be a mix of tank and wild. Could the loaner be from a different group and not identify with the rest? Is there another species of cardinal thats almost indistinguishable to people? Is it just a weirdo fish?
  12. I have a 75 gallon heavier planted tank with a school of cardinal tetras and a school of ember tetras. Is there any type of “bigger” fish I can put with them that won’t eat them like angels, rainbows etc.. I also have a few shrimp in the tank and this will be harder I’m imagining but maybe something that won’t eat shrimp as well .
  13. I got a 75g ready to be stocked, I originally wanted about 6 tapajos but after watching cory's neon tetra tank with vals, I fell in love and now want to do something similar. I'm planning about 50 neons/cardinals, whichever I have locally available, (but I prefer cardinals since they're more colorful), and a couple medium//big sized, peaceful fish,=. I know the general rule of "if it fits in the mouth, it will be dinner" but was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for bigger fish that might live in peace with the tetras and at the same time be intimidating enough to encourage schooling around the tank. I'm thinking: Electric blue acaras - Super peaceful right? Pair of Red spot severums - Also peaceful Pair of Festivum cichlid - Dunno much about this guy Single Texas cichlid - They say it can be extremely aggressive, but love the coloration A few firemouth cichlids - Maybe peaceful in a group? Pair of Keyhole Cichlids - Peaceful Pair of blood parrots - A bit feisty but mouth doesn't let them do much damage Group of silver dollars - peaceful right? A salvini - Aggressive? Any other suggestions are welcome, though I'm trying to steer clear from the classics like discus, angels and rams (if I can lol!)
  14. Hi, Previously, 3 cardinal tetras had several white spots on them. I've been treating the entire tank with Paraguard, and gradually raising the temperature to 85.5 degrees Fahrenheit. It's been two weeks already, two of them cleared up, but the third one has only one single white spot just before the back fin. Should I continue treatment? Please advise. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  15. I have a tank with peaceful nano fish at 72° and I’m looking to add some color especially blue. I’m deciding between neon blue male guppies, neon tetras or cardinal tetras. Any suggestions or advice? I have Sewellia lineolata, neon gobies, peacock gudgeons, flag fish and gold white clouds - a little bit of everything lol. Lots of plants. TIA for any help!
  16. So what really is the difference between cardinal and neon tetras? I know there is a slight color difference and there is price too but why are cardinals more expensive? Is it because neons can be mass produced? Are there health differences? Just curious. I have cardinals and with neons being cheaper I thought I would pick some brains
  17. Having a rather weird problem with my cardinal tetras, as they appear to be getting gas bubble embolisms due to water changes. Lacking an appropriate sink I'm using buckets filled from the bathtub and pumping the water into the tank with a small aquarium pump and tubing. I've tried leaving the water overnight, starting with warmer water, and making sure to break the stream against the surface of the water, but for some reason the oxygen (or whatever is causing this) in the water seems to remain so saturated as to be giving them the aformentioned gas bubbles--they're pretty hideous and I feel bad for them, but its the fastest method of water changing for me. Interestingly, nothing else in the tank is affected--glass fish, cories, loaches, gouramis, SAEs, and others all suffer no ill effects. Any ideas for how to un-supersaturate my water before adding? Airstone overnight? Hydor wavemaker? Something else? Thank you for any input, folks.
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