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  1. Can Bolivian Rams be kept on eco complete? or only sand?
  2. I am going to attempt to treat with salt starting with 1 table spoon per 3 gallons first time dosing salt
  3. I had a HOB(with intake sponge) before with the neon tetras I think the suction ) was to much. I switched to a sponge filter with the betta.
  4. I got this betta for a 5.5 gallon 4 weeks after 5 neon tetras passed away in the same tank. It is laying on the bottom but comes up for food or when you tap on glass. This started today I got this betta 1 week ago from my lfs. The temp is 78-80 ph 7.6/7.88 ammonia 0
  5. When you can't decide what plants to buy
  6. Do tannins in the water from driftwood affect color of test strips or liquid test kit?
  7. Yes the 36 inch model on the website displays this image (not zoomed in)
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