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  1. If your flake food is old it may have gone bad. Maybe try some fresh flake and see if they will eat that.
  2. Just wait. Don't add anything. Sounds like it wasn't an ideal situation for them to start. As stated above, patience.
  3. Do you feed blood worms at all? You could be allergic to those. I had the same problem. I have an insect larva allergy. It's actually a thing.
  4. I have actually reduced each wavelength from 3 - 5% a couple of weeks ago. Seeing what that does. I have crypts, anubias and java fern that are doing really well.
  5. I have that same light and am growing crypts successfully. That light is extremely powerful. You need to dial the intensity way, way down. Reduce all wavelengths to no more than 30%. Give it some time and your crypts should respond well.
  6. I would just super glue it. I have done this to another Eheim filter and it has been working fine for years. Super glue is fish safe.
  7. Yes they can. If the snails will fit in their mouths they will eat them. Adults should be fine. You may not see a lot of baby snails though. Having places the goldfish can't get to them will help.
  8. Broccoli. I feed it to my ramshorns and they swarm it.
  9. That should work fine. Just follow the directions and keep up with water changes when treatment is complete.
  10. Looks like fungus. Check your water parameters. Make sure they are good to go. I would remove the fish that are affected with the fungus and give them a salt bath. You can use medication but this can be solved with some salt. It looks like you have live plants in your tank so you will have to remove the fish to a hospital tank for treatment with salt. And then I would do a water change on your main tank.
  11. I've had that trouble as well but for mine it was the plug loose in the wall. Just bend the prongs a bit if that is your issue as well. Or find another USB plug that you can plug the USB end into.
  12. Guppy grass for sure. You'll be throwing it away in no time.
  13. You would only need one for the shrimp. I've found that with enough hiding spaces you will be overloaded with guppy fry. The baby shrimp are so small even very small guppies may be able to make snacks of them. Not sure if you want breeding boxes in your tank though. They take up space and would detract from the aesthetics of your tank. If you could do 2 tanks I think that would be for the best. You wouldn't have to worry about the shrimp at all and if you provide cover in the guppy tank you will be good there too, no breeding boxes necessary.
  14. You can keep guppies and shrimp in the same tank. But don't expect too many shrimp babies. Guppies are constantly foraging for food. They will pick off baby shrimp easily. I keep guppies and adult shrimp together, no problem. Guppies are easy to breed unless you have water parameters at the extremes.
  15. I also use this hatchery with the Coop eggs. I have found that using 3/4 tablespoon of marine salt works best for hatching and survival until feeding. I've tried lower concentrations of salt and it has been like what you are experiencing. Maybe that has something to do with it. I have it at whatever room temp is, which now is below 70. They still hatch but slower.
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