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  1. how should I do water changes daily or just leave the water alone?
  2. Ph:7 Ammonia:0 Nitrite:0 Nitrate:5 Temp: 25C Does anyone know what this is and how to treat it? I currently have it in a 5gallon tank. I treated the tank with kanaplex and stress guard and 1.5tablespoon of salt. I'm not sure if those meds are the right ones. Should I do water changes daily or just put meds every 2 days? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I just recently scaped my tank. I was wondering if I should add plants to the sides to block it. I'm worried about the fish getting stuck it the sides.
  4. Im going on a family vacation for 1 month for my moms birthday. I will be doing a big water change before I leave. I have automatic feeders for my tanks. I think my fish would be alright. What other things should I do to prepare? I also have grindle worms. What can I do to keep my grindle worms alive for the time?
  5. Can I just put almond leaves for food and they will be fine or I have to feed them every time?
  6. Can I keep my black worms with my shrimps in a deep water level? The videos I see keep them in shallow water.
  7. I just got some green neon tetras yesterday and one of them has a greyish color on its head and the other has a blue stripe that's not a solid line
  8. I have a brine shrimp net to harvest them. You could put them with the fry but It depends of how fast they reproduce compared to them getting eaten. I set up multiple tanks so I have a back up incase one crashes. Hi Cory, I just want to say I love all your videos and you have inspired me to get into fish keeping. Do you know if there could have been any hydra or something that might have eaten them? I guess I got lucky now I hope I just dont crash the culture.
  9. How do you guys acclimate your fish that you just bought? Plop and drop or drip acclimate? What is your fish is sensitive to Ph? What if your tank Ph is lower than the stores Ph? How long do you drip acclimate?
  10. Its been three days since I started my culture and i'm seeing them hatch already. They are really small still. When should I start feeding them?
  11. Can I leave grow lights on 24/7 to make green water? will leaving it on 24/7 kill the green water?
  12. Winter is coming and I sometimes get power outages where I live. Should I get a power station or ups for my tanks incase power does go out? What can other things will help to keep the fish safe and healthy?
  13. do you happen to have the names of products that have maracyn2? I live in canada and some products are hard to find.
  14. ph 6.6, ammonia 0, nitrite0, nitrate 10. I havent seen it until recently hiding in the back corner. it moves just fine but doesnt move as much us the other fishes. will move when there is food. its only on one side of the body
  15. Anyone know what is up with my tetra?
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