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  1. Well bad news, I’m down to 2 Rasboras left. They are just steadily dying. I check my water regularly and I have 0 ammonia 0 Nitrite, 10 ppm nitrate my GH is 75 and KH 40 I don’t get it?? the cherry shrimp are doing just fine and thriving. The Neon Tetras was completely my fault because I had a high nitrite level, and now with a cycled tank and good water parameters I still have all my fish die. Very disheartening, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
  2. I have all those foods on my list as a variety to see what they like and don’t like. I’m not feeding all those foods at once. I’m not feeding twice a day yet and the reason I went with that is because that’s how we feed my sons betta and we’ve had him since last November. Once the Rasboras are settled in and they have their color back I will prob just feed once a day, and I have been crumbling up their flakes to almost powder. Right now I’m just feeding fish once every other day and to your point I’ll prob only feed the shrimp twice a week.
  3. Update*** All fish alive and well, although I did see one swimming up top? 0- Ammonia 0- Nitrite 25- Nitrate
  4. Very sound advice, yea I wasn’t going to open up everything I’m going to try 1 or 2 types of foods for the shrimp and fish and stick with that for a while. Really curious to try out the repashy community, I see YouTube videos of shrimp devouring it
  5. Very cool diy builds there! Yea I work in a power plant so we have all that stuff, I was thinking of making a make shift python out of some tubing here. As far as the feeding note I posted, No definitely not feeding all at once lol, I’m going to rotate different things and see what they really like and don’t. The only thing I’ve fed the shrimp was one Hikari Algae wafer yesterday and they ate about half of it so I cleaned the leftover out best I could before work
  6. Yea I took that into account before ordering, but I was really concerned with them having small numbers and adding more stress. I don’t mind putting in the work to keep them all happy, I do need to upgrade the way I do water changes. All I have is a crappy plastic bin and a cheap siphon from petco to extract the water, then I use my sons old Nano betta tank to fill with new water and treat with Prime. I’d prefer one big bucket for the old water and a better way to siphon 🤷🏻‍♂️. I would have only ordered like 5 Rasboras if I could have but Petco doesn’t have any and AquaHuna is a 10 count minimum Also the Neons were all my fault, i got impatient with the nitrogen cycle and had super high nitrite levels but figured I could add fish and combat with Prime and Stability… we see how well that worked 😔. Im learning this hobby requires patience and more patience
  7. Yea I was kind of just freaking out last night since I was down to 9, my thought process was I didn’t wanna add more stress to them by having small numbers so I ordered more, and more shrimp. I will monitor the water daily like I have been and test twice a day like I have been. Would y’all combat any type of spike (ammonia, nitrite) with water changes? I did a 25% water change the night before the fish and shrimp got here because my nitrates were at 50 ppm. As of this morning Ammonia- 0 ppm Nitrite- 0 ppm Nitrate- 25ppm
  8. Yea the Rasboras and Shrimp will be the only aquatic life in this tank, I am slightly concerned about over stocking but I think since they’re nano fish I should ok 🤞🏻. This is my only tank other than my sons 5 gal Betta so I don’t mind doing the work to keep all my fish happy, I test the water every morning and when I get home from work.
  9. Well I will definitely do the bag method to the best of my ability lol. Appreciate your insight though! Yea I just feel like a dumb newb with every question I post but again I appreciate everyone being helpful and offering advice. Forgot to mention, I did grind up some freeze dried shrimp brine and fed the rasboras this morning just to see they’re reaction, they feasted! Going forward I’m going to feed once every other day until they are settled in the tank then maybe increase to twice every other day.
  10. Yea I got worried that the Rasboras are already down to 8 so I ordered 10 more from AquaHuna, since they’re from same place and same species I should be able to just add them in upon arrival? I think my biggest problem is thinking too much and too much question surfing, I was worried since they only have 8 they’ll be even more stressed
  11. I was just thinking that, should I do like Cory does and take a plastic bag around the cycles sponge filter and squeeze it and let all that bacteria get trapped into the bag, then put cycled sponge filter back in gravel and add the plastic bag of water and bacteria to the quarantine tank w the new sponge filter? Bear with me my apologies, I’m a newb and wanna get this right! Just ordered a 60 QT tote from Home Depot for the “new” and improved quarantine tank Yea I just ordered a 60 QT plastic tote with lid from Home Depot, I already have heater, just need my damn order from Aquarium to get here lol. I need to get some maracyn (prob Mis-spelled) and Paracleanse
  12. Yea I guess I’ll just use the 3.5 gallon for a hospital type tank and buy a bigger tote. I would have kept them in the quarantine tank for a couple weeks but because I screwed that up I took advice from ppl on here and just put the Rasboras in my cycled 10 gallon last night. Even though i had a casualty this morning the rest seem fine, although they were all glass surfing which I’m reading up on now. Is this a normal behavior for new fish that were just added to a new tank? What I’m trying to avoid is killing off my entire tank again, RIP to the 18 Neon Tetras
  13. Update** This morning I had one dead Rasbora, the others are swimming around fine in a school and looks like their red color is starting to come back. I have 8 rasboras left which I feel is not enough. Cherry Shrimp are thriving and doing what they do, cleaning. I ordered more rasboras and cherry shrimp last night. Water parameter check this morning was good, 0 Ammonia, 0 nitrites, 25 ppm Nitrate, GH about 120, KH about 40 Reading everyone’s advice, when my new sponge filter shows up I’ll take my seeded sponge filter and put in my quarantine tank to get it cycled, and maybe add some snails. My quarantine tank is only 3.5 gallons, is that serviceable? Thanks everyone for the help, hoping I come home today to no dead fish 🙏🏻, I will keep posting updates until I feel they’ve all settled in and call it home.
  14. I have it on a timer already so they’re off, I really appreciate yours and everyone’s input, hopefully they get settled in with the Cherry shrimp and have no issues
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