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  1. He didn't make and unfortunately another has started doing the same thing. I'll call the fish store tomorrow and see what they say.
  2. Yesterday I got 6 chili rasbora's. I put them in a quarantine bin for observation. I'm not treating with anything. All 6 were actively swimming yesterday and exploring. This morning I see 5 are doing well but 1 is staying at the surface and seems to have trouble swimming. When I gave it a nudge to see if it was alive it struggled to swim and seemed to be shaking its head side to side but it's body and fins were not cooperating. They are so tiny and it's a little hard to see through the plastic bin clearly. I can't see anything physically wrong. I don't know if there is anything I can do... I should add the quarantine bin is cycled and the temp is 78 and water parameters are all good. 7.2pH, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 nitrate
  3. @nabokovfan87 when you use salt are you going off this Co-Op article? https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/aquarium-salt-for-sick-fish
  4. For the life of me I cannot figure how to edit my post. On mobile and I somehow hit submit before I was ready and the edit box won't let me type anything new... Anyway... Thank you @jwcarlson and @Guppysnail @Jeff appreciate the link, I hadn't seen that newer one.
  5. I know for the most part there are those who quarantine with the med trio and those who quarantine and only treat meds if they notice a problem. For the less experienced if I wanted to just observe during quarantine what am I to look out for to know whether I should treat with something?
  6. I'll be going to the LFS this weekend to see what they have. The pea puffers would be tempting if it wasn't for their eating habits. I've thought about a female plakat but may give the rasbora's a try for something new!
  7. I have a planted 5.5 gallon. Used to have a betta but now it's just 2 nerites, a crew of mts and an amano shrimp. I was holding off on getting any fish until I upgraded to a larger tank. But that isn't going to happen for awhile and I'm kinda tired of looking at a fishless tank... I was wondering what are some options that would do well in a heated tank? I've read through the forum and watched videos for 5g recommendations and betta tank mates. But I see conflicting info regarding the temp. For example, white cloud minnows and pygmy cory's are in every betta video. But when I do searches for them I see people saying theirs are happier and more active in lower temps. I want something that will do well with water around 79 and not just tolerate it. Any suggestions?
  8. Bought some distilled to work out the dosage of the Equilibrium. First try got to 6dGH which brought the pH to 7. I didn't think Equilibrium raises the pH but prior to using it the distilled tested at 6.4pH. Out of curiosity I decided to test my tap water and it actually came out to 5dGH. Not sure how my tank water is nearly 2x that.
  9. @Pepere I appreciate your suggestions. One more question. Would this change in water cause my tank to go through any adjustment periods?
  10. @Pepere that's a great about mixing the nitrates to compare to each other. If I use Equilibrium and distilled (easier to get than RO) should I mix that to the same gh and kh levels that I currently have? And are you suggesting to just do distilled and equilibrium and not use tap water anymore? Or could I split the difference and mix half of my water change with a solution of distilled/equilibrium and the other with tap as usual?
  11. I could use some advice. I'm trying to tackle some plant deficiencies that have been going on for months. I increased my fertilizer once and before I do it again I want to see if that's the correct route or if I should consider dosing individual nutrients or Equilibrium. Plants are all actively growing. But some have pinholes with yellow edges. Some show very slight yellowing on newer leaves. A couple have large holes leaving just the edge of the leaf. I do have some algae on the mature anubias leaves, maybe GSA. Snails and shrimp take care of it but it comes back. My tank is 5 gallons. I have a Nicrew C10 light, supposedly the par is 50 at 12". I keep it at 48% a few inches above the water for 7hrs a day. I use Easy Green liquid fert with my weekly water changes with tap and again halfway between changes when I topoff with distilled or RO. I use root tabs every other month. These are the main plants showing problems, *Frogbit *Crypt lucens *Crypt beckettii *Anubias nana petite *Anubias nangi *Java fern windelov Other plants in the tank include duckweed, anacharis (floating), micro sword, dwarf hairgrass, buce brownie ghost, and pogostemon stelletus. Nitrates I THINK are 10ppm. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between the orange/red of the 10 and 20 on the kit. pH 7.8 (varies between 7.4-7.8) GH 161ppm (fluctuates sightly) KH 71ppm Would it be better to just up the Easy Green dosage? Or dose additional nutrients like potassium, iron or whatever else I need and see how that goes? Or do half of my water change with distilled and Equilibrium which would add a little of everything?
  12. All helpful ideas, thank you. I have a small HOB I may see if it fits and use that to help things along since I don't have any fish right now. I've only ever used a sponge filter so I'll look up some tips on HOBs. I'll get some different sized turkey basters too. And I'll try the filter floss a couple times to extend the siphoning until I can get out a dent in the mulm.
  13. Ugh. Sounds like Anubias for me. I have one that has grown decent and 2 others I don't think have grown at all.
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