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  1. Like everyone has said take your time, think everything over twice if not three times, and decide what kind of fish room you want to have. I've also saved money buying used 4ft lights and covered multiple tanks. Best of luck look forward to seeing your progress.
  2. Looks good @Rob. I hope they grow out nice and lush for you. Is that a Co-op sponge filter too?
  3. Tank looks like its growing in nicely, seems just fine sitting on the slate.
  4. I really like the layout of the driftwood! Those German Rams look amazing in that tank they stand out nicely with the plants around them.
  5. Thats awesome to hear, you went with the pro model correct? Bought my CO2 tank this weekend looking into the rest of the pieces now.
  6. Thats awesome Candi, I recently got my Coop Brine shrimp eggs and have done 2 hatches so far with a third going now.
  7. @Matt Pike Did you ever get the Co2 system up and running? Curious how you like the Fzone setup, I was checking that one out this afternoon.
  8. Hey streetwise, Didn't realize you were so close. I got that groot on Amazon it's cool has a hollow head to place plants in. Hope all is well
  9. Hi Mick, your fish tanks look awesome! I like how the breeding rack is set up.
  10. Hi guys, my name is Clay and here are a few of my fish. I have 8 tanks in total and I've been in the hobby for about 4 years now.😀
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