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Found 10 results

  1. What is the best way to attach Java Fern or any plant for that matter to wood in my tank.
  2. See picture. Very new to keeping plants. Are these the beginnings of new leaves?
  3. There are black spots on most of the leaves of the Java Fern and holes in a couple of the leaves. My parameters are 0, 0, 30-40. I dose Easy Green twice a week and they get about 10 hours of light a day. The plants are growing and making new leaves from the rhizome, but they don't look great.
  4. When should i remove these baby java ferns from the main plants?
  5. Hello, I have java fern in a 20 gallon long with NICREW SkyLED Aquarium Light for Planted Tanks, Full Spectrum Freshwater Fish Tank Light, 12 to 18-Inch, 12-Watt as the light source. The moneywort and anubias and java moss grows fine along with a few other plants that i dont remember their names. And duckweed so much duck weed (i dont corral it so its all over the top of the tank except for the sponge filter bubble areas.) The issue is my Java Ferns keep turning brown and leaves die and develop holes in them and they keep propagating off at the tips of their leaves. I dose easy green and flourish potassium and run nitrates around 20 ppm. Are the roots (not the rhizomes) supposed to be buried in the substrate? Are they getting to much light? (if so how can i shade them) any tips will be helpful. (they were attached to a rock but i took them off when they started looking horrid and now they rest on the substrate like the Anubias. I run CO2 and the substrate is black sand with root tabs. ph is a 7.6 water temp is 76F ammonia and nitrite and chlorine 0 tank has been up almost a year. Inhabitants are mystery snails, bladder/pond snails, ramshorn snails, cherry shrimp, 2 assassin snails, and a betta. I cant find mylasian trumpet snails to add to the little pest snail haven. (the snails never really get on the java ferns they stay on the moss balls and tank walls and substrate and are fed veggies and fruits)
  6. Hi, First post here. I have a plant that I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. With that said, it’s sort of Amazon sword-esque. It is growing small leaves out of the tips of the existing ones, so I’m wondering if I can just cut these off to propagate the plant? I’ve included a photo but it’s hard to capture. Thanks for any help!
  7. Hey, about a week ago I ordered some Java Fern from aquarium co-op and I was wondering if it was normal that the Java Fern browns initially when introduced to a new tank. I would like to hear about other people’s experiences and tips if this isn’t a common problem.
  8. I've had my java fern for roughly 4 months now and it never really took off. Even though my dwarf sag, rotala, and ludwigia are flourishing, the java fern just gets spotted and makes seed pods. I'm dosing with easy green weekly and have a good quality light. I appreciate any advice to make it grow better. Also, it's attached to the rocks and the rhizome is not buried in the sand. Thanks!
  9. Can anyone diagnose this issue? I have some Windelov Java Ferns that don't seem to be doing well (see pics). The leaves have black blotches (not spots, but large blotches). I use Easy Green and recently started using Easy Iron, too. I dose in accordance with Aquarium Coop recommendations. I've even started to add a little bit more, just in case. My research tells me that it's a potassium deficiency, but wouldn't they get enough from the two ferts I'm already using or should I supplement with something like Flourish Potassium? Both plants in the pictures are attached to driftwood and not planted in the substrate. Thanks!
  10. I've had nothing but plastic plants since I got into aquariums but after watching the co-op youtube channel enough I decided I just had to have some live plants in my tank, went with the Java Fern to start and I really love how it turned out, it's really breathed new life into my tank.
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