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Found 17 results

  1. Does anyone know of a website or a resource for a listing of local fish clubs. I leave in South West Michigan and on a site the link for a club for my area is dead. So I'm not sure if the links bad or if clubs not around. So definitely interested in joining a club that's close to me.
  2. Hi everyone. I kept fish fairly successfully growing up with only basic knowledge, but have been out of the hobby at least 10 years. After watching aquarium co op videos for months, I feel like I've learned so much. A couple weeks ago I got my old 29 gallon tank out of storage and decided to set it up. My first planted tank. It has a mix of eco complete and two kinds of flourite for substrate. Along with lots of rock work from found rocks, and a few pieces of wood. Plants are hornwort, dwarf sagittaria, cryptocoryne wendtii red, and an anubius leaf that seems to be hanging on (Idk if I added the plant too early and with not enough fert, or possibly not enough light because I had a super weak light at first. I didn't plant it, just had it on some rocks). Also have some new java fern I have yet to photograph. And a few pieces of locally found terrestrial moss that seems to be doing ok so far submerged. Stocking is currently 20 cherry shrimp which I'm hoping to breed, a bunch of little plant hitchhiker snails, and two assassin snails (though I usually just see one) to keep the little ones in check. Sponge filter and a light my friend had left over from an old tank. No heater but stable around 73 Fahrenheit. Water test all pretty standard and stable, just a touch on the alkaline side. I have seen a couple shrimp molts that I think indicate good health. Any experienced opinion is welcome. The assassin snail I see seems to hang out peacefully with the shrimp so far. They were climbing on his shell at one point. I'm happy to be back with such a cool hobby.
  3. Hey! I’m Rome. (He/him) I’m new to the forum, I’ve been a member of the youtube channel for a while, I’m almost up to my taco badge. 👌🏻👌🏻 A little about me: I’ve been a big fish nerd for maybe forever but wasn’t really in a place to learn and expand my knowledge until the last few years. I was working at Pet Smart when the pandemic hit and as my hours got reduced I just kinda kept adding tanks. 😅 I keep freshwater, saltwater, paludariums, terrariums, basically the whole gambit. I’ve done brackish in the past. I’ll keep my posts focused on my freshwater and freshwater community tanks. 👍🏻 I’m currently going to school to become an aquarium maintenance professional. So like working on the aquariums at the zoo, or large systems in private residences, or retail/business tanks (like the one at my dentists office). Not that I’d be opposed to working at a local fish store either. I’m currently the manager for a halloween store. Spoopy. 🎃 👻 Photo info: Sorry my khuli loach is upside down? I didn’t know how to flip the picture. But I found this gem at a local fish store. She’s a lot chonkier now but I couldn’t get a good pic so this is from the day I got her. Not sure if she’s just a different color morph or exactly why she looks like that, but I thought she was cooli lol. Second pic is my false julii cory cat holding an egg. Never did find where she put it, and it definitely got eaten. But it’s still neat to see how she holds the egg between her fins. So the crab is a tomato vampire crab, technically in my freshwater paludarium, but I love crabs so you get a pic anyway. About to redo that tank because it got overgrown with an invasive plant from a seed pack. (Yes I know seed packs are a scam, but I didn’t know this at the time and I was hoping for some cute aquarium clover. Alas. 🤷) And last but not least, a platy fry. Because when is it not a good time for a cute little fry. Once I move my green spot puffers into their larger tank, I’ll have a free 29g to build a new freshwater community in. I’m looking forward to posting updates about that build as I go. Thanks for reading! I’m excited to be a part of the community. Michigan peeps- Heyo! Rome signing off to hammer apart a lava rock.
  4. Nitrate strip is fairly bright pink My guess is ~60 Nitrite says safe hardness is Hard chlorine in none ALK is 180 ph 6.8 temp 78 10 gal tank, no other fish. It has always had those white areas. It doesn't look bumpy, just lack of the pigmentation. I keep vacuuming out the tank and adding fresh water about 1.5 gal each time. I think the Nitrate is probably too high. I have well water that I let warm to room temp before adding. I'm wondering if I should use lake water? I'm sorry if this has already been discussed. I did look in the fish disease area and didn't find anything in the first few pages. I feel bad for this fish. Maybe 7 years is all it's going to get. If anyone has ideas please help. Thanks in advance.
  5. hello, the name's Marion and I'm new to C.A.R.E. lol what you see below is my current tank and it's lovely inhabitants, a pair of beautiful honey gouramies , and some green lantern platies. they poop way too much but I'm very hypervigilant in keeping their tank as clean as possible and they seem to all be doing well. 🙂
  6. I can best be described as a fish nerd by night, pet groomer by day, owned by three gorgeous basenjis and three fish tanks with number 4 in the planning stage. I love the science involved in keeping tanks. I love my day job but my tanks really get my brain engaged. The dream of a lush planted tank got me back into fish keeping exactly two years ago. After much time, some tears, hair loss (from pulling it out), and patience (still a work in progress) I finally have success. The nearest LFS is 100 miles, club 120 miles and I know of no one who keeps fish close by so I’m incredibly grateful to people like Cory for helping create such a fantastic community that I can be a part of!! I hope I attached my pictures correctly...I suck at computers. Lol
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Cruz and I am from the Metro-Detroit area. I am new to the coop forum and wanted to introduce myself and show off my fish room currently! A little bit about myself, I am currently a junior in college pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering some of my hobbies include the obvious fish keeping, sailing, flying rc planes, and working on my cars! I got into fish keeping a little over four years ago and as it happens to most of us is started with one tank and and is now up to 30+ throughout my house. My focus has mainly been breeding livebearers (guppies, swordtails, and limia) as well as shrimp (various different colors of Caridina and Neocaridina) but I have many other types of fish. I would just like to thank the Fishtube youtubers for some of the inspiration in my tanks and fish room and for what they do to promote the hobby itself including; Cory from Aquarium Co-op, Rob from Flip Aquatics, and Bob from Steenfott Aquatics. In addition to Fishtube there are many individuals from the Motor City Aquarium Society that have helped me. I look forward to enjoying the help I receive from others and the advice I can give to others on this forum!
  8. Hey everyone, my names Josh and I’ve only been in the hobby since January 2020... right before COVID hit; which since COVID I now suffer from MTS (multi-tank syndrome). I actually got into the hobby from seeing a really cool “blood shrimp” in a LFS (Preuss Pets, highly recommend you check them out in Lansing, MI if you are ever in Michigan). Anyway, I scoured the the Internet and realized saltwater wasn’t what I wanted to get into, but then I found my love for neocardina shrimp and snails! I absolutely love keeping them, I have a few snail varieties: Mystery, Nerite (various), Devil Spike, Porcelain (great for betta tanks I’ve learned). I am starting to keep some fish, some bettas, a couple Koi Swordtail females... a lot has happened in 8 months!! I’m extremely greatful to have stumbled upon Aquairum Co-op’s content, along with many other YouTubers, it has really made entering the aquarium hobby easy, fun, and created a community of support. THANK YOU!
  9. Hi from Michigan. I came to fish keeping recently via an unusual route. We've had hermit crabs for several years thanks to a few trips to the beach shops...well when one of ours started ailing, I did a deep dive and decided they needed more stuff, which required a trip to the pet store. The kids then begged for a fish and 5 gallon tanks were on sale. So I purchased one. Luckily that tank had a crank had a crack, so I returned it for a 10 gallon...I also returned the plastic plants for real plants. I had never heard of planted tanks before a few months ago. So currently we have a very handsome Betta, a few Nirete snails and lots of plants....we also have 3 Danios, which I bought as tank mates only yesterday, but quickly switched them to a shrimp tank I have in the planning stages because they seemed to be stressing out Betta. I'm in a tight spot here in my area...I feel like our LFS doesn't always have the best looking livestock but the PetSmart doesn't have the best info...hence the suggestion of the danios....when my brain wouldn't remember what nano fish would work .( I really want Amano Shrimp but can't find them in town.) Anyway, glad to be here.
  10. Hey guys- just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Michigan right now, I'm a paramedic, and a nursing student. I currently have three tanks. I have a 29 gallon community, 10 gallon shrimp, and a 10 gallon pea puffer tank. I hope to eventually keep multies I find them to be a fascinating fish.
  11. Hello forum. I am recently back into the hobby *cough* lifestyle *cough* after nearly a decade out. We had an old 75 gallon tank that used to house a bearded dragon. Sadly she passed about 5 years ago. We've recently moved to a house with some amount of property in central Michigan (and a heated pole barn!) and plan to be here for a couple of decades. As such I figured it was the perfect time to clean, reseal and setup the tank for fish. The attached pic is the end result. All my plants and obviously the filter are from Aquarium Coop, along with their easy green and simple iron fertilizers. I have this tank stocked with some Boesemani Rainbows, a julidochromis transcriptus, a fleet of oto's and a featherfin syno. It's further planted with pogostemon stellatus octopus, a few banana plants, a lily bulb, a gold coin anubias that was big enough to cut into two as well as anubias nangi and the Christmas moss bridge. I had some scarlet temple in there as well, but I am thinking that the hard water caused it to melt as after about a month I had to pull it all and toss it in the compost. Bummed me out cause they were gorgeous when they arrived. The back drop in this tank is slate tiles I got from the home despot, along with some holy rock I picked up from my LFS Pruess in Lansing, and various chunks of hand chiseled granite and dark quartzsite that I have laying around my property. I also have a 20 gallon setup in my "covid office" with another Julie that I got at the same time as the other fish hoping to get a male and female. However the bigger Julie (who is now named Dudikins) kept harassing the smaller (Jules) so I moved it up to the 20. That tank is a work in progress. And will eventually house the same Julie, maybe another dwarf cave or shell dwellers and a small school of dither fish fish of some sort. In the future, I do have plans to expand my collection, as is the norm I think. I've been watching a good deal of Green Aqua videos and would like to set up a couple of planted competition tanks and might get into breeding. I'm also working on plans to collect rain water as well since we are on well water with a Ph of 8 to 8.2 and a gH of around 30-33°. Their are a fair number of fish I would like to keep that just won't do well in such hard, alkaline water. Anywho, sorry for the long winded intro. I look forward to contributing and sharing with the community.
  12. I've kept aquariums since I was in high school which means I've got closer to 20 years of experience than I'd like to admit. I've kept mostly swordtails in the past, I bred xiphophorus montezumae and traded them in for plants to cover costs for my first few years, but ended up losing the line when I moved once. I've always meant to get back to them, but haven't been able to source them when I've looked. Recently I've been keeping South Americans, which has been an adventure with my "liquid flammable rock" well water. My main display is a 65 with German Rams, Angels, and Bristlenose in it, a few stragglers from over the years, and a variety of plants. My 3 year old has a guppy tank that he loves, and I just started a Multi tank in my 2 year old's room. I tend to try to setup my tanks to maintain water quality with minimal changes because I need to run R/O with GH booster for the South Americans, and have to rest water for 3 to 4 days for any of my other tanks. It seems to be going fairly well, my rams are pushing 2 years old now with monthly water changes at most. I'd like to start into a marine tank next, it just seems like fun.
  13. Hi everyone, Here's my fishkeeping story from Michigan. It's a long one...so I get it, if you don't want to read it all. I began this hobby in 2005. I found a great mom and pop fish store near the house that I bought as a bachelor that helped me tremendously get going in this hobby that I was always intrigued by. I was told that my Dad tried to keep fish when he was younger, but fish kept dying. Knowing what we know now...in this age. I can only imagine trying to keep even a freshwater aquarium in the 60s/70s - with no internet....probably little to no fish stores. So, part of my interest in this hobby is because my Dad was interested in it. And who doesn't enjoy watching a healthy aquarium...even if you're not in the hobby? It's relaxing and enjoyable. I digress. It was also pretty beneficial that this fish store was 2.5 miles from my house 🙂 Many, many trips were made to this place. They also had a really cool set up. One of the owners always went to a distributor to hand pick the fish that they sold at their store. So, they always had many unique fish that you wouldn't find at the big box stores. I'd always go on Thursdays when they'd add the fish to their tanks to see what they got in stock. Went there to get my water tested throughout the cycling process, they gave me many, many tips and tricks - ALWAYS willing to help me out, answer my questions, etc.. It was quick and easy to get to...and I enjoyed going. The owners were great. Anyhoo, I ended up buying a 60 gallon tank from them, and got going from there. It ended up being a community tank with fake gravel and fake decor. It worked...and I didn't know much better anyways. I enjoyed it though. From there, I found my wife, and the 60g tank in the family room had to go. I sold everything I had for a really good price in a city classified newspaper magazine at the time, got some gift cards for Christmas for the mom and pop fish store, and turned that into a 29g Biocube reef tank. That lasted for a bit and then we moved across the state. It was fun, as the fish store down the street sold me pre-made saltwater and RODI water. So, all that I really had to do was buy the RODI and pre-mixed salt, and do weekly water changes. So, I kinda got into the saltwater side pretty easily while still being able to enjoy it without having to do much extra work. We found an apartment, and I turned the Biocube into a planted tank. That was fun for a while. Had a baby...and he loved it. Would put him in his highchair after dinner right in front of the tank, and he would love watching and talking blibber blabber to it. Fast forward, bought a house, sold the Biocube, and bought a used 75 gallon reef ready tank from Craigslist for a future reef tank. Since I had the reef tank Biocube experience, I wanted to make my own salt and do everything first hand with a bigger tank. This was always my ultimate dream. Fast forward eight years - the 75 gallon was never used. Throughout the eight years, I was slowly buying brand new parts for it: RODI unit, mixing barrels, skimmer, refractometer, return pump, etc. But the tank just continued to collect dust - didn't know when I'd ever use it due to the amount of equipment that I still needed to get for it, and the price of each piece of equipment. Meanwhile, I found out that PetCo does their $1 per gallon sales during the year. So, one sale I bought a 20 gallon long a couple of years ago. I wanted to try a pressurized CO2 planted system since I had never done one, and didn't have a tank going in my house. Every house or place that I've lived in since being an adult, had a running tank at some point. It was time to get a tank up and running. Figured a small one wouldn't be much work. Set that up on top of a counter in my basement, with the canister filter in the cupboards underneath. Could never keep the CO2 going consistently. It would go for a while, and then suddenly stop. Was so frustrating. I asked questions on forums, and nothing. Called multiple LFSs for help. Nothing. I even had a local LFS come help me with it at my house. It was running for a bit....and then stop again. It ended up being an algae nightmare. There were days that I'd go downstairs to feed the fish...but in horror, knowing that the algae problem was out of control...and I couldn't stand to look at it. No matter what actions I took to try to fight it, it would be back in a day or two. I was scared of going down to my basement because I didn't want to even look at the tank. Was really sad....I was hopeless. On top of it, it didn't help that our children became busier. So, I had less time to try to maintain it. And as a fish tank enthusiast...it really got me down big time. I knew I wasn't out of the hobby for good...but wasn't sure when I'd ever get back into it. Was definitely the lowest point I've ever been in this hobby. And also knowing that I still had a ton more things I needed to buy for my reef tank (was my only fish tank hope at that time), and the equipment is that much more expensive than freshwater....I just didn't have any time table of when I'd have a tank up and running again. I also didn't know at the time that there were so many plants that didn't require pressurized CO2. I knew there were some...but not nearly as many as there are. Another thing that got me down, because I really wanted a planted tank. I didn't think it would be as hard as this was really being for me. Tore that tank down. Here comes COVID. I knew I needed something to keep me busy during quarantine lockdown. I knew that I had a stand and a 10 gallon tank that I honestly didn't know I had from something / somewhere in the storage area of my basement. I still don't know honestly. But, knew that if I set it up on the main first floor of my house, I would be more in tune to enjoy it, and stay on top of all the maintenance. So, found a good spot to do it. After doing some more research, found out that YES - there are TONS of plants that you can keep without pressurized CO2!! And came across a ton of quality YouTube channels including Aquarium Co-op of course! And it's currently the tank I have up and running. I have all the details of it, in my profile section if you're interested. I'm really enjoying it, and so are my boys - they're in turn learning a lot, and helping with feeding the fish and plants. A couple of weeks ago, I finally was tired of seeing my 75 gallon tank just collect dust that I decided enough was enough. I cleaned everything up, and listed it on eBay, and Craigslist. I had a watcher on eBay...but nothing really came of that. So, I sold it to a pet store about an hour away from me that I really like, for a good amount. I had a lot of brand new items that I had collected to go with it. They gave me a heck of a deal in store credit. And because I've always been wanting to keep Discus, used the store credit for a 90g tank - to set up eventually for Discus. And this is where I stand. Will I ever set up another reef tank? I honestly don't know. I've gotten more interested in freshwater now than I have ever been. As we all know, a freshwater tank is MUCH less to worry about when you go on vacation, or even an extended weekend than a reef tank. Even with automation now in the reef keeping hobby...there are still things you have to worry about. And if you don't know anyone in your area who has a clue about saltwater....you could run into some major problems while you're away. But who knows. Maybe when our kids have moved out of the house, and I have more time to invest and research, etc. Maybe. I still don't know if I want to get that involved with a reef tank. The benefits are gargantuan, obviously. But, they're a lot of work is what it comes down to for me. Never say never...so who knows? But, for now...just enjoying my 10 gallon planted tank and continuing to research for my 90 gallon future Discus tank. That's all folks!
  14. Hello from Michigan! 👋 I'm about two years back into the hobby; I've kept fish off and on since I was a kid but I only caught multi-tank syndrome about two years ago 😉. I don't know many "fish people" IRL so I'm super grateful for the C.A.R.E. forum 🙌 and I'm excited to be a part of the community. Thanks to everybody maintaining the forum and special thanks to Cory and Dean-- I'm a big fan of your YouTube videos and fish room walkthroughs! Right now I keep Kuhli Loaches, Ember Tetras, and Fancy Guppies. In the past I've kept Bettas, Dwarf Frogs, Neon Tetras, Kubotai Rasbora, and Shrimps. I also love aquatic plants and have a bunch of different Crypts, Banana Plants floating and planted, Bacopa Monnieri, Dwarf Lily (new, still bulbs), Water Sprite, Dwarf Sagittaria, Sagittaria, Subwassertang, Java Moss, Christmas Moss, Java Windelov, Ludwigia Peruensis, and Hygrophilia Blue. I've also kept duck weed and dwarf hair grass-- ugh but hated the maintenance and got rid of them. When I was first getting started I kept Madagascar Lace, definitely the most beautiful plant I've ever kept, I miss that one! Here's a photo of my tanks (I recently moved them to this starter rack so everything has been re-aquascaped in the last month or so.) The teal tank is the hospital tank. ✌️ @LunarFlower29 👋 here are my tanks!
  15. Hello! My name is Alison and I'm from Michigan. I recently got back into thr hobby after a long hiatus. I have my first low tech, fully planted tank going right now. 15 gallons with clown killies and pygmi corys. I am very much enjoying the community and re-learning everything. The hobby has advanced quite a lot in the last decade and change!
  16. Just noticed this on a FB group so thought I'd check it out. Love Cory's videos, and love what Aquarium Co-Op and him do for the community! So lets see, I need to count how many tanks I have... I have 7 🙂 1 5 gallon, 3x 10 gallons, a 29 gallon, a 32 gallon (biocube), and a 210 gallon. However, thats not where I'm stopping, I also have not in use yet a 75 gallon, a 40 gallon, a 20 gallon and a 20 gallon long. Of course, it doesn't end there! My son has 2 aquarium's in his room (18, so its his tanks fully) and has a 5 gallon nd a 29 gallon. For our tanks, we have in them (scattered in tanks), guppies, bristlenose plecos, green spotted puffer (brackish will go marine in my 75), red cherry shrimp, pea puffers, otto catfish, many pest snails, silver dollars, oscars and a salvini cichlid. Oh my 5 gallon has a culture of brine shrimp... I am working on a tank rack for my office to put some aquariums in one place... I hope to post some pics of that sometime and share my process on that (getting close to being done). Here's some pics of my water tribe Pic of my rack I'm building (just got poly'd here)
  17. Hello, my name is spencer and i cant wait to look at everyone pictures showing off their tanks. This is awesome, cant wait to show you guys my shrimps!!!
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