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  1. This is where I have it. Is it supposed to be in big compartment at the end?
  2. I just made it go straight up then down instead of staying on 50% for awhile. Seems to me I could have gotten a much cheaper light if I dont need any lol
  3. Its Scarlet Temple. And yes algae is a problem. I cut light to 50% and put in a siesta about 2 weeks ago. I got nerite snails and bristlenose. Never know if I should put the easy green in or not. I haven't in 2 weeks.
  4. Why does the stem plants get roots all up and down the stem? Could it be lack of nutrients or Co2?
  5. I wasn't intending on a sump when I got the tank. But my son and I are in this together and its something he was interested in so we can try. I ordered a pump that can be used either way. So we can experiment. Tank has shelf in middle and two cabinets on either side, so we will get something that just fits with a little room on top to work with. (My husband suggested drilling hole in wall and putting sump in garage)
  6. I just got a 125 gallon, my son wants to put a sump on it. 1st issue is not a lot of space in cabinet its basically 20 inch square on each side. I dont know if a plastic tub might fit the best. 2nd is I've been researching return pumps and am not sure what to get. I'm sure there will be other issues as we get going.
  7. I'm having a heater problem for first time and was wondering same thing. I guess mine went out temp was 70 yesterday so I added a small extra one I had. Last night it got to 71.5 which I was fine with was going to turn it up another degree today and it was down to 69 degrees. I just turned it up and came on here to see which one I should order. I do have another old one in a box I guess I'll pull out and see if it works. I just dont want temp to raise to fast or too much.
  8. After quarantine I added pleco in main tank for Christmas. Along with 6 more corys.
  9. My thought was more a med trio for quarantine is not really medicating for worms, and with doing so many batches to fully stock the tank parasite eggs could easily slip through. Especially since I am just doing quarantine for a month each time.
  10. Okay, I just heard Cory mention he deworms periodically. I have horses that I do twice a year 2 different wormers.
  11. I have been slowly stocking 60 gallon tall. 1st ones added after med trio was 4 months ago. Last ones after med trio a month ago. I have a batch in QT right now. Question is when should I just deworm the display tank? After fully stocked? Or should I do it now before I add this batch? And in future how often should it be done?
  12. Mine got a lot of algea and bio slime on it. I turned it every week for awhile after a month or so I buried it halfway, 3 weeks later it started growing. I thought it was a dud and pretty much gave up on it.
  13. I am seeing slight improvement. I did 50% water change, rinsed filter media, and lowered lights. 1st pic is right after, others are 4 days later. My tank is a 60 tall so I am concerned about not enough light for the bottom, I was thinking of higher light and siesta time. I do have a bristlenose in quarantine for this tank.
  14. My tank is 4 months old and I am losing my patience with the brown dusty algae. I have 6 nerite snails but im thinking of getting a small pleco or ottos to help. I like how the plants are growing but I just turned down my light, thought it might help and quit fertilizing a month ago. This was yesterday before my weekly knock the dust off as much as I can.
  15. I'm usually pretty patient. And then I felt maybe I didn't need anything on top of tank to constantly trim. I did want more color, so I'm pleased it decided to grow
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