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Found 5 results

  1. I got my Inkbird (I got the wifi one) and am kind of bummed out that I can only use it with 2.4GHz and I run everything in my house on 5G. I set my phone to the 2G network (I have both available) and I can't connect the device for whatever reason (likely user error. Does anyone know if I can use it in manual mode or should I just send it back and get a manual one?
  2. @ARMYVET I have it all set up, and the SV is giving me a "P" I have read the instructions back and fourth and it says nothing about what a P means? I also for some reason can't get it set up to my WiFi and I have no idea if its a 2.4Gh2?? How would I know that? and it appears that it has over ridden my heaters, so I can't manually set them... so I have NO idea if they are heating or not.
  3. I keep inkbird on all my tanks. Just the standard NON internet ones. Yesterday both plugs stopped working on one meaning no power to my heaters. I tested with plug in lights. No power. I unplugged it let it sit. Tried resetting nothing? The temp probe and readout screen still works fine. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or has it given up the ghost? This one is actually not as old as some of my other ones.
  4. Im thinking of getting a heater controller for my aquarium. Any recommendations on the best ones to buy would help me out a lot. Thanks for any replys.
  5. Hi, first time poster here. I'm looking to get back into the hobby after a 25 year break. So, I've scoured the internet, only to find that EVERY single brand of heater, even the expensive brands, have one horror story after another in the reviews. Examples: doa/only last a short time, not reliable, frying fish, shocking fish, etc. Seems like I've exhausted my options here. What are the best brands these days that won't break the bank, at least not too much so? BTW, I wouldn't trust a thermostat, I plan to have a thermometer for insurance. Thanks
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