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  1. Colu, I have a question regarding dosing for this treatment. "Day 3 is a 25% water change and then dose Jungle Fungus clear fizz tabs + kanaplex." Days 3 - 5 I'm not sure if I'm dosing 1 fizz tab. Thanks.
  2. Meds have been ordered. Had to go with Amazon but they should be here tomorrow. I have a spare sponge filter so I can get them moved and started right away. I really appreciate everyone's help and quick response.
  3. Thank you Chick-In-Of-TheSea. I have an empty 5 gal and there are only 7 guppies so I think it will be ok for a hospital tank. I forgot to mention I have 3 mystery snails and some ammono shrimp in the 80 gal. Catching the snails won't be a problem but I'm worried about the shrimp. I guess I shouldn't treat the 80 gal with them still in there.
  4. Thank you Colu. Last question. Do I do a major water change on the 80gal? Should I add the meds when I get them to the empty tank. Sorry but I'm just devastated at this point. Was so ready to see my fish in the big tank.
  5. Wow. I have 5 Bleeding heart and 5 Dwarf Neon rainbow in a 10 gal. Will they be ok for 5 weeks. I do have a 30gal with about 10 kubati and 8 harlequin if I need to move them to a bigger tank. Thank you so much for your quick response. I hope I can get the medication in time.
  6. I have an 80gal tank that I put 10 guppies in the make sure things were safe before I added my more expensive fish. I think the guppies have this columnaris. I lost two and just started the med trio before I noticed the "scaly patch" on one of the guppies. I just lost another today. I don't want to treat the 80gal with the Jungle Fungus and Kanaplex. I can move them to a 5 gal tank but I'm wondering if my 80gal is now not safe for the new fish which I have in a 10gal and they are doing fine so far. Thanks for the help.
  7. Colu, Will this treatment be alright if I have a mystery snail in the tank with my betta?
  8. Thank you Bev C. That's what I did this weekend. 😊
  9. So my mystery snail just left me a clutch of eggs. Not sure how this happened since she's the only mystery snail in the aquarium. Unless the pond snails have been having their way with her. My question is how to I get rid of them? I don't have the capacity to raise them and I don't want them to cause a imbalance in my aquarium. Can I just scrap them off and toss them. (Sorry it sounds so cruel.) Thanks for any help.
  10. Thank you. I was concerned for the other fish as well.
  11. I discovered one of my neon tetras bloated and barely swimming about a 2 weeks ago. I moved him to a 10 gal, and salted the tank. The swelling started to go down but he was still swimming vertical like a pencil fish and not a neon. I went to my LFS and picked up MetroPlex. Dosed the tank and within an hour he was swimming better. The swelling is completely gone but there is a brown spot in his belly that looks like a bruise. I dosed every other day for a total of 3 doses. Should I put him back in the tank this weekend? Will the bruise/spot go away?
  12. Thank you so much for the article. I thought I had it under control but alas it started creeping back. I had just gotten several plants from Aquarium Co-op and stuck them in a little 5gal. But the stem plants didn't look like they were doing too good so I thought I would move them into the bigger tank. However I'll be patient and try to get the BBA issue under control. Again, I appreciate the information
  13. If I add more plants to my 30gal tank that is having a little BBA problem will they help clear it up or will it just spread to the new plants?
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