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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, we are new to the hobby and finally adding some plants to our 20 gallon tank. I know aquarium salt is bad for plants BUT we already have aquarium salt in our tank (we add aquarium salt with every water change). Do I need to do a water change to remove some of the aquarium salt before I plant our new plants? Or will they be safe and okay? THANKS!☺️
  2. Just wondering What treatments have you tried and what and has and hasn't worked for you when treating fin rot in your betta and do you think Betta are more susceptible to fin rot than other types of fish
  3. To state for the record, this is about a platy (or possibly swordtail) that actually belongs to one of my good friends, and who, although has many many more years than I do of experience in fishkeeping, has been like the luckiest hobbyist I know, for the fact that she has really not ever had to deal with any sort of illnesses in her tanks! Tank size- 30g Cycled approx 5 weeks (used filter media, plants and substrate from long established 55g tank) Temp- 75-77°F pH- 8 Ammonia- 0 Nitrite- 0 Nitrate- 20-40 Also using crushed coral as kh/buffer And there are only 2 other fish (both are swordtails) in the tank with the one I'm posting about (so 3 fish total) I have on hand (and am giving her) Maracyn 2 for the medication aspect of treatment - however, of the 3 levels of aquarium salt treatment, I am unsure as to which to recommend?? The platys/swordtails tail, over the course of 2 weeks, is now gone. Dorsal fin seems to be now also deteriorating, from what I could see in the video she sent me. Pics aren't the greatest - apologies - the last 3 are screenshots taken from the video. Thanks in advance!
  4. I have a fish in my tank with some sort of mild bacteria or fungal infection but I don't have any fish medication other than ich medication. I found that I had a container of sea salt(no additives)that I could add to the tank. I have read aquarium co-op's blog about aquarium salt and it said 1tbs/3gal is safe for nearly all fish. But I also have 1 mystery snail and many live plants. Can someone tell me what level of dosage will be safe?
  5. Is it recommended to add API Aquarium salt with every water change or add salt only for treatment? is there any cheaper version of API Aquarium salt?
  6. Hello, I currently have a 5 gallon and 10 gallon planted display tanks, and I am setting up a 55 gallon display, 5.5 gallon fish quarantine and 2.5 gallon plant quarantine. The 5.5 will only have plastic plants so I can treat fish before adding them to a main tank. Is aquarium salt a good over all treatment for fungal, bacterial, and parasitic infections? How much would you recommend using? Have read 1tbsp per 10gallons and 1tbsp per 5 gallons. Also, are there certain fish or inverts I should use aquarium salt on? Ive heard mixed this about thia too.
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