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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, quick question about KanaPlex dosing. I have a 30 gal that has minor epistylis, saw it this morning. I have seen the KanaPlex dose chart, and saw that it’s one scoop KanaPlex, one focus and a tablespoon of food per 5 gallons, does that mean I have to do 6 tbsp food?? My fish definately don’t eat that much 😂. Is there a better way to do this or am I just not understanding right?
  2. Kanaplex or marycin 2 they seem to treat the same things but which do you guys think is more reliable?
  3. Hello everyone, I am seeking any advice pertaining to a massive Rasbora die off in my 29Gal tank. My water parameters are: 76.5 degrees F, 0 ppm ammonia, PH: 7.4-7.8, 0 Nitrite, and 10ppm Nitrate. Food once a day: Sera San nature color flakes, live black worms (for the baddis), Some additive foods every other day (pick one): baby brine shrimp, blood worms and frozen brine shrimp I dose my tank with Seachem Florish Excel (1cap/day) and Seachem Florish (1 cap/ week). Symptoms: -white fins (different for each fish some dorsal some one side some tail etc.) -white spots on the sides of body -eyes popping off on the dead fish -isolation, and occasional belly up, then they flip back to normal and continue swimming -flicking against leaves, wood and walls Back story: About 3 weeks ago I was at a boring point with my tank. Went to the store and wanted to change things up a bit, guy at the store suggested 3 pea puffers and 3 scarlet badis... for a community tank (horrible idea in hindsight) I added the fish to my heavily planted tank comprised of (a lot of guppies 20+, 5 juli corys, 3 brocci corys, 15 harlequins, 13 neon tetras, 4 otosinclus cats, 5 amano shrimp, and 2 nitrite snails, and a lot of pest snails) the idea was to have the pea puffers and baddis feed on the pest snails, and help keep the guppies under control. Everything seemed great for the next week. Then I went on a 6 day vacation. Came home to 5 dead Rasboras all with bite wounds, and 1 dead guppy. The Rasboras that remained seemed very stressed, some bite wounds and fin rot, and white patches... I immediately did a 90% water change, returned the pea puffers in exchange for 3 more harlequins (13 total now) then did a 50% water change the following day. Went to work the 3rd day from being home and after work found 2 more dead Rasboras (not the new ones). Did a massive internet search to find that it could be bacteria Columnaris. Went to the local fish store to ask their suggestion; they recommended seachem kanaplex treatment + mixing it into the frozen brine shrimp food. In all 9 fish have died... 8 harlequins and 1 guppy (likely from birth while on vacation). The seachem kanaplex treatment says to stop after 3 treatments...the third treatment was 24hrs ago...so now I don't know wether or not to do a water change or to keep the treatment going...? Last night I finally got some aquarium salt to supplement the treatment but came home to another dead one today. I am down to 5 harlequins and 3 of which have white spots still... Will all my fish die from this? Am I treating properly? Also, will the aquarium salt kill off my plants? Im stressed, my fish are stressed, if someone could help that would be great.
  4. Mr. Fish has an early case of dropsy. Using only a bit of epsom salt and kanaplex as directed. Have had tank cycled with ZERO issues for a year. (ie ammonia always has been 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 20 - 40 (only around 40 a few times), PH always 8.2 (high I know but stable) with same values as recent as 3 days ago. Nitrates were a bit higher (30). I just did first dose of Kanaplex yesterday. I tested the water tonight (as I have been every few days lately due to his initial inactivity) and for the first time ever Ammonia is reading 0.25-0.35 ish. Nitrites 0 Nitrates 20. PH 8.2 All parameters are the same except Ammonia. I changed 25% of water a couple of hours prior to yesterday's Kanaplex dose. Same filter media in place as has been (sponges - several). No carbon. No UV. Temp at 70-72. I found a forum online with a fella that had an immediate 1.0 ammonia reading after kanaplex and he emailed seachem. (using API master as well) He copied their reply several days later stating that lab folks confirmed kanaplex CAN give a false reading for ammonia. I'm wondering if it simply killed off my good bacteria or do I trust this may be a false reading. So - next dose due tomorrow after a 25% water change, and I'm wondering this: 1. Do I risk another dose or stop? 2. Can I add some 'safe start' BB or will the meds simply go to work on that vs the issue at hand?? 3. And would safe start help fast enough IF ammonia spikes again or higher? 4. Is it possible or has anyone experienced kanaplex giving a false reading? 5. Is there any thoughts or ways to confirm false reading vs an actual cycle crash? Also, I am in Canada so access to most of what I'd like to have on hand is slow or impossible. API has an ammo-lock but haven't read reviews or details to know much about how helpful that will be. Plus I dislike adding much more. For water treatment, I use API Stress Coat +, but thankfully our well water shows 0 for anything concerning. I compare my tap water to my tank often and not a lot of difference shows. Appreciate any ideas or thoughts. I'm on NO sleep (fish watch) so could be missing something super obvious.
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