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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all - so I'm about 2 weeks into new tank cycling (just plants), and decided to do an extra dose of EG to bring my Nitrates up into the 20s. While that worked, the next day I woke up to brown algae. I know phosphates can cause this, which EG has - so maybe that did it, or maybe I would've gotten the stuff eventually as I understand this is part of new tank syndrome. It's not terrible, just settling on decor/heater/etc and my live plants. I've been gently wiping the plants off where I can (can't really on things like a monte carlo) and dislodging so my sponge filter can pick it up. I've cut back the lighting from 8 hours to 6, with a siesta. I have more plants coming tomorrow, as some of my initial plants died back (roots rotted, and I just needed/wanted more to fill out the tank). I've removed the dead/dying stuff. The stem plants I snipped the dead/dying stuff off and have floated what was alive. More plants are showing up tomorrow - which I've heard may help the situation. I'd love to bring an algae eater of sorts in - but my Nitrites have been hovering around 1 so the tank isn't cycled, nor do I expect it to be for awhile. Kinda of a shame because I have some really tasty bio film on my driftwood. Question: do you think I should do a partial water change before the new plants arrive, or just let it ride?
  2. Hello sweet people of the Aquarium Co-op community, My tap water has a high level of Silicon Dioxide (SIO2) and because of this i always had to fight Brown Diatom Algae. I did test this by doing less and less routine water changes. The Brown Diatom Algae would then dissapear (Yay! :]) but as the Brown Diatom Algae dissapeared i then faced Green Water Algae or phytoplankton. (Nay! :[ ) So i recently bought Silicate absorbing resin for in my HoB filter to remove the Silicon Dioxide from the water but apparently it will also remove Phosphate. Now i am wondering if this will lead to Phosphate deficiencies for my plants. (AAAAAAAAAH) Should i get an RODI machine instead, those seem expensive though. Help is very much appreciated.
  3. Hi all, so I’ve had my planted tank up and running for 1 month, and I’ve been fertilizing with easy green twice a week as the pants are sucking up the ferts like crazy. They are growing, however so is the diatom algae. I purchased some shrimp and snails last week and they have a smorgasbord lol. So my question is some of the plants are getting blanketed by it. Do I let it be? Should I try knocking it off?
  4. I have a 10g tank I set up about a month ago. I have an amazon sword, wisteria, val and some kind of short grass looking plant. I fertilized the tank heavily when I put it together. The plants are doing really well except it has brown algae I think is caused by diatoms. I have not done any water changes, just topped it off. There are no fish. I'd like to do a water change to get the nitrates lower but if I do I feel like I'm just introducing more diatoms and the algae will get worse. The light is a stingray. Any suggestions?
  5. Hello, Got a 3 weeks old aquarium and started to see brown algae aka diatoms all over. The Honey Gourami pair, has already laid eggs. Against my better judgement had to make a water change to get the algae control and its back in a day. Long story short- I want to take care of the fry and do not want to add SAEs, Pleco, etc. for now for their safety( although they are in a breeder net box). Any safe suggestions to control the diatoms meanwhile? They are wreaking my plants.
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