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Found 15 results

  1. I’ve been doing a fishless cycle for just over a month, and the ammonia and nitrites recently returned to zero. So I decided to clean it today (hence the low water level), and it’s not even making a dent in the amount of algae in the tank. What can I do? Just keep cleaning it weekly until it’s under control? Should I add something like AlgaeFix? Please let me know! I have a fish that I’d like to add to this tank when it is ready.
  2. Hi Everyone. You guys helped me get my tank healthy enough for fish, and I thank all of you for lending your words of advice. Now there is brown algae, and I see different opinions on what causes that, too much light, or too little light. I have the lights on for 10-11 hours a day. I want to nip this in the bud before it takes over.
  3. Hi, I have a 3 month old tank, no algae issues until I noticed this very close growing brown stuff on my mopani wood piece. There is a snail on the picture appears to be eating but my other cleanup crew avoid it, chinese algae eater and corys. Hopefully you can see it. I just noticed it and have no idea what this is. It is not really fuzzy. Should I clean this off. I haven't seen it anywhere else in tank. The first pic shows the darker brown in the middle of the lighter brown. I would say it is thicker than the lighter colored. The second pic is to show how close it is growing. Same brown spot as other image. Mahalo
  4. Hello everybody. I recently have started to develop brown Algea and was looking for some advice on what will keep this at bay. I know we shouldn’t rely on fish to keep our tanks clean but it gives me a reason to get more fish😁
  5. I have been dealing with brown algae for months. Thought I had it taken care of after not using fertilizer for a few weeks and now it’s back. My plants are suffering and I’m back to not dosing with fertilizer and also using the phosphate removing filters and the seachem phosguard. Any other suggestions? I have also taken my plants out and soaked them in tap water, then lightly scrubbed them. I always do weekly water changes and clean the tank walls.
  6. Hey guy! So I've been having this problem for a while where this black/green/brown film/gunk keeps covering my freshwater tank's plants, rocks, and glass. It is removable but it eventually grows back but I assume it's also not letting my natural plants grow. (I have a mix of artificial and real plants since my real ones just will not grow. I also cleaned two artificial ones for comparison.) Ever since I have bought my real plants they have barely, if at all, grown in general. Honestly, I have no idea why both these problems are occurring, and under in the substrate there are these long spiky like worms as well. Does anyone know what any of these problems are and is there anything that could help? I do my water changes every two weeks or so and my fish tanks temperature is at 78 Degrees F. I have added some pictures which includes my parameters. I also have a penguin bio wheel hob filter as well. Thank you all in advance!
  7. My elodea and hornwort (floating) are looking sad and brown. I have some type of brown algae going on (and an angry fish. See photo. Lol). It has been 12 days since i did maintenance on this 5.5. One betta. 3 snails (the first i noticed 12 days ago the third just tonight). Some flat worms on the glass (rhabdocoela i think..definitely not planaria). Ammonia has been definitely zero but looked like the api test might have a green tint tonight..or maybe im seeing things the more paranoid i get. Im totally new to plants and never had a snail...i guess they came free with the elodea....they poop a lot!. Nitrite zero...nitrate around 10ppm. pH around 8.3. Temp about 78. Questions (see photos): 1. Whats up with this brown algae on stuff...is thats whats up with my plants or are they dying? 2. My plants are pearling with little bubbles (see teal circles) what does this mean with all else going on..they are pearling and dying? 3. What is this white hazy fluffy fuzzy..idk stuff on my hornwort and at the surface line on that elodea? (See purple circles) 4. Are these pest snail eggs? (See orange circles..they are grouped..not pearl bubbles) Please any info? Did i wait too long to do a water change? Is my tank gonna crash if i clean the glass now? Is there something i need to watch out for? Change? Any info on how i move forward would be appreciated.
  8. I have a Fluval 9.5 gallon all in one tank that has been set up since December. I am having a very hard time with brown algae. I have done my research. I know it is very common in new tanks. I feel like I have done everything I have read to do and it is not getting any better. I do 50% water change weekly, do NOT overfeed. I only have one Betta, one Nerite and one rabbit snail. My Betta is super aggressive so I cannot add any cleaner fish. It is lightly planted. I have my lights on 8 hour timer. I thought maybe phosphates were too high so I tested and seems to be in normal range (1.5) Nitrates at 40ppm. I have an air stone. I read that it can help to increase filtration. Perhaps the filter in the Fluval isn't good enough? Anyway, any thoughts could help. Has anyone else battled this problem and found a solution? I purchased a 16 gallon Waterbox that I don't want to set up yet until I can solve this problem in my Fluval! Ha! Thanks!
  9. My little 10g is ready for some more life, but I'm down a research hole and need advice. I was originally planning for pea puffers, but I think I want just a colony of algae eaters for now, so I'm thinking cherry shrimp, Nerite snails and otos. My tank is currently in a major brown algae situation, so I'm thinking that will feed everyone for a bit, but what do I get to make them all happy long term? I have some banquet blocks coming tomorrow. I think my primary concern is the otos. Should I buy Repashy? What do you all think of it? It sounds kind of complex for this newbie. Maybe 6 otos? Or more because the bioload of the others is so minimal? And should I get Wonder Shell automatically? I know the banquet blocks have calcium in them. Should I wait until all the algae is gone? Will that be too late for the otos? I tend to over prepare for things so I'm spinning at the moment. My tank is heavily planted with more plants on the way.
  10. In another thread it has been determined that my 75 is experiencing an algae bloom. According to Alexa, my new UV sterilizer will arrive tomorrow. Should I do a major water change prior to the running it? On another note, in the past, Cory has said in some of his videos that an algae bloom is good for the fish. Why? It’s just bad that I can’t see the bubbles coming out of my sponge filters or any fish in the back of the tank, lol. And one of my bulb plants is blooming, multiple flowers.
  11. We have set up and are waiting for our 250 gallon to cycle and be ready for our Discus to go in. Our question is “What is the brown algae growing on our new planted plants ?” we have 4 tanks and have not ever seen the brown before.
  12. Setting up a new tank after 15 years 🙂 Bought 3 plants from the local fish store and there's brown (algae?) stuff on them. Any thoughts on what this is and if I need to worry about it? Thanks
  13. Can someone help me identify what’s growing in my Pogo? Is it brown algae? It’s almost gelatinous in texture and it’s pearling. Its also only on my plants and sponge filter not any other decor. Snails, shrimp, and Hill stream loach don’t seem interested in it. Thanks.
  14. Hello, Got a 3 weeks old aquarium and started to see brown algae aka diatoms all over. The Honey Gourami pair, has already laid eggs. Against my better judgement had to make a water change to get the algae control and its back in a day. Long story short- I want to take care of the fry and do not want to add SAEs, Pleco, etc. for now for their safety( although they are in a breeder net box). Any safe suggestions to control the diatoms meanwhile? They are wreaking my plants.
  15. I have the worst problem with brown algae. Started a few months ago and I don’t know what to do. Tank is a 75G stocked with cichlids. Filtration is an Fx4 running purigen and carbon. I also have a large sponge filter running in one of the corners. Power head in the opposite corner for surface agitation. I recently moved a few weeks ago and basically started over on this tank with the exception of the filter. New substrate and decorations. I did use some of the old water but not much. The tank is mostly clear but this algae is starting to come back. Lights are only on for a max if 10 hrs a day. Water changes are done 2x a week. Any thoughts??
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