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Got a 3 weeks old aquarium and started to see brown algae aka diatoms all over. 
The Honey Gourami pair, has already laid eggs. Against my better judgement had to make a water change to get the algae control and its back in a day. Long story short- 

I want to take care of the fry and do not want to add SAEs, Pleco, etc. for now for their safety( although they are in a breeder net box). 
Any safe suggestions to control the diatoms meanwhile? They are wreaking my plants. 

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Two of my tanks setup less than two months ago have this, it's harmless and easy to clean off the glass but not easy to clean off plants! I wanted to get a UV sterilizer for other reasons, but I'm wondering if I add one and then frequently brush off the surfaces if the filter will move it past the UV enough to make a difference. As an experiment I'm going to try it just on one tank. Will see how it goes.  

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