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  1. The heater I was using went out so I went through all the different threads here talking about heaters and decided to try this one. Worked great. Thanks for the recommendation.
  2. This is a great idea. I used it this morning. Worked great. I was so tired of the plug/unplug.
  3. Thank you. The hose description is what I've been doing and it's not too bad but it doesn't take long before it can get out of control, which is why I wanted to hit it with Maracyn. I wonder if you can truly get rid of it without the meds.
  4. I have 5 baby jewel cichlids in a breeder box. They are doing really well. I feed them bbs twice a day. They are 14 days old. I have Cyanobacteria in this same tank. I've been doing small water changes and cleaning up as much of it out of the tank as possible but I'd like to medicate the tank with Maracyn without moving the fry. I'm just not sure if it would hurt the fry. Before I do this though I'd like opinions on if it's a bad idea.
  5. Thanks for the reply. They didn't make it. I think they probably got eaten in the dark. I should clear out my 30g guppy tank and put the cichlids in there on their own.
  6. Three days ago baby Hemichromis exsul, Jewel Cichlid appeared! This is a 75g community tank. The parents are very protective. So far no bloodshed but only because isn't overstocked and most of the other fish are fast. The first day I put in some of the co-ops fry food I had and then I just started grinding up flake. Normally I would have had bbs for them but I had hatchery problems. I got that straightened out and fed baby brine shrimp this morning. Can anyone tell me if they are old enough to eat bbs? They are managing to eat something or they wouldn't have made it the last 3 days.
  7. I bought a couple of these and tried it today. Worked better than anything I've worked up so far. Great tip.
  8. It helps a lot. Thank you. I'll do as you suggest.
  9. The Nitrates are about 80 which I know is high for fish. I could do a water change but is that going to make the brown algae worse? I can wait on the fish if I thought that doing so would make more algae less apt to show up.
  10. I have a 10g tank I set up about a month ago. I have an amazon sword, wisteria, val and some kind of short grass looking plant. I fertilized the tank heavily when I put it together. The plants are doing really well except it has brown algae I think is caused by diatoms. I have not done any water changes, just topped it off. There are no fish. I'd like to do a water change to get the nitrates lower but if I do I feel like I'm just introducing more diatoms and the algae will get worse. The light is a stingray. Any suggestions?
  11. So you clean the hatchery, put new water in and add in the left overs. Do you also add in more eggs?
  12. I use a turkey baster but I'm not really happy with it. I only have three tanks for brine shrimp. I think the bottle would work well for me. I think I'll order one.
  13. Thanks. It's been in the tank for a week so I think it's good and soaked.
  14. I bought a coconut hut because I thought my Synodontis multipunctatus (cuckoo catfish) would like it but I feel like the opening is too small for him. Do you think I could take a dremel and make the opening larger without damaging the whole thing?
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