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My first planted tank... what do you think?

Karen B.

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My first planted tank. Some of the plants were added today, so a lot of growing left to do. Comments and suggestions welcomes! 
My main concern - is there enough ground space for my 8 false julii coridoras to rummage around?
I sometimes think they are bored - they spend most of their time glass surfing. 
Temps - 76
Ph - 7.4
Gh - 8
Kh - 4
I added the cories 3 weeks ago.
Started co2 two weeks ago.



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14 hours ago, CT_ said:

That looks fantastic.  I just started a planted tank too and it looks like garbage next to yours 😉


What's that little plant on the bottom far right

The stem plant in front of the rock? Bacopa « monnieri » compact

And it took me 3 weeks of scaping, rescaping, re re re scaping before I was remotely satisfied so don’t give up!


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1 hour ago, Garren B said:

@Karen B. Wow looks amazing. 

Had a few questions. 

What size tank? 

What plants did you put on the spider wood in the center? 

What substrate do you have? 

Thanks in advance. 

My aquarium is a 20 gallons high

I glued anubias barteri var nana petite on the wood. If I would do it again, and if I could find as many, I would go with bucephalandra (you can see one on the rock, to the left)

My substrate is the Flourite black sand. ☺️

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