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  1. I have 10 black neons in my 55. Just love them.
  2. 1 top 10 lists 2 store warehouse tours 3 Dean's fish room tour 4 Peru footage 5 live streams
  3. I can't pick just 5. I liked all the videos mentioned above. I just want more. Sorry I couldn't be more specific
  4. Great find. The last time I tore down a tank I found 3 kuhli loaches.
  5. 55 gallon for me because I'm in an apartment and will probably move within a year. If I was in a stable living arrangement, I would go with a 75.
  6. Put some food in Monday-Sunday pill holder and get a friend to feed them. This makes it so your fish get the proper amounts of food. I hope your mom is ok, best wishes.
  7. Just test your water and do a water change if necessary. You should be fine.
  8. My order was a little slow, but it was usps delay. Coop did everything right.
  9. I have stored tanks like that in the past without issue.
  10. I agree with 2 smaller heaters. I use one Aqueon 150 watt in my 55 and have not had any troubles.
  11. I had 2 powder blue males and had to relocate the smaller one that was getting beat up. They were in a very heavily planted 29 gallon. The beat up small one went into my 55 gallon and loved life.
  12. For 10 hours you will be fine. It's nice that you care for your fish so much.
  13. I recall Cory being disappointed with the "new" tabs, what is different from the old tabs?
  14. I had a 110 gallon i filtered with one large sponge filter. I had live plants and it was medium stocked. I used a powerhead on the sponge filter.
  15. I would go to petco with 50 bucks and buy a new tank. Just me.
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