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  1. I use a green scrubby on the inside and a microfiber rag dampened with glass cleaner on the outside.
  2. Unscientific, but I always see more guys at the fish store than women.
  3. BTW, the Easy Planter makes a good kuhli loach home.
  4. My dumbest acting fish are my kuhli loaches. They swim in circles for hours.....then I won't see them for a few days. I never see them eat....I don't know how they survive. What is your dumbest acting fish?
  5. Mostly green hair algae with a little black beard.
  6. Any good products or ways to soften hard water besides a large water softener?
  7. I was thinking about adding more plants.
  8. I would use excel but I hear jungle Val reacts poorly. Maybe I will get a few otocinclus. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. I currently have jungle Val, Amazon swords and an octopus plant.
  10. Water is hard. I don’t know kh. I don’t know what the ph drop is. Does harder water help algae grow?
  11. I have tried everything in my planted tanks but always end up with algae. I have a fluval 3.0 and have tried low, medium and high light, C02, no C02, fertilizer (low medium and heavy) and have good water quality….. All. I have to say is you people that have the algae free planted tanks are geniuses.
  12. A small clip fan blowing across the surface will help.
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