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  1. jeez I go out of town for one weekend and this post grows 80 replies. 😮 I meant to update though: Since I added a bit of equilibrium and a pump of easygreen (into 5g) its started to green up more. When I said light lime green I mean still green, like not a yellowed dieing leaf, but really getting closer and closer to white. I'm dumb and should have just taken a photo, if for no other reason to have a before and after. In any case all the leaves are now getting into what I feel is a healthy green for a bright indirect light room. The mother plant was on a table that got 30m-1hr of direct light/day and it's interesting to see the difference. I turned the plant occasionally, but you can def see the side that got the sunlight. and the side that got the shade. it's pretty cool actually 🙂
  2. Once a day when I or my 2 year old remembers. It comes out to about 6 days a week. 😉
  3. I wait until my family is asleep and then write posts on the internet 😛
  4. I think some importer must have made them available. My LFS got those in stock and I picked up 2F 2M. I collected eggs for two days and now I have 50-60 fry : D. They're going to look great in next years pond.
  5. I think it chelates heavy metals which would make them theoretically non-toxic, but they'd still be there either in solution or precipitated out. WRT the nitrate and ammonia claims, I've searched for a long time and found nothing. lots of people make adhoc arguments one way or another but I've yet to find any actual explanation. Both fritz and seachem formulations are proprietary so only they can tell us if they're really the same, though I think from a practical standpoint they probably are.
  6. probably Cory can clarify how these nets are assembled, but it looks like the net, shaft, and handle are separate parts, and the net attaches by tightening a ferrule onto the shaft. You might be able to customize your shaft length by replacing it with carbon "kite tube" that you cut to size yourself. It comes in all sizes, but would be expensive for a net (but not really that expensive). eg https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FJFYQYZ/
  7. food grade has to be in or around water a lot. I bet its a stainless steel alloy and fine to submerge indefinitely in fresh water. I'm less afraid of stainless than others here are though.
  8. interesting. i also didn't add that the leaves are much closer together than the one in the pot or the other pothos i've seen in photos.
  9. You can take the pump off, cram some sponge media behind the "skimmer" vents, and put the pump back in. That takes care of the skimmer vents. you can also get creative with a sheet of co-op filter sponge to protect the side vents and bottom of the tidal 35, which doesn't have the tube part to draw in water.
  10. Have two of those three already. maybe I should just dose and see what happens.
  11. I'm having trouble with the pothos in my HOB. Each new leaf on my emersed pothos is getting lighter and lighter green, its almost a faded lime green at this point. Any idea what the issue might be? The tank is getting lots of food with nitrates in the 20-40 range, but i don't use ferts in this tank. No direct sun but there's two large windows and a sky light, so its a bright room most of the day. The leaf i started the vine from is still a nice dark green
  12. Do you pot your lilies or just set them on the bottom of the minipond? if you pot them what kind of soil do you use? I'm afraid of ammonia bombing my half barrel with fertile soil.
  13. I wonder if you can mix and match handles or use two handles together.
  14. Ugh! That's awful! Water damage is so insidious too. Please stay safe!
  15. Well deserved! I love seeing these awards and posts from @laritheloud, @Hobbit and @OnlyGenusCaps are always great!
  16. Cory spilled the beans in this video (it should start at 23:02). TL;DW[atch]: It's not awkward to ship because it comes in multiple (two?) pieces. (I assume this also keeps the price down, or at least makes it feasible to sell at all) It's made from thick plastic so it won't deform. It's got a wide mesh for easy swooshing in water. Nice feel 3 sizes (edit: actually 4 sizes!)
  17. I've watched way to many of the ACO videos... I know dean feeds almost everything BBS twice a day and then flake or whatever mid day if he's around. I suspect the mid day snack of dry food helps them identify it as food later in life too.
  18. So I read they'll take BBS at a week. I decided it's been about a week (actually exactly a week now that I look back). I hatched some BBS and tried to harvest a few "early" (about 20h at mid 75F is my guess) so they'd be extra small. I gave them probably 50 bbs to make sure they could find some and watched. Sometimes they'd accidentally run into one and get freaked out and burst away (they're FAST when they want to be). One fry tried to nibble on one but couldn't figure it out. I got called away for my boy's bed time and came back an hour later to see giant red bellies! So I guess it just took some practice and then they gorged. Hopefully I didn't put too many in. IDK if medaka fry can over eat, but if these two die I'll know they can. I've got 50 more fry hatching out in the next week so these little guys are care system beta testers.
  19. I'm either misreading this or this part hasn't been completely addressed yet, but for clarity sake: As others have said you can hatch any amount. when you say a table spoon I assume you mean at the density Cory had in his turkey baster and not a tablespoon dry (thats a lot!). It's not required but many people strain theirs and re-suspend in fresh water, this also allows you to have more in a smaller volume. They'll live long enough to be eaten that way. I make my own strainers but you can buy brine nets or sieves. Also, I've found that you can harvest and strain at whatever time you feel is optimal, then resuspend them in fresh (dechlorinated) salt water and refrigerate them at 4c (normal fridge temp) and that slows their growth* and energy use (fat stores) by quite a lot. as soon as they hit warm tank water again they start to wiggle and are as good as when you refrigerated them. I've not kept them this way for more than 24hr though, but i hear you can get 2-3 days at least. I usually to freeze them in a mini ice tray after a day of feeding. * without feeding them, or when they're too young to have proper mouths, growth = nutrient loss, though even at the 48hr mark they're still good enough for Dean to breed and grow out fish so its probably not a big deal.
  20. @Ryo Watanabe and or his family has a lot in pretty small pots with just plants. I've got a half barrel with river rocks in the bottom for surface area and an air stone but no filter. I've got water hyacinth, water lettuce, and a lily. I think the strategy is to remove any dying plants as it gets cold (or do it preemptively). Then feed less when the water gets cold and stop feeding during winter. Once the water temp is cold enough they basically hibernate and don't need much. If they're not eating you don't need much in the way of filtration either. Cory's got some videos mentioning his medaka overwintering and I think some others on here have overwintered too.
  21. Its sort of the opposite of the greedy siphon/Pythagoras cup. The Pythagoras cup will completely empty once it reaches the top of the siphon tube. Topologically the Pythagoras cup has a hole, while this setup is a separate object that can hang over the edge. There's probably a name for this, but you can think of it as three water tanks, two small ones and the aquarium. The small ones are connected by a "water bridge" so they (the two small ones) always have the same water level. One small one has a low over flow to keep the level set the other small one is "nested" inside the aquarium. The aquarium water can spill into the nested small tank which raises the water level and it over flows out of the outer small tank.
  22. I mean a siphon that doesn't need starting (except the first time) and only drains from an overflow. something like this crude drawing: EDIT: here's some videos too. The second one shows how to attach a small pump to make sure you don't get air in your siphon but its optional. I don't feel the need for it in my application (drain only) because I'll be near by, but i have to admit a 15$ diaphragm pump is probably cheap insurance, and if drains back into the high water, or your sump flow rate is faster than the baby pump (it should be!) then it won't cause problems either.
  23. You can make a siphon based overflow with a few pipes. Supposedly they work long term. I'm waiting for the paint to dry on mine to test the idea out for water changes. Someone built one recently but I don't recall which post. There's also a lot of youtube videos with various designs.
  24. Well there we go! 🙂 Thanks for doing the experiment! It's tempting to put some UVA leds over my scarlet temple now...
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