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What music are you listening to these days?


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i just love this thread thank you everyone for sharing your music .. i am a music junkie i listen to more music then watch  TV ..

I am mostly a rock fan mostly 70’s -2000’s  my second is blues .. but  love all music types old and new ..

My Dad was a big influence he listen to rock , motown , folk country , jazz, blues , big band ,gospel blue grass .. I have been to allot of concerts and festival’s in my teens, 20-50’s ..

 I even traveled one summer doing a Bon Jovi tour ..from city  /state in the United States ,, had a blast with my 6 travel Bon Jovi buddies

I have to many favorites to count  But here is some of favorites Bon Jovi, Stevie Ray Vaughan , Queen , Aerosmith,INXS , Jonny Lang ,Prince , P!nk ,  John Cougar Mellencamp, Elvis ,Kenny Rogers,Keith Urban, John Mayer  i have Cds , mp3, and I still have cassette player and cassettes  plus album, turn table and Have Pandora & Spotify on tv,ipad and computer also a big Youtube junkie watching Music and Concerts  here is one i am really loving at the moment  love it kinda reminds of  80’s tune  and one of my favorite songs from his new album “Sob Rock “


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On 8/2/2021 at 1:02 PM, Jungle Fan said:

Eclectic from ZZ Top to Mozart, Ofra Haza to Johnny Cash, Falco to Candy Dulfer, Dire Straits to Smetana, the Beach Boys to Ravel,  Joan Jett and the Blackhearts to Tchaikovsky, Elvis, and George Winston I'm unclassifiable long as it's got rhythm, is classy, or funny, or is descriptive and captures a landscape, or emotion. Unfortunately not much from today's music scene, seems like around the mid 90's good music got really scarce, but that's just my sentiment, my apologies to all who are feeling the groove with today's tunes - just not my cup'o noodles.


i love the sax Candy Dulfer love the song 

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What a great topic to insert here. I am in the music business vicariously in that I design equipment that audiophiles use to play their music (a reach, I know!) !

In my field (high end audio) designs tend to be vacuum tubed and analog although digital audio now dominates. It exposed me to music of all types and I gravitate towards Avant Garde works like Stockhausen, Cage, Crumb etc. I gave up on rock & roll when disco decimated it in the 1980s and we  embraced classical and opera. We had a box at the Met long ago. Glorious stuff indeed. 

Very recently we've been revisiting Blues and I still love the rock & roll of the 60s and early 70s but lots of Blues lately. Not sure why we're playing so much Blues of late...probably due to the pandemic! 

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On 8/22/2021 at 9:38 PM, lefty o said:

cant rock the 80's without some lonesome George

A few years back I saw George Thorogood when he was playing with Buddy Guy.  Buddy was awesome!  Some of those old blues guys never lose a thing, it seems.  On the other hand, George was like a caricature of the over-it, aging rocker.  He literally looked at the back of his guitar when he announced "I'm so excited to be here in *glances down* Phoenix!".  The crowed looked a bit confused.  We weren't in Phoenix.  😂

Mr. Buddy Guy on the celebration of his 80th birthday:


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I too saw Buddy Guy at the Greek Theater in LA many years ago!  Mind-blowing how good he still was and he was near 80 then. You could certainly hear his influence on Jimi Hendrix. Cantankerous and rude, as always, Buddy stopped the show 3 times because people clapped too early!

There was a young guy who opened for Buddy Guy that I had never heard of, Joe Bonamassa. 

WOW!  Easily the best Blues guitar player...I'd never heard of!

That peaked my interest in Blues again after decades of classical only and I happened upon a Blues singer who is IMO, the greatest Blues/Rock vocalist I've ever heard, Beth Hart.

OK, that's obviously 100% subjective, and you'd have to love the likes of Janis Joplin, Etta James, Joe Cocker etc. to like this woman's voice.

What cannot be denied is her gift.  An ex-Opera singer and cellist turned Blues singer and pianist with a voice not unlike Janis Joplin but with shocking power and nuance.

Again, you may hate it but what is difficult to ignore is her range. I've honestly NEVER heard a vocal range as spectacular in any type of music, outside of an Opera House. 

I think of Pavarotti's unprecedented record of  High C's in La Boheme in the 1970s or his incredible 18 SECOND final note in Nessun Dorma in the 1980s at The Met as the only other display of such vocal range. No, no none literally could reach where Pavarotti did but this is extraordinary for Rock or Blues. 

Her concert; "Live at Paradisio" is perhaps the greatest Rock singing I've ever heard (forgive me Janis!). Stunning musicianship, breathtaking singing and a cover of Whole Lotta Love that would frighten Led Zeppelin. 

But my favorite is; "Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa in Amsterdam 2014" as it's ALL classic Blues covers and an absolute mastery of them. They cover Etta James, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Al Greene, Billie Holiday and a plethora of old Motown greats and with a huge band resplendent with horns and simply astounding vocals. The 'Nutbush' here  is the best rendition I've ever heard. 

Certainly my opinion holds no authority and is just my opinion but that said, these people are easily some of the most gifted Blues artists I've ever seen and without a doubt the most talented Blues artists I'd 'never' heard of!

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