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Hello from Colorado

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Hi everyone! I'm Josh. I've been keeping fish for 2ish years now. I currently have 8 aquariums and a few porch ponds. I have been watching Cory/aquarium coop for the last year or 2, I am a member over on YouTube, and I frequently shop at the store (virtually). I have been an active member on the FishLore forum for a while now, but figured I would join here to share some of my projects and to learn from all of you. 


Currently my main focus is rice fish, in fact over the next month or so I plan on transitioning all my tanks to rice fish tanks (for breeding or grow out). Here are a few photos of my "fish room" (its really just a fish corner). these photos are a bit old so things have changed a bit IRL:




Also here links to a few of my build threads (I hope its OK to link another forum):



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On 7/15/2021 at 9:14 AM, Patrick_G said:

Welcome! I love the look of your tank racks! It’s a great use of space. You’re lucky that the wall is the perfect length for the 20 longs plus the 10s. 

Yeah, it worked out pretty great. Though I don’t know if I would say it was perfect ha ha. Notice the 20 gallon rack is “normal”, the tanks load from the front, but the 10 gallon rack the tanks actually load from the side, otherwise it wouldn’t fit in that space. I had to put all the tanks in the rack and then scoot it into the corner to make it fit. 

despite the excellent fit, I will probably be getting rid of that rack, as I think the 10 gallon tanks are a bit small for what I am wanting to do.

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