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  1. Most talk about water changes revolves around keeping nitrates low and removing waste. I have a moderately planted tank that is highly understocked so unless I'm seriously overfeeding I actually need to add nitrates in. I've been doing just small weekly water changes (~10%) mainly because the Internet says to do water changes. What I've noticed is that my total alkalinity is pretty low and plants are showing signs of deficiencies. Is it better to do bigger water changes or would it be better to get something like Seachem Equilibrium to replenish minerals? More water changes feels like me work and would make parameters more unstable but are there other things to consider?
  2. Hi, Have a strange problem and hoping for some help. I have a 30-gallon planted tank with a sponge filter and an additional internal filter. The issue is the extremely high TDS as measured by my meter as over 2500 ppm. My current stock of fish and inverts seem to be doing fine. I had no cherry shrimp, and when I added 10 last week (drip acclimated for 5 hours) they were all dead by morning. I only have neons, nerite snails, kuhli loach, pygmy corys, and pygmy snowball pleco, so I can't imagine they are the reason. Per Aquarium Coop test strips, Nitrates 10, Nitrites 0, Gh 150, Kh 40, pH ~7.0. Tested ammonia at 0. I tried water changes (30%) with tap (~550 TDS) and distilled water with no real change in TDS. At a loss on how to proceed. Hate to do too large a water change and lose current stock. Any help would be appreciated (Would love to add shrimp!) Paul
  3. Anyone bought a good TDS meter that isn't terribly expensive? I'm gunna give shrimp a go and all the videos I've watched they all test their waters TDS. I've seen a few on Amazon but thought I'd ask my local Fish Nerms before purchasing any. Thanks all and Most importantly keep it fishy Friends
  4. It’s almost been about 5 1/2 months since I have set my nano tank up and it’s been amazing. Although I’ve never really understood the calculating and all the scientific things that go on into a tank, I finally got a tds meter and shrimp minerals from saltyshrimp to start somewhere lol. I got the meter and shrimp minerals a few hours ago and I was shocked. I surely figured my tds was going to be over 300 since I’ve never tested it but check it out!😁 I haven’t even added the minerals nor do I use RO or distilled water. I do one water change a month of about 15% water. I don’t vacuum the substrate since shrimp are grazers and will eat just about anything. I add aquasafe to my tap water and stir the water for a few minutes and then let it sit for some hours. (Always test your water too) I dose my plants with 1 pump of Easy Green on one day of each week. Sometimes I may do 1 1/2 pumps depending on if I’ve trimmed plants. keep in mind, your tank could be different than mine so everything could be different. TDS / 173 Temp / 68-75
  5. I recently bought a tds meter and am currently trying to understand where the difference in my tap water and tank water came from. Out of my tap my tds is around 160 with a dkh of 0. Then when I check the tds in my nano shrimp tank the tds was 360. I have crushed coral in my substrate that puts my tank dkh ph 4. My dgh in the tank is 16 did my general hardness get so high from topping off with tap water? And would it be safe to use Rodi water to bring the general hardness down to lower my tds? If I did do this would my kh stay around the same level since the coral is in the substrate?
  6. We are on city well water with a TDS of about 45. Should I be adding a supplement to raise the TDS? For planted with fish aquarium.
  7. Hello! Because of my tap water having obscenely high ph (9.5+) as well as many other issues I have had to use RODI water. This is fine as I've been doing it for years at my previous home which had similar but less extreme issues. Point is, when I use Seachem's alkaline buffer, equilibrium, and acid buffer on new water to get the parameters to 7.2 ph, 4 kh, and 6-8 gh, it always comes around to about 350-400 on my TDS meter. I keep fish like denison barbs, rainbows, corydoras, honey gouramis, bettas, and soon clouded archerfish. Will this be an issue for any of these fish in the long term? Haven't had issues so far after moving to this new location! Thanks for any help that you all can offer!
  8. One of the many questions @Cory gets is: How many... So, in today's inaugural episode of 'Care Forum Investigates', where average fish keepers of average intelligence attempt to solve simple problems, the question is… How many gallons of water can I put in a 10 gallon tank? I'm not the only one apparently. According to Google people have asked: Not having the fancy scientific equipment to answer the question 'How many gallons does a 10 gallon tank hold per hour?', in this episode we will confine ourselves to the 'how many gallons can I put' question. Equipment used: Non Affiliate Links Aqueon "10 gallon" aquarium: https://www.amazon.com/Aqueon-Aquarium-Fish-Tank-Size/dp/B01MRCNVSY/ref=asc_df_B01MRCNVSY/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=167116240456&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=8960182847743316893&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9010107&hvtargid=pla-338193400514&psc=1 United Scientific Large Beaker: https://www.amazon.com/United-Scientific-BG1000-10000-Borosilicate-Capacity/dp/B007QO3RDA Medelco Small Beaker: https://www.fishersci.com/shop/products/pyrex-griffin-beakers-15/02540M The result after adding 37.85 liters of RO/DI tap water 25°C (but with no dechlorinator) is seen below: The aquarium began to leak at about 9.95 gallons apparently because of the lack of an unbroken seal along the top most part of the rim. Discussion: While technically possible to put 10 gallons of water in a 10 gallon aquarium, you may not be able to do so without a substantial leak. It is also possible that if we were to increase the total dissolved solids (TDS) by foregoing reverse osmosis water, that all the little solids in the water would plug the leak along the rim, thus allowing for the full 10 gallons of water. Next week on 'Care Forum Investigates': How many gallons of water can I put in a 20 gallon aquarium?
  9. Like most things aquarium related, I cannot find consistent advice about TDS and the more I read the more confusing it gets. I get that TDS is pretty much a measurement of everything 'extra' that's in the water. After watching Cory's video about TDS my understanding is that it's most useful as a quick check to see if something is 'off' in the tank and unless it's fluctuating a lot, the value isn't really all that important. But I have some crystal reds coming next week and I know they're more sensitive than most shrimp. I keep seeing that their preferred TDS is around 140-160. All the values I've been measuring in their tank is consistently right in their preferred range except for TDS. Out the tap my TDS is already almost 180 and in my tanks with fertilizers and everything else I've seen it measuring between 350 and 450. I did test my meter with distilled water and got 2 ppm so the calibration doesn't seem to be that far off. What I've seen recommended is using RO or distilled water for CRS and adding gh+ until the TDS is in the right range. That's making me think that it's only the water components that affect GH that are important in the TDS reading for the shrimp. And my tap water has no GH. So does that mean I shouldn't worry about the TDS at all if my GH is now in the right range (I'm adding Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+)? Or am I wrong about that and it would be safer to just use distilled water instead and add gh+ to it? I'm probably way overthinking this. I never checked TDS until now and everyone in my other tanks has done well. If it helps, here's my normal water parameters: Tap water: ~5 nitrate, 0 nitrite/gh/chlorine, ~40 ppm kh, 8.2-8.4 ph, 178 TDS In tank (heavily planted, use extra Easy Green fert, lots of wood, gh+, etc): ~5 nitrate (didn't add more fert yet), 0 nitrite, 100 ppm gh, 0 chlorine, 0 kh, ~6.8-7 ph, 372 TDS
  10. I am planning on getting shrimp I have a water softener (the kind that you put salt in) would that reduce the tds so i couldn't have neocaridina shrimp?
  11. Good evening Nerms. I just found a weird situation. I did not test every tank but in the few I checked I got high - over 1000 ppm TDS.. no, not my tap water. It checked average 25. So, on two tanks I checked all parameters which were within normal, low ranges except GH which was off the chart. Tap water normal. What is causing this? Fish seem fine. Plants seem fine. Low pH. 6.0 - 6.5.
  12. Hello all, I’m in the process of cycling my first tank. I think im back on track after a rocky start to say the least and now I’m confused again. 😣 As of tonight my water parameters are Ammo- 0.25 PH- 7.5 Nitrite 0.25 Nitrate 5 ppm gh 7.0 kh 6.0 Fairly certain I’m in my next phase of my cycle 👍🏽! But my confusion is why my TDS readings are thru the roof 😑 530ppm (I just got the meter in today) my tap water is 45ppm. I have naturally low minerals out of my tap so I used sechem alkaline and acid buffer but my gh and kh and ph are looking good! Do I have to perform a water change to get the tds down? From the research I’ve done everyone says 500 is insanely high 😣.
  13. Has anyone done a comparison between Zerowater filtration and reverse osmosis systems specifically for hobbyist-type home aquarium tanks?
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